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You’ll find here General ideas you can do throughout the whole spring season, whether outdoors, gardening, games, arts and crafts, or outings. Be sure to include flowers and plenty of color in your projects and activities!

OR – choose a link to a specific spring month and jump directly to that page. Our individual spring month pages include March, April, and May. And those pages contain cool commemorative events for the given month. Plus actual calendar dates for some pretty interesting ideas, including lots of possibilities of exactly what you could do on those dates.

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General  - Spring Senior Activities

Spring is all about new life, rain, flowers, new growth; and our mood tends to perk up too. Many activities can now be brought outdoors. (See our  outdoor elderly activities page too).

Themes -- There are birds, baby animals like birds, swans, chicks, ducklings, lambs, bunnies, a variety of farm animals, fawns, etc. But did you know the month of April is also all about frogs! May has an official Bird Day and Pick Strawberries Day! And then there are kites.

(See our pages for each month, at the links above for more theme ideas). Any of these make excellent starting points for your spring senior activities.

Get a few templates to use at our pages on flower templates and our leaf template patterns, as well as several animal template ideas.

Fresh Strawberry Activities

Strawberries are one of our favorite seasonal fruits and provide plenty to do for spring senior activities. Making and eating food projects are popular!

The strawberry tower shown is very simple. Use any type of candy,  cookie, or another chocolate covered strawberry. So learn how to make chocolate covered strawberries.

Rhubarb, which of course is delicious with strawberries. Blueberries, honey, and lemon are also refreshing foods for spring and can be added into some of these projects.

There are also young greens and sprouts in spring, (perfect for our simple Fruit Salad Characters). See what is available in your local area. Here are some strawberry ideas…

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

There are so many possibilities for these, including different colors.. Not just for eating!

They can also be included in bouquets, as centerpieces, as gifts and give-aways, at place settings, and of course in desserts. We have examples and ideas for all of those.

Learn to make chocolate covered strawberries with easy decorating suggestions. I have made hundreds of these, and it’s still one of our family favorites.


For those interested in nature, use this time to learn about the birds in your area, their habits, how to attract them, and even identifying bird calls. You can get a CD with bird calls, or download them onto your computer. Anything like this that involves sound makes really good spring senior activities. If you have binoculars, bird watching is often popular with seniors. It was a favorite of my grandparents.

If you’re near a pond, one of our favorite pastimes is to watch and feed the ducks. Baby ducks are irresistible and sure to cheer up the mood. And swans are so inspiring. Of course, there’s just nothing like a peacock.

Depending where you live, there may be gardens and public areas that have these birds. More themes for your spring senior activities and arts.

For other activities about attracting birds like hummingbirds and song birds to the garden area, see our Gardening section below.

Bird Craft

And also try a craft with a bird theme. This one was very easy. Just get a toilet tissue tube (you can cut it to any size you want) and cover it with a band of bright paper. I like to use wallpaper border (thrift store or dollar store) or wrapping paper scraps.

Make triangles for the beak, feet and wings, and attach with glue. Also googly eyes. Or draw some on with black marker. An old pill bottle fits right inside. Add a tad of water and a few small flowers. I also stuck in a little Spanish moss as “hair.” You can also use this as a pencil holder, for lollipops, etc., if you cut it to size.

The bird theme is so popular that we ended up making an entire designated page just for bird crafts!


Your spring senior activities just must include a special party or two! Most groups have regular spring celebrations that they enjoy. But also consider having an English tea. Or a fiesta, or hosting a “prom.” We have lots of party theme ideas, complete with food and decorating tips too.

Go Fly a Kite!

And perhaps make one while you’re at it. You can do this as a group craft as well. Kite kits can be quite simple, and found in hobby stores or online.

Ready-made kites are also available in most stores in the spring. Kite flying is a really relaxing activity all spring long, and a great excuse to get outside. Folks who are in wheelchairs can also participate.

Edible Flowers

Speaking of parties or any special occasion, have you ever tried edible flowers?

They add elegance and surprise to desserts, beverages and salads!

Perfect for spring and very easy to do. An activity people can eat! See what to do on our edible flower recipes page.

Morel Mushroom Picking

Our family used to love to go morel mushroom picking, and the kids’ grandparents were the leaders. We went into the nearby woods, which was also near a stream. Morels have a very unique look, so are easy to find.

But if you’re new to this, it’s best to have someone go with you who has done it before. (There is a mushroom called a “false morel” which you don’t want. However, I don’t think it really looks anything like the real thing).

You may even be able to find a naturalist or instructor at a college to give a little presentation, and then help you with an outing. So this gives you two very interesting spring senior activities. Morels are wonderful to include in all kinds of recipes and also in gravy.

Gardening Projects

This is the time to plan some spring senior activities around gardening. Most are familiar with planting seedlings, making container gardens and raised gardens, etc. Many senior residences also offer individual garden plots.

But there are other garden-related projects to do. Consider having a horticulture specialist or naturalist from your local community come and give a presentation and a little advice for your upcoming projects. They can really help get things started.

Butterfly Gardens

Spring is the season to plan for a butterfly garden. There are plenty of resources, whether online or at the library, to give the details on what to do, and when.

Basically, butterflies need host plants for the egg and caterpillar stages. And then nectar plants after they evolve into butterflies.

Milkweed is a favorite, and also attracts the Monarch, which in some areas is now becoming scarce. There are many others too, such as aster, verbena, sunflowers, phlox, day lilies, blanket flowers, black-eyed susans. There is a system to all this, and it can be fascinating. Find out more details at the National Wildlife Federation web site.

Butterfly gardens can include several activities: the research, acquiring plants (if you don’t have them already), planting, observing the insects’ stages, and also arts and crafts projects with butterfly themes. Members of your group may be interested in joining in or leading these different phases. And the outcome is delightful.

Straw Bale Gardening

I love this type of gardening and have relatives who do a straw bale garden every year.

Once set up, which is pretty basic, they yield the most spectacular flowers, vegetables and herbs. With hardly any work. And they can be totally organic.

We found this so fascinating that we invited the author of a now well-known book to write an article for our web site, and how it would work for seniors. So have a read at straw bale gardening for seniors.

Hummingbird Garden

Hummingbirds are wonderful for spring senior activities. You may know that hummingbirds like shades of the color red (although they come to the yellow day lilies in my garden as well). Red, purplish-red and hot pink objects in the garden help attract them too.

And they like flowers with rich nectar. Some would include columbine, honeysuckles, bleeding hearts, impatiens and petunias. You can also get special feeders for hummingbirds, including those with red colored liquids.

Hummingbirds like water that is moving, such as a waterfall or fountain in the garden near the bright flowers. Since they’re small, thin types of perches are perfect for them, whether slender wires or bushes with branches.

Again, all of the details can be researched online or at the library. Or you may already have an expert in your group! Hummingbirds are also a wonderful theme for arts and crafts.

Attracting Songbirds

This will depend on where you live and what plants, shrubs, trees, etc. are local to your area. There are many dozens of song birds, and they are delightful to watch and listen too, providing peaceful spring senior activities.

Plus opportunities to learn something new, and participate in gardening to attract them.

Songbirds produce more of a variety and range of sound than birds that just make repetitive calls. Some common songbirds include, certain sparrows, some wrens, starlings, gold finch, warblers, nightingales. Birds need a place to nest, cool off, and also to drink and get wet. So a bird bath is very important. And things to eat, such as berries.

You can always consult a bird expert in your area. But generally, just provide a variety of sheltering trees including evergreens and hedges, food sources such as berry bushes and vines. Raking leaves under the shrubs will create mulch where worms and insects can live. Tall grasses produce seeds. Experts caution not to use harmful chemicals in gardens, as they do kill birds. So Going Green is good for them!

If you are interested in song birds,there are many other tips at a great web site from Cornell University, in their All About Birds section.  


Be sure to have a special movie on rainy days. Fun for spring are ”Singin’ in the Rain,” “Easter Parade,” and those with biblical themes during Easter and Passover, such as “The Ten Commandments,” “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” and “Ben Hur.”

Spring Craft Ideas

Caterpillar Bead Bookmark

This cute craft was submitted by one of our readers in our craft Share forum.

It can either represent a caterpillar or worm. And it’s so easy to make!

Any beads can be used, whether you want something fancy with a little bling, or masculine with wood. See what she says at the Bookworm Bookmark Bead Craft page.

Creative Spring Planters

All you need is a little imagination and something to re-purpose and enhance, and you’ve got yourself a unique planter.

Like a vintage purse, for instance, or old leather boots just waiting to be decorated. The fancy vintage purse shown is one of my favorites, and was submitted by a reader to our Share forum. Anything vintage or having memories is a favorite with seniors.

See our ideas at creative planter ideas and make something special in time for spring.

Strawberry Bouquets

Another favorite food item to add to your spring senior activities. We have several different ideas for making lovely berry bouquets.

One is shown here, put there are more, including with colorful dipping chocolate. (They can also be used for various holidays, depending on how you decorate them; such as Valentine’s Day).

These delicious bouquets are also a craft type project, and also a festive treat. And easy to add into a party. See Bouquet Strawberry Desserts.

Decorate a Clay Pot

Terra cotta pots are easy to find in spring, and can be gotten inexpensively at thrift and dollar stores, plus garage sales.

And you may know people who have some at home they’d be happy to donate!

They’re excellent to use all year long throughout the seasons. Paint them with flower, branch, ivy and vine, bird themes, etc.

We explain the basics and give tips at painting clay pots. And they can be used for lots of things besides flowers and plants! You'll get more ideas for spring senior activities at the link.

Create a Centerpiece

Spring is ideal for centerpiece projects since there is a variety of themes, as well as actual fruit, greenery and flowers available to add in.

This centerpiece is very easy.
Materials you need -- Some kabob skewers, decorative paper like wallpaper border or wrapping paper.

Also scissors, glue, and a vase or decanter (thrift stores or garage sales). Plus filler for the inside like pebbles, colored stones, shells, Spanish moss, etc.

I stuffed mine with Spanish moss to help hold the skewers in place. And some raffia or ribbon for around the vase.

Use a simple bird shape and trace it onto a piece of folded (so it will be double-sided) decorative paper, sized to your liking. We provide a basic bird template that you could use, below. Here is a close up of the birds.

Cut 2 or 3 birds. Glue both sides together around the edges, and insert the skewer into the bottom of each bird. Then put them in your vase. This technique can also be used to create mobiles, instead of putting the birds on skewers. An easy bird template is below. You can attach the wing separately, or not.

And of course there are food items that can be used in centerpieces instead (like the ever-favorite strawberries). Take a look our page and see what may inspire you to make some fun and affordable centerpieces as part of your spring senior activities.

Make Spring Greeting Cards

So many uses - they're perfect for spring senior activities.

Try a simple watercolor “puddle paint” technique. Cut watercolor paper to size. On what will be the front, paint a creative shape first with plain water, such as a flower, bird, fish, or just a design.

Load up the brush with lots of paint, and  dab the brush on the edge of the shape. Watch the paint spread in unusual ways. Dab the brush on another edge. Then add in another color and watch them blend together.

Also add a little color to the inside of the image. When the paint is dry, you can add a few details such as basic leaves and stems or branches, even with markers if you’d like. Very colorful and spontaneous. There is no “wrong” way to paint these. They can also be cut into strips and laminated as bookmarks.

Or do a collage technique by gluing interesting images from magazines, wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc., onto white tag board cut to a standard greeting card size (doubled so you can fold it). You can often find boxes of blank envelopes at craft stores, or buy them online.

(P.S. - You could also use the bird shape further above to create a puddle paint watercolor).

Field Trips

We have a designated page all about field trips (link below) with loads of ideas and variety. Many are perfect for spring senior activities!

If you love all kinds of gardens, we discuss several intriguing specialties types you can visit. Among other outdoor outings. And when the weather gets bad, there is no lack of places to visit indoors. Like food fun, cultural, educational, historical, hobby related, armed services related, and much more! So be sure to check out our page about  field trip activities for elderly and seniors.

Coloring Sheets

Many seniors find coloring sheets to be relaxing, and it’s a project that can either be taken outside, or done inside on a rainy day. Favorite themes are anything floral, birds, and anything with animals. Images with an Easter or Passover theme, as well as stained glass designs, are also ideal. You can get a variety of downloadable coloring sheets online.

We hope these spring senior activities will be of help.
Don't miss what we have for each spring month -- each month having both special commemorative events, and actual calendar dates with ideas...

Top March Senior Activities
Fresh April Senior Activities
Must-Do May Senior Activities

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