lollipop valentine's day craft

This whimsical lollipop valentine centerpiece is really two crafts in one. You can paint the clay pot too! And there are many variations to decorate this project. Use it on the mantle, food buffet, or on a table. If you have a long table – make two or three!

This centerpiece also makes a great give-away or door prize. Plus, the best part is that you can eat it later! Perfect for your senior activity ideas.

You don’t have to paint the pot for this valentine centerpiece – you can use it with its natural terra cotta coloring. Perhaps just paint the rim, or attach ribbon and stickers. But if you want to learn an easy way to paint it, read on…

Valentine Centerpiece Steps

Painted Pot

This valentine centerpiece, as shown in the photo, has a really easy painted clay pot.
You will need:

  • Acrylic paints (Liquitex is a good brand) of your choice of color(s). Suggestions are white, “portrait pink,” or else mix white and red paint to make pink. Or just red paint will work too.
  • Optional – palette knife, if you are mixing paint colors
  • Square of ordinary kitchen sponge, about 2 inches square
  • Small plastic picnic plate to use as a palette
  • Water jar, and rag
  • Medium sized clay pot with tray
  • Water-base, clear craft varnish to seal painted pot
  • Valentine stickers, (or a stencil to paint on hearts)

Before painting the clay pot for the valentine centerpiece, wipe it clean with a slightly damp paper towel to remove any dirt or grip. Dry. Squirt some paint onto the plastic picnic plate that you are using for a palette (this is cheap and easy).

Dampen the sponge squeeze well, and dip into the paint. Then sponge paint over the entire pot (not the inside) and its tray. Also paint the bottom of the pot. It will show since the pot will be turned upside down.

It actually looks kind of cool to let some of the terra cotta pot color show through. It does not have to be painted evenly. I love to sponge paint because it goes fast and doesn’t have to look perfect. Let the first coat dry for at least a half an hour. Apply a second coat.

I like to put two different colors over each other. For instance, white as the first coat, with pink over it. Let the pot dry thoroughly, at least another hour.

If you are going paint on hearts with a stencil (or free-hand) do it at this point. Then dry over night.

When the pot has dried over night, then brush on a coat of varnish. Dry again overnight. Then you can stick decorative stickers on to the valentine centerpiece pot, if you are using stickers.

(If you like to paint pots, get lots more ideas on our page all about painting clay pots).

Lollipop Flowers

The lollipop valentine centerpiece, of course, must include the lollipops – as flowers. We wrap candy ourselves and put them on tall skewer sticks, since standard store lollipops do not have long enough sticks.

You will need:

  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • 3 Long wooden kabob skewers
  • Florist tape (or other strong tape), 3 strips about 6 to 8 inches long
  • 3 pieces of clear plastic wrap, cut in 8–inch squares
  • 3 8-inch pieces of green ribbon
  • 3 pieces of large round candy
  • Colored paper, cut into 3 flower shapes (for tops of candy)
  • 3 small green pompoms
  • 2 to 3 curly reeds (or any type of reed)
  • Large round doily for base

Lay down a square of plastic wrap onto the table. Place the round candy in the middle. Pull up the sides of the wrap and gather it tightly, inserting the skewer.

Wind florist tape tightly in place around the skewer and plastic wrap, tightly under the candy. Cut off any excess tape. When wound, trim down the ends of the plastic wrap if they are too long.

Curl and tie green ribbon around the tape to decorate it. Glue the flower shapes on top of the wrapped candy. Then the glue the pompom on top.

Turn the painted pot upside down on its tray. Insert the lollipop flowers and curly reeds into the hole. If the skewers are too long for your particular pot, they are easy to snap off or cut at the appropriate length.

Everything will stand up in the pot hole – no need for foam inside the pot. Place it all on top of the doily.

Also learn to make some fanciful bouquet strawberry desserts (one of them is below). Just follow the link.

Our Craft Book!

Easy Crafts and Gifts — Get lots more easy yet quality craft ideas (including several centerpieces, plus Valentine’s Day) – more than 120 projectsPlus a FREE booklet of templates you can use for a variety of activities.

More Valentine ideas at: Festive Valentines Crafts

to Easy Craft Ideas

Our Valentines Day Desserts are simple but unique!

If you need special Valentines Day ideas for treats and desserts (something to go along with those Valentine flowers or other Valentines Day gift ideas), then we just might have something here for you!

Many of our desserts are made with fresh fruit, which is an important component of good nutrition, especially elderly nutrition. Strawberries and raspberries are especially popular (and healthy) for this day. Of course there are ways to dress these up or make them decadent too!

And remember, if you have sugar restrictions, most recipes can be made with a sugar substitute (such as stevia, a natural plant derivative – it’s the healthiest we’ve found). We also have several easy, healthy dessert ideas using honey or delicious pure maple syrup.

We recommend using low-fat, low or no sugar products for Valentines Day desserts, whenever possible. Including chocolate. Many of these alternative sweets are found in health food stores. If you haven’t shopped them and want to eat healthy, do make a visit and see what healthy substitutes you can find.

Adding drizzles of chocolate (have you ever tried carob instead?) or caramel will dress up any of these Valentines Day desserts, as will adding a chocolate heart to the top – perhaps a-top whipped cream or ice cream? Or encircle the bottom of the serving plate or bowl with valentine candies. You can get many kinds sugar-free.

Our Valentines Day Desserts

Valentine Apple Bowl

Valentines Day desserts are more showy when you use many layers, and this one has a special surprise topper too, a pink chocolate swirl (the simple instructions are on our food activities page – try it!)

You will need:
Large red apple, halved and core scooped out
3 or 4 strawberries, halved
3-4 strawberries, cut in pieces
4-5 raspberries
Raspberry sauce or jam
Chocolate sauce
Valentine candy

This is just a matter of cutting and scooping the core out of the apple, and then filling it up with goodies. Berries were also placed at the base of the apple.

I put cut strawberries and raspberries inside, plus home-made strawberry sauce. (Just cook cut strawberries with a little honey or pure maple syrup for about 30 minutes in a covered pan on Low until berries are soft. Then mash them to make a healthy sauce). You could also add in strawberry ice cream under or over the sauce.

Next, I stacked more berries, and then chocolate syrup, letting it drizzle down. Lastly, the pink chocolate swirl. These are simple, by microwaving white chocolate chips at 15 second intervals until melted, then adding a drop of red food coloring. With a spoon, drizzle it onto wax paper. I used a toothpick to help nudge it off. Refrigerate about 15 minutes. Remove with a metal spatula – the detail is strong enough to stay in tact.

You can get more details and a photo at the link above. The last item is a Valentine candy by the apple.

Valentine Strawberry Cake

Using slices of strawberries in Valentines Day desserts is ideal, because after you cut out the stem in a circular motion and slice the berry, they look like hearts. This dessert was made by first baking your favorite chocolate cake.

You will need:
Chocolate cake baked in advance
White or pink frosting
At least a dozen strawberries, sliced
5-6 strawberries, cut in pieces
Strawberry sauce or jam
Whipped cream (optional)
Chocolate heart for the top (of each square)

Bake the cake and cut it into squares before applying filling to the center. I find it easier to cut the smaller squares in half in order to insert the filling, rather than trying to cut the whole cake in half — but do it whichever way works for you.For a group activity, cut the cake into squares first may be easier.

In a bowl, mix the cut strawberry pieces in with enough sauce or jam to spread filling on the center of the cake. I also added a few dabs of whipped cream. Open up the cake halves, spread on some filling, then sandwich them back together.

For frosting, I just used an easy kind that is applied from a can. Then added a few sprinkles. Next, I drizzled a little strawberry sauce over the frosting. Then I placed 5 sliced strawberry “hearts” in a flower shape on top of each cake square. Lastly, the chocolate candy was added.

Strawberry-Cranberry Relish with Hearts

A strawberry-cranberry relish may be a nice touch for your Valentine Day desserts. And on top just add a few flowers made of strawberry slices, as described previously. The centers are a dab of whipped cream and candy on top. Also included is a heart-shaped candy.

I have a great all-natural cranberry relish recipe made with pure maple syrup, at the link. (Frozen cranberries work fine too). As you make it, you can also include chopped strawberries as it cooks. Or simply use canned cranberries with a little strawberry sauce (from our fresh strawberry desserts page), strawberry syrup, or jam mixed in.

Chocolate Strawberry Tower

This colorful tower of strawberries and chocolate makes a statement with your Valentines Day desserts! If you’re ambitious, you could make one for everyone. Otherwise, it could serve as a centerpiece at dessert time at each table. Those at the table would share the strawberries. And a heart candy could be provided for everyone too, as well as a pink chocolate covered strawberry (see that section further below) for each.

You’ll need very large strawberries and a kabob skewer, as well as chocolate syrup, which you drizzle onto each berry as you stack it on the skewer. And a plate, of course. The bottom berry should be the largest, and I cut off a slice from the side it’s sitting on, to made it stand.

After you’ve stacked and drizzled all the berries with chocolate, drizzle a bit more on the bottom. Add the candy hearts. And a pink chocolate covered strawberry, then green candy, at the top.

Refrigerate until serving. Depending on the chocolate you use, it may also harden, which is nice because it’s less messy. You can provide forks for everyone to help them get the strawberries off the stack.

Raspberry Puff Pastry

There is a variety of ways you can dress up these flaky pastry puffs for Valentine Day desserts. Some of the ideas are below.

You will need:
Package of frozen puff pastry
Pint of raspberries
4 Tablespoons lemon juice
2 Tblspn corn starch
1 Tblspn water
1+ teaspoon gelatin
½ cup sugar, or sweetener
Yoghurt, low-fat whipping cream, or custard, or vanilla ice cream
Natural chocolate sauce (optional)
Red food coloring (optional)

Bake the puff pastry according to the instructions on the package. Cool, and cut in half.

Berry Mix:
Mix ¼ of the raspberries in a sauce pan, and stir in the sweetener.
Dissolve the corn starch into the lemon juice. Then add into the above sauce.
Cook the mixture on Medium-Low heat until thickened.
Mix the gelatin in the water. Add into the thickened sauce.
Add in most of the rest of the raspberries – but save some out for later.

Assemble the dessert:

If you are using whipped cream, place some in a bowl and add a drop of red food coloring to make pink whipped cream. Stir very gently. This may also work with yoghurt.
Scoop some whipped cream onto the bottom half of the puff pastry.
You can also add a couple spoonfuls of chocolate sauce too.
Add 3 or 4 raspberries.
Cover with the puff pastry top.
Place a generous scoop of the raspberry sauce on top.
Top it with whipped cream (or other topping), plus a red Valentine candy, or chocolate! (You can also add in other colors of berries as well, if you’d like). These are very good chilled before serving.

Frozen Pink Sorbet or Ice Cream Pie

These refreshing Valentines Day desserts are made with real fruit strawberry or raspberry sorbet. Of course, strawberry ice cream (as in top photo) is great too. Or try strawberry Rice Dream. It’s a delicious ice cream substitute, made with naturally sweet rice syrup. If you’ve never tried it, do!

You will need:
1 quart or 2 pints of sorbet
1 pie crust (Graham cracker or chocolate cookie crumb crust is great with this) — or
A dozen mini pie shells or fillo shells (as in photo)
2/3 cup (or more if you’d like!) of chocolate chips
Fresh raspberries; frozen if fresh are not available
Optional: ½ cup mandarin oranges, chopped (canned is OK, not in sweet syrup)

Soften the sorbet so it is mixable. Put it in a bowl.
Fold in the raspberries, oranges, and chocolate chips, mixing gently.
Put the sorbet mixture into the pie crust (we used mini fillo shells) and smoothen it out. Cover it well with plastic wrap and re-freeze. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream, or top it with a spoonful of chocolate sauce. Or both. Plus a chocolate candy. Go for it — after all, it’s for Valentines Day desserts.

Apple Cranberry Roll-ups

These roll-ups can be made with either canned cranberry sauce, or homemade using either fresh or frozen cranberries. This is a deliciously tart dessert, not too sweet. But if you want sweeter, just add a little more whipped cream or ice cream! Or add a little granular sweetener to the sauce (more syrup would make it too soupy).

You will need:
4 to 6 apples
2 Tablespoons of lemon juice
¼ cup of pure maple syrup (you can add more, to taste)
1 can of cranberry sauce (the gelatin kind does not work as well) – or you can make fresh!
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup of pecan or walnut pieces
I package of refrigerated crescent rolls, low fat

Peel, core, and cut the apples into small pieces. Put them into a medium sized sauce pan, and add in the lemon juice and maple syrup. Cook, covered, on medium heat until the apples are almost tender, about 10 to 15 minutes. Stir frequently. Add in the cranberry sauce, cinnamon, and nuts. Mix together.

Separate the crescent roll dough, and spread each out (into the triangle shape) on a greased cookie sheet. Put some of the fruit mixture into the center, then roll them up according to the instructions, and seal the ends. Brush the tops with a little maple syrup.

Bake according to instructions, usually 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your oven. Before serving, put a spoonful of leftover filling on top. Finish it off with the topping of your choice: ice cream, whipping cream, yoghurt, or chocolate sauce. And, of course, a Valentine candy on the top or the side. You can serve these Valentines Day desserts warm or at room temperature.

Fresh Strawberry Desserts

Our fresh strawberry desserts are festive enough for special holidays and parties, and can be made any time of the year. They are perfect for lots of Valentines Day desserts. From my mom’s 50+ year-old, fabulous strawberry pie recipe – to an easy hand-crafted chocolate cup chuck full of various berries and goodies –they’re delicious!

We like to go for Healthy on our web site as much as possible, so we try to offer those types of recipes, some suggestions, and let you decide how you want to get imaginative with them! Even the chocolate morsels can be low in sugar, and from the health food store, if desired. The ice cream is all-natural. 

All-Natural Easy Brownies

This all-natural easy brownie recipe is also nutritious for you! As you may know, dark chocolate is high in anti-oxidants, so why not take advantage? Make this for your Valentines Day desserts, and even add some chopped cherries (or other red fruit) into the batter. You can also add chocolate chips into it to make them extra chocolaty.

And top the servings with whipped cream tinted pink with a little red food coloring. Or pink ice cream. And a chocolate candy to top it all off, of course. Take a look at: All-Natural Easy Brownie Recipe.

Chocolate Cheese Cake

One of our readers graciously submitted this fabulous chocolate cheese cake recipe in our Share Your Healthy Desserts Forum, so we are featuring it here.

Dress it up — All you need to do is add your own red candy or fruit enhancements (or pink whipped cream), and you have one of the truly rich Valentines Day desserts. Click here to go to Rob’s page and see his recipe: Chocolate Cheese Cake Recipe.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Learn how to make chocolate covered strawberries – the easy way! And fun decorating projects too! We have instructions for both white and dark chocolates, the easy way. Chocolate strawberries can be either elegant or whimsical additions to your Valentines Day desserts.

And you can make them pink if you add a little red food coloring to the white chocolate, as shown with this mouse. It’s ears are strawberry slices, and its tail a strip of red licorice.

The pink bunny also has strawberry eats. As for the love bird, its wings and tail are heat-shaped strawberries. The beak is sliced almonds. You’ll see just what to do for these when you read the page at the link: Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Here is how I incorporated the love bird into a fancier setting. Just place it in a small wine or apertif glass filled with strawberry ice cream, yoghurt, etc. You can get the foil garlands at craft stores, then cut them into sections to wind around the glasses. These would also be lovely in a hand-painted wine glass as shown below.

Brandy Chocolate Custard

This delicious custard recipe was graciously shared in our desserts forum by a reader. So I’m adding it in to our Valentines Day desserts. You can see it at Brandy Chocolate Custard. (I added in extra coco powder and extra brandy because I like strong flavor!

After it was done baking, I put it all into a blender, added in about 1/2 cup of raspberries, and blended it until smooth. The raspberries gave it a wonderful taste. But this is optional.

It’s topped with a raspberry and pink chocolate swirl, but you could top it with anything you’d like. At the bottom is a candy heart.

You can see that it’s served in a hand-painted wine glass, which I use not just for beverages, but for serving all sorts of treats, including a variety of Valentines Day desserts, even to fill with candy or nuts. See the link at how to paint glass.

To Healthy Dessert Recipes

This fancy feather craft is an amusing tropical bird that is actually a decorative planter stick. Sure to perk up any plant. Make it for yourself or to give as a gift. You can, in fact, give away a plant to go with it.

This picture shows a valentines craft theme, but you can change the color for any holiday or occasion. Pink also looks fantastic and resembles a flamingo! Cute for any of us who wish we lived in warmer climates, and for those who do! Black is excellent for Halloween, or adds a little glam to an occasion (especially if you sprinkle on a little glitter).

This is one of our easy craft ideas, but if you’re doing it with seniors, some participants may have elderly issues that limit handling small items, so may need extra help.

(If you’d like to see more crafts for Valentine’s Day, go to Festive Valentines Crafts).

Making the Bird

You will need:

  • 1 medium small Styrofoam ball, for the body
  • 1 small ball for the head
  • 1 white pipe cleaner (or other color to go with your color scheme) for the neck
  • Pack of craft feathers, to go with your color scheme
  • A long wooden kabob skewer
  • Small square of black colored paper, to cut the beak
  • 2 small googly eyes
  • Red or pink marker for the cheeks
  • Craft glue (I used Tacky glue) or glue gun
  • Scissors

Cut the pipe cleaner in half, and use just one piece for the neck. Curve it in the shape of an S, then put one end in the body and one end in the head. I insert it towards the middle of the ball, to maintain better balance.

Next, put a little glue on the end of the skewer and then push it into the bottom of the body.

Now it’s feather craft time. Start sticking feathers in around the body. Don’t overdo it. I just put a few on the head. The feathers have a stiff, sharp end, so should push right in.

You can also make a small hole with a toothpick or push pin, and then push in the feathers. But this shouldn’t be necessary. I used a contrasting color (white) for tail and wings. They had longer feathers, and the rest of the body used shorter feathers. The feathers can be cut shorter with a scissors, as needed.

For the beak, fold the piece of small paper in half. Cut a triangle shape, with the wide base of the triangle on the fold. Then open it up. Make a small slit into the head for the beak to push into. Put a little glue on the folded edge of the beak, and then push it into its slit.

Lightly color a little “rouge” on the cheeks with marker. Lastly, glue on the googly eyes. Your bird feather craft is finished – It’s one of our very easy craft ideas. Now just put it in a plant!

To make a version with two legs that can stand on its own within a centerpiece, just insert two skewer sticks instead of one. Insert the bottom of the sticks (with a little glue) into a hole of a large button, to form feet. Dry. If needed, add another dab of glue to the bottom of the feet later, to give more strength.

For another feather craft idea,
see our page on feather angel crafts!

Also check out Easy Crafts and Gifts You Can Make, and find out about lots more easy yet quality craft ideas for many seasons, reasons, ages and ability levels; plus free templates you can use for a variety of projects.

to Easy Craft Ideas

These festive valentines crafts are easy to make! and made with inexpensive craft supplies.

Any are great Valentine’s Day activities for seniors and elderly. They’re also easy to modify for those who need more help. So see what you can do with them to fit your needs.

(For more general activities to do during the month of February, see Fabulous February Senior Activities).

About Materials

As usual, we always recommend using items you have around your home for making easy crafts – remnants or wrapping paper, greeting cards, magazine pictures, fabric, beads, candles, candies, clay pots, vases, jars and plates, etc. Or buy items inexpensively from thrift stores and dollar stores.

You’ll see that many of our ideas are easy to modify so are suitable as crafts for the elderly who may need more help.

Valentines crafts often involve candy! (Sugarless candies are easy to find now, as well). Using candles, especially flameless battery candles, add ambiance too. Many of these can be used as fancy ways to give a valentine, as a centerpiece, at a place setting, or as a give-away. Whatever fits your needs!

And if you need a basic heart template for any of your projects, see ours below.

Our Easy Valentines Crafts

Spiral Candle Centerpiece

This eye-catching candle centerpiece is really easy to make — it’s one our our really easy craft ideas. You can use so many items that you may have at home. A pink color scheme works well too. Try setting several of these valentines crafts in a row down your table or on a mantle.

You will need:

  • Craft glue
  • Tall glass vase (I like a straight shape)
  • Curly valentine garland
  • Pillar candle
  • A CD for the base
  • Valentine stickers to decorate CD edges
  • Strip of red ribbon to lay across CD base
  • Two small artificial flowers for ends of ribbon on base
  • Round doily to set it on

It’s simple to see how to assemble this, just from the picture. First, stick the stickers around the edges of the CD base. Then glue on the strip of ribbon across the CD, with flowers on the ends. Place the glass with candle onto the CD. Cut the appropriate length of coil from the garland, and wind around the vase. Place it all on top of the doily. When you light the candle, it casts interesting shadows from the garland against the wall or on the table.

Valentine Hearts Candy Dish

Valentines crafts are not complete without a creative candy dish. And this fun candy dish decoration has many possibilities. You can use printed or floral paper cups, perhaps to match the print in the hearts-on-a-stick, which were cut from matching wrapping paper.

Any valentine candy will work for this, as well as whatever plate or dish you may have around.

You will need:

  • 2 round doilies for bottom base, and for on top of cup
  • Dish to put candies in
  • Paper cup for holder
  • 3 long wooden skewers
  • Colorful paper to cut for hearts
  • Gum drop or other candy to place on tops of skewers

Note: — I happened to have party cups and wrapping paper to match (as well as paper plates). But you can do any mix-and-match with red or pink, plain or print.

Poke 3 holes through the cup bottom (which, since it’s turned over, is now the top).
Cut out 2 hearts for each skewer, back to back, so you have print on both sides of the heart. Glue it around the edges, but leave it open at top and bottom, so you can slide the skewer through.
You can also glue a small valentine in the middle of the hearts too, with a message, if desired.
Next, place the round doily on the top of the cup.
Run the skewers, from underneath the cup, through the holes in the cup; and also through the doily.
Slide each skewer into a heart so it comes out the top of the heart.
Poke the candy onto the top of the skewer.
Position the skewers the way you want them in the cup.
Place the cup into a dish, then fill with candy. Put it all onto the doily base.

The Hearts on a Stick

These two-sided hearts (as shown with candy dish above) can be made large or small, attached to skewers or colored toothpicks. Then use them for all sorts of other valentines crafts…

* Hang them from the ceiling, mobile style
* Stand one up in a candy dish
* Insert a small one into the top of a cupcake or cake
* Poke into a flower arrangement or a plant, as a planter stick
* If you make really large hearts, laminate and use as placemats!
* Make long, tall hearts; laminate, and use as bookmarks

Angel Valentine and Candy Holder

Valentines crafts often include an angel or cherub. This cute angel valentine is a really popular craft to use for giving something as a gift.

Use her to hold a valentine, candy (truffles, lollipops, or candy hearts are perfect too), a small box (with a surprise in it of course), or perhaps a piece of keepsake jewelry you’d like to give away. Or do you prefer a boy angel valentine? We have ideas for that too.

This angel is inexpensive to make, and you can use items you may have around the house. I used a pink paper cup for this one, but bright prints or floral paper cups look great too. Don’t want pink? Do the whole thing in reds. To learn the details, just click on this link. Angel Valentine and Candy Holder.

Pink Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

See how easy it is to create cute characters with strawberries dipped in white chocolate tinted pink. Use strawberry pieces for the details too. You’ll get ideas for every season as well, on our make chocolate covered strawberries page.

Heart Picture Frame

Heart picture frames make really cute valentines crafts — and they’re made with a cookie cutter! Very simple — just trace it onto your favorite photo. Hang some baubles from it, or in this case, painted wooden hearts. I found that it works best to attach the various components in a specific order, so that it hangs well.

You can use this craft for anniversaries as well. Decorate it whatever way you’d like — we offer several suggestions. Or perhaps you’d like to frame a very much loved pet! Perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself (like I did). These can be hung on a wall or even a Christmas tree.

Using cookie cutters for frames is really fun. There are many shapes and colors available for the various holidays and seasons. To see just how I made this one, go here to our Share Your Craft forum: Heart Picture Frame Crafts.

Hershey Kiss Mouse

You may have seen these little mice done in red and green for Christmas. But they’re also very cute Valentines crafts when made all in red (you can also get pink Kisses during Valentine season).

Just glue 2 Kisses together, inserting a thread with loop in between, if you want to hang it. The ears are paper cut into the shape of hearts, also inserted between the two Kisses. Glue on googly eyes (or little candies) and a black candy or bead for the nose. Or use frosting as edible “glue” instead.  A marker is used for the smiley face. Very easy!

Valentine Decoupage

Decoupage is a very easy craft technique that’s perfect for Valentines crafts. I like to use old wrapping paper, wall paper or fabric. Cut your piece to size for your project, then apply a decoupage medium under and over your material. Smooth it down and get out the wrinkles, then dry. Apply a couple more layers of medium for extra protection.

Decoupage work wonderfully on old chocolate boxes, on wooden shapes from the craft store, small boxes, collages made on canvas or canvas board, etc.

Lollipop Valentine Centerpiece

This whimsical lollipop valentine centerpiece is really two crafts in one. You can paint the clay pot too – we have full instructions. Make it as fancy or simple as you’d like. And there are many variations to decorate this project. Plus, you can eat the lollipops later!

You can use your favorite candy for the lollipop (something large and round works best) – we wrapped and skewered our own, and show you how. Of course, when the festivities are over, just turn the clay pot right side up and use it for whatever else you want. Just click on the link to learn how to make this fun valentine craft: Lollipop Valentine Centerpiece.

Hanging Candy Ornament Ball

This charming candy ball was submitted to us in our Share Your Craft forum, by one of our visitors — Janelle in Arizona. She decorated it with Valentine’s Day candy, but mentioned that of course it could use other types of candies as well, for other parties or occasions. In this case, Janelle used the jelly hearts that are so popular for Valentine’s Day. She also added some artificial flowers to add interest. Take a look at her larger photo and the detail on how to make it: Hanging Candy Ornament Ball.

Bird Planter Feather Craft

This fancy feather craft is an amusing tropical bird that is actually a decorative planter stick. You can also change out the feather color for any holiday or occasion, as always. In fact, it also looks fabulous in all pink – like a flamingo. Great for gifts and give-aways too. Give it along with a plant.

You can also stick it into the corner top of gift-wrapped box (as long as it doesn’t pierce the gift!). Or tuck it into the ribbon. See the full instructions on how to make this cute planter stick, it’s so easy you can make several: Bird Planter Feather Craft.

Painted Apple Valentine Centerpiece

This apple valentine centerpiece includes a very unique hand-painted apple that’s easy to make! Can you guess how we did it? You can make it simple or complex, depending on your artistic abilities (or not). But you definitely do not need to be an artist to make one. We also point you to templates on our web site that you can use for ideas.

Learn how to create this special valentines craft, then use your imagination to make it as decorative as you’d like. We kept ours simple so you could see it more clearly and get the idea. See more at: Apple Valentine Centerpiece.

Here’s another template that may be useful in your Valentines crafts designs.

Free heart-butterfly template

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Painting on glass is one of my favorites. There are so many types of glass paint in craft stores that it’s really simple to make a set. And you can use nice plastic-ware instead, if glass is not an option. I find really nice glassware at dollar stores, thrift stores and garage sales.

Get the basics and some design ideas (you could use hearts too). Then make a pair or a set. They’re perfect for Valentines craft ideas. And are great for gifts! Plus try painting vases, bowls, mirror, and more. Go to how to paint glass (the easy way).

Fancy Decoupage Soap

Soap decoupage crafts make lovely gifts to give away, including for Valentine’s Day, or something special to keep for yourself.

And they’re easy – you just need a few inexpensive supplies, some of which you may already have at home. See our page at Fancy Soap Decoupage Crafts.

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valentine angel craft

This cute angel valentine will tickle you pink. (Or someone). Use her to hold a candy (truffles or candy hearts are perfect too), a small box, a piece of keepsake jewelry you’d like to give away, or a valentine. There are all sorts of ways to decorate her too. Feel free, of course, to use red…or a combination of two colors.

This is a fun project for senior and elderly activities, but some may need a little help with parts of it. It can also be modified to make it easier. We offer various ideas in the instructions below.

(For more ideas for materials you can use, see our page on recycled crafts).

Angel Valentine Supplies:

  • Craft glue, scissors
  • Small valentine (you can make one)
  • Heart-shaped doily for wings
  • Round doily for base
  • Medium sized Styrofoam ball for head (I painted it white to make it smoother)
  • Pink (or red) paper cup; floral prints look great too
  • Pink cupcake paper
  • Pink pipe cleaner (or any wire will work)
  • Piece of lace for trim
  • Curly pink ribbon for hair
  • 2 pink hearts cut from paper for hands
  • Halo – I used a red foil heart
  • Toothpick to hold head on
  • Fine tip markers or acrylic paint to make face
  • Googly eyes
  • Piece of candy to set by the angel

First paint the head with white acrylic paint (painting is not necessary, but makes it smoother to paint on the face).
When the white paint is dry, then add the facial features.
Cut and curl the ribbon hair and glue or tack it on top of the head.
Poke holes into the sides of the cup and insert a small length of pipe cleaner into each.
Fold pipe cleaners over on the inside of the cup so they won’t come out.
Attach the cut pink hearts to the arms and glue in place.
Add in the valentine behind the arms. You can secure it with double-sided tape.
Poke a toothpick into the top of the cup.
Place the cupcake paper on top of the toothpick.
Then put the head into the toothpick.
Secure the halo with craft glue. (It also looks fantastic to glue on a little flameless, battery tea light candle, instead of a halo – you can decorate its edges with ribbon).
Glue the heart wings onto the back of the cup.
Wrap lace around the bottom of the cup and glue in place at the back.
Place the angel on a doily.
Add the piece of candy – and you’re done!

This angel valentine can hold anything in her hands that you’d like – special festive candy, a chocolate lollipop, a homemade treat. Maybe a special keepsake you’d like to pass on to someone. Or a valentine.

Boy Angel

Or perhaps you’d like this angel to be a boy. Just change the color scheme to red. Then slightly modify the hair, making it shorter and perhaps white. No lace, of course; a simple strip of colored or white ribbon will do. And the shape of the mouth can be a simple smile – no “lips”. The halo can be a circle of wire. Or even a white lifesaver candy. You can adhere it with frosting from a tube, which dries like glue. So the candy will be edible!

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