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Senior Activities & Retirement Ideas
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Looking for solutions for senior activities (and activities for the elderly too)? Or lots of retirement ideas? This is the right place!

We emphasize fun, healthy and satisfying lives. All here in one place! So you don't have to hunt all over.

You'll get - (See Menu Bar) - Loads of activities for all seasons with calendar dates for every month of the year. Crafts. A big array of hobbies. More for art, literature, music, science interests, travel tips too. And special exercise like one of our favorites...

Virtual “Travel” with Exercise! - This clever web site streams amazing scenery and sounds of exciting destinations from all over the world, so you feel like you’re “touring” while you exercise! Can be done in a chair too! Entertaining way to get fit, and perfect for seniors. They’re even offering a Free Trial!
Visit them at Passport For Wellness.

Baby boomers, seniors, caregivers

This site is handy for those who work with and/or care for seniors, whether in-home or at a campus setting. That includes family members, activity directors, church groups, senior centers, care centers for the elderly, and more. Even teens and kids can get some great ideas here for grandparents and other seniors they know.

It's often family members who need to know how to quickly find information about care for elderly, retirement and senior activity ideas; and more for elderly activities, especially if you (like me) are caring for elderly parents. Sometimes events are new and sudden.

I know. I was in that exact situation with our elderly father. At age 93 he suddenly had to move back here from his home in Arizona. I soon became his primary caregiver, semi-retiring early myself (well, more like re-firing). Dad first started out here in assisted living. But since his health was very good, he actually ended moving in with me! And it's been a joy and an amazing experience.

Choosing Senior Activities

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One of my challenges was using quality activities for seniors; keeping Dad (and others I work with) busy and feeling useful. Especially since Dad, like many others, has serious vision and hearing loss.

Choosing activities can depend on many factors, including health, dexterity, mobility, diet and nutrition, dementia, vision and hearing, etc.

So we discuss some of these issues on our site as well, tying them into keeping active and healthy.

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Baby boomers may also want a few retirement ideas.Their own lives may be changing as well. So they also may have interest in some of the same services and activities that we talk about here.

Easy Craft Ideas

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Need easy, quality craft ideas? Crafts for seniors and elderly are extremely popular. If you're in a hurry, why hunt all over our web site?

We've got loads of New ideas in our craft book - over 120 projects. PLUS, a FREE bonus booklet of templates. Two Books for one!

It's all right here. Get a sneak peak...
Easy Crafts and Gifts

Some Favorite Pages:

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Senior Activities - By the MONTH! -- Get tons of ideas and unique calendar dates for all 12 months, plus all seasons!
Fun Elderly Activities -- For those who may need more help.
Our Kindle Books -- Especially for seniors: activities, games, parties!
Easy Healthy Recipes -- We emphasize variety, fun, and nutrition!

Get more senior activities --Don’t miss our Share forums – where visitors share their own ideas (and be sure to share your own!)...
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Our Craft Book
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Our Kindle Books!

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