Find some new ideas for your July senior activities. Find crafts to games and outdoor activities, to summer food projects and parties.

You’ll discover some here that go beyond the ordinary, and others that will please those with special interests. There’s sure to be something for everyone.

All of our American readers will know about the 4th of July (see our page on 4th of July crafts ( where you can also find out how to make the foody apple bowl project like the one above). And our Canadian readers will of course know about Canada Day. So we won’t go into these holidays on our summer senior activities page in great length.

But July is a month for many more excuses to have parties and festivities. Lots of July commemorations and special dates happen to involve food! Take a look at some our favorite activity themes…

Our July Senior Activities

Commemorations for July

National Hot Dog Month — Yes, this is an actual Day, created by the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. Hot dogs can range from traditional, to kosher, to turkey dogs, and even vegan. Bratwurst may do as well. So everyone can get involved. Showcase those hot dogs with all the usual condiments, pickles, sauerkraut, chili and cheese too. Try something new on your hot dog! Since this is a traditional ball park food, why not plan a festivity along with watching a game. Music and dancing are other popular July senior activities to include.

National Ice Cream Month –  An ice cream social is the perfect party for this Month. (And you can always combine it with your hot dog fest). Activities could include how to make ice cream (the easy way) and see what flavors you can come up with. This page includes some of Dad’s favorite original recipes. We like to make our ice cream with honey or maple syrup. (There are more ice cream themes in the calendar dates section).

National Picnic Month – One of the favorite summer pastimes. You can also combine this with National Hot Dog Month celebrations. Either have an outing to a park or simply on your own grounds. This is the perfect time to add in some other outdoor games and activities. We have lots of suggestions on our outdoor elderly activities page and elderly games. Picnics of any kind are quintessential July senior activities.

National Blueberry Month – July summer activities can include berry picking! If your group is not able, try to visit a Farmer’s Market or fruit stand and buy them fresh. There’s always the grocery store. At least eat them this month! Your group may enjoy making and sharing blueberry treats, potluck style. Maybe sharing recipes if they’re not able to bake. Or choose a couple as a foody cooking/craft activity. There are very simple ways of using fruit in treats.

National Recreation Month – What are your group’s favorite recreation activities? If you ask, you may find out something new and interesting. (And even if some are not able to do them anymore, it’s fun to share and reminisce with stories). Take a few of those ideas and turn them into events throughout the month for your July senior activities.

Dates for July

July 1 – International Joke Day.  Pull out the joke books for your July senior activities! Or leave a printed out joke or two at every table during one of your meals.  Or at everyone’s place setting. Members can read them to each other and have a good laugh. Plus, be prompted to tell a few of their own. You can also make a game of this, having participants tell jokes, then a vote for the top 3. Winners would get a prize. Or everyone who tells a joke gets a prize. It’s always a good thing to add a little humor to July senior activities.

July 2 – First Zeppelin Flew, in 1900. A zeppelin is also known as a rigid airship, and was created by Count Ferdinand Graf Von Zeppelin. The first test flight (which was not totally successful) was on this day in Germany. Later it was used in World War I especially, and commercial endeavors. After one caught on fire, killing all the passengers in 1936, they lost popularity. For those interested, its history and they way it was would make a fascinating presentation. You may even have members in your group who rode in a zeppelin!

July 3 – National Chocolate Wafer Day.  This one is easy. Just serve chocolate wafers for dessert (with a short announcement) or during a snack. Choose from chocolate mint wafers, waffle style wafers with cream filling, rolled Pirouline, etc. Wafers are just anything thin. And they can be included in cakes, cupcakes, and with ice cream too. But remember. They have to be chocolate.

July 4 – 4th of July (American Independence Day). Mostly everyone has included this day in their July senior activities. If you’re looking for some crafts (along with easy treats to make in red, white and blue) see our page on 4th of July Crafts.

July 4 – National Barbecue Day.  Since this is also National Hot Dog and National Picnic Month, the July senior activities can simply combine a couple of these in the same celebration. And think of the things you can barbeque: hot dogs and burgers of course, ribs, poultry, fish, corn on the cob, and a variety of veggies. It’s the sauce that makes it too!

July 5 – Birthday of P.T. Barnum (1910). Famous for his Barnum & Bailey Circus, “The Greatest Show On Earth,” which was later sold to the Ringling Brothers; and also the creator of the first aquarium. This is a chance to celebrate the world of the circus. There are many movies of course. But also consider having someone come in who had been or is an interesting  performer, to give a presentation. Perhaps someone who had even been in the circus in any capacity for awhile. They’ll be full of stories!

July 5 – Graham Cracker Day. A good time to use a graham cracker crust, either pie or tart size. We have a great recipe on our Fresh Strawberry Desserts page for tarts. And you can use any berries with the same method. Or you could use graham crackers in S’mores.  If you want some new and unique, check out our page on how to make s’mores, the gourmet way. As I mentioned, July senior activities are full of food!

July 6 – National Fried Chicken Day. Sure, it may not be the very best for the arteries. But maybe just a little bit once in awhile…?

July 6 – National Strawberry Sundae Day. Yep, ice cream again. And very delicious, made with either chocolate or strawberry topping. On any kind of ice cream, especially strawberry.  And of course, add a few fresh berries in with it.

July 7 – Chocolate Day.  One of my favorites for July senior activities, and any time. And it pairs nicely with wine or any sparkling drink – see our page for an easy wine and chocolates party). We also have some very interesting things to make, even foody “crafts” on our food activities page.

And if you want a special food project, check out our page on dipping chocolate and all the yummy items you can dip (and ideas to decorate them.

Chocolate is very easy to use as a theme for many July senior activities and parties. To plan your food, consider chicken chocolate sauce (mole), chocolate desserts of all kinds, coffee with a squirt of chocolate in it (which I always order when eating out), chocolate shakes, chocolate sodas (I still make them: ice cream, chocolate syrup, and sparkling water), chocolate fondue, and even a chocolate fountain. 

July 8 – Video Games Day. There are many simple and enjoyable video games available for seniors. Some of them are ones that kids would enjoy too, and add a little video expertise to your July senior activities. This would be an excellent day to spend with grandkids (and perhaps learn a few gaming lessons), or to invite a scout troop in.

July 10 – Pina Colada Day. (The national drink of Puerto Rico). July senior activities always seem a little more lively with a special beverage involved. The phrase actually  means “strained pineapple,” and that’s exactly what is in these drinks. There are also non-alcoholic versions available. Recipes call for about 2 oz. of pineapple juice, 2 oz. of Cream of Coconut, a splash of rum, and crushed ice. Blend until smooth. Add a wedge of pineapple to the side of the glass. And a little umbrella if you’d like. There are lots of recipes, all pretty similar, and you’ll find them online. If you want to leave out the rum, just enjoy a refreshing pineapple-coconut blended beverage.

July 11 – National Blueberry Muffin Day. A perfect addition to your breakfast or snack. This could be a food activity for individuals or groups as well. Then serve within your group, or save for a later larger group event.

July 12 – Birthday of author Henry David Thoreau (1817). For anyone interested in literature…This author and poet was famous for “Walden” and was a great environmentalist and nature lover. So environment and nature themes can additionally be added into your July senior activities, in his honor. Readings from his book and discussion about the simple life in nature, his philosophy, etc. can also be included.

July 12 – National Pecan Pie Day. I usually don’t think of July as a pecan pie month, but in those states that grow pecans, I’m sure this is the case. And it’s fun for anyone to celebrate. If you want a fantastic recipe, I shared my mom’s famous all-natural one at Amazing Easy Pecan Pie.

July 13 – International Puzzle Day. A perfect time to bring something outside for your July senior activities. Or if it’s a rainy day, do it inside. Puzzles are favorites for seniors. And this day can also involve crossword puzzles, sudoku, and other types of word puzzles as well.

July 15 – Artist Rembrandt’s birthday (1606). For art enthusiasts, this Dutch painter is one of the world’s most famous. This is a good opportunity for an art history event. Have a local professor or expert come in for a talk. And a little Dutch refreshment as well. Try herring and crackers, oysters, beer, gouda and edam cheese, rye bread, and fresh fruits. If you are able to locate genuine Dutch desserts or recipes, this is always a plus. You might also consider doing a digital slide show of his art. You can find many images online, then download them.

July 15 – National Ice Cream Day. Well, July senior activities do include National Ice Cream Month and the various days that go with it. So here’s one. My Dad had a great way of making home-made ice cream in a very simple way. In lots of flavors. Even with honey and maple syrup as sweeteners. If you want a foody activity, give it a try. See how at How To Make Ice Cream The Easy Way. Or at least serve ice cream in some form on this day! Tip: There’s another ice cream theme day on July 23! So take your pick.

July 16 – Apollo 11 takes off, 1969. This was a landmark space travel event from earth to the moon, manned by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. A few days later, Armstrong was then the first person to set foot on the moon (on July 20 – see below). He soon became famous for his statement, “One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” This is an outstanding topic that lends itself to some interesting July senior activities. There have been a couple movies made about this event, “Apollo 11,” and “Moonshot.” You may be able to find them at your library. This would also be an excellent subject for a presentation, especially those interested in space travel and history.

July 18 – Nelson Mandela’s Birthday (1918). There are a variety of documentaries and movies about the life of this beloved South African patriot and social activist, including “Long Walk To Freedom,” “Invictus,” and “Nelson Mandela: Life and Times.” Some of these may be available at your public library.

July 20 – Chess Day.  No doubt your group may have people interested in chess. So why not host chess games. Tournament-based games are a great addition to your list of July senior activities. 

July 20 – The day astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first landed on the moon, 1969. For those interested in space flight, have a day with a moon, astronaut, and/or outer space theme. And do you have access to a good telescope? They can enhance many July senior activities for evening. In party stores you can find moon-sun-star  themed paper goods to decorate with.
…..Crafts –  Make some decor of your own. Painting a few pillar candles with moons and stars is an easy way to add ambiance (they can also be the flameless kind). We also have a simple page on how to paint glass. Just follow the directions, buy use a moon and night sky theme. You’ll also see some star motifs on our page for 4th of July crafts.

July 21 – Birthday of author and Nobel Laureate Ernest Hemingway (1889). This popular author appealed to a very wide audience, so if you want to host an arts and cultural event, consider his works, such as “Old Man And The Sea,” and “Farewell To Arms.” Both are also movies.

July 22 – Summer Leisure Day. (Also National Hammock Day). I’m sure we could think of a zillion things to do on such a day. But this is the time to make a production out of just Leisure for your July senior activities. What does that mean to your group? Just ask what their favorite things would be to do to commemorate this. And be sure to have some unique treats on hand.

July 23 – Invention of Ice Cream (1904 by Charles Minches). (Yet another ice cream theme). At least this is the date ice cream went public. (Actually, some history scholars say Italian duchess Catherine de Medici created it and brought it to Europe in the 1500s). It was introduced at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904. This can be the perfect day for your ice cream celebration. Perhaps the traditional ice cream social.

Try kinds made with honey or maple syrup. Again, you can see our page with Dad’s own all-natural recipes, on how to make ice cream the easy way. with And be sure to include all the fixings, including fresh fruit. Or maybe get an old-fashioned ice cream cart to visit.

Remember the old movie, “Meet Me in St. Louis” with Judy Garland about that 1904 World’s Fair? This would be a perfect activity to fit into the day.

July 24 – Amelia Earhart Day (born in 1897). For anyone interested in aviation, this day commemorates the legendary pioneer in aviation lost over the Pacific while attempting to fly around the world. There are several documentaries available about her, and probably in your local library. You may be familiar with the latest discoveries regarding this unsolved mystery found on a small Pacific island. This is an excellent reason to host an aviation-themed get-together, lecture, outing, film, etc.

July 25 – National Hot Fudge Sundae Day. Yes, another ice cream type day. Just in case you needed one.

July 25 – Merry-Go-Round Day. For those in your group who are able to do a field trip, you might consider visiting a nearby park that has a carousel, if available in your area. Otherwise, a carousel-related theme can be used in crafts.

July 26 – National Bagelfest. Since 1986. Think of the possibilities. Plain, rye, whole grain, cheese, onion, veggie, etc. And the toppings! Serve them for breakfast topped with eggs and bacon, lunch or dinner with just about anything on top. You might find bagels on sale at your local bagel shop or grocery store.

July 26 – National All or Nothing Day.  A day for July summer activities to celebrate (big or little, fun or serious) of making decisions, getting off the fence, making a commitment.  Doing something. Whatever that may be. It will make us feel better too. You can make light of this day, or have it be contemplative; whatever suits your group. Have participants write down what they want to jump in and do. And ideas of how they will do it. Depending on your group, you might share aloud. Especially if you are keeping it light. Otherwise, after they have their idea firmly in mind, they can rip it up. Later all the scraps of paper can be collected and recycled. This exercise will work for individuals, or for groups who are trying to decide on something.

July 27 – Bugs Bunny’s Birthday, 1940. The date this famous character first appeared in a Warner Bros. short cartoon called “A Wild Hare.” At that time his name was called Tex’s Rabbit, rather than Bugs Bunny. And he looked a bit different too. Before long he became known for his iconic phrase, “What’s up doc?” To celebrate, find some old cartoons at the library and show them for fun. Lots of nostalgia! You could also use a Bugs Bunny image in a craft project. You’ll be able to find one online.

July 29 – National Lasagna Day. Since it’s also Picnic Month, this would be an item to serve as well. And actually, one of our favorite versions is made with chicken instead of beef, from a well-known local Italian restaurant. Try it! It’s just a simple substitution. I also like to include spinach leaves layered in mine. Sometimes other vegetables, like zucchini. Even my kids love it. Normally it seems like July would be pretty hot to serve lasagna. But it’s The Day.

National Parents Day – The 4th Sunday of the month. This day was established by President Bill Clinton in 1994. Most of your group are likely to have been parents. Whether family can be present or not, make this a special day. For those who were not parents themselves, they certainly had them! This can be a commemorative day as well.

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To: Senior Activities – By The Month

I first became familiar with how to make mulled wine when visiting Europe (I have German ancestry), where it is popular during the chilly months.

Mulled wine is an old, historical beverage dating from at least the Middle Ages, and was used to warm you up from the inside out. It’s most typically a red wine concoction (although some do use white) full of spices and also fruits, such as citrus and cherries. And served hot.

A great alternative to hot apple cider, for those who can drink alcoholic beverages. (But you can also make it with non-alcoholic wines, as needed).

Mulled wine is wonderful in cold weather, of course. Sort of a comfort drink – the elderly friends and family who I know love this. It’s often a tradition at Christmas and other winter holidays, and also during Halloween and Thanksgiving. Perfect for many party theme ideas.

But I also make it in the warmer months as well, when it is chilly or rainy outside.

Different versions of how to make mulled wine can be found in almost any European country. So if you have a particular ancestry that uses certain wines or spices, feel free to add them into the “brew”! Some countries sell packets of spices made just for mulled wine. You may be able to find them here in specialty markets, but I like to make it from scratch.

The easiest way on how to make mulled wine is by using a crock pot. Put you could also do it in a double boiler (not aluminum), on the Low setting. First heat it up (but do not let it begin to boil). Then set it on Low.

When I learned how to make mulled wine, it was first through some trial and error. I find the best kind of wine is heavy red wine, such as a Cabernet. I also love Port. I don’t like to use “cheap” wine, because I’ve have bad-tasting results when it’s heated and mixed with the spices.

I’ve tasted white wines that have been mulled, but for me they don’t have as full a flavor. Mulled wine is one of my favorite easy, healthy recipes (“healthy” being relative, depending on what you put into it – I like as much natural as possible).

How To Make Mulled Wine

Here’s a great recipe from my friend Marsha, cook extraordinaire:

  • 2 bottles of red wine.
  • ¼ cup Brandy (optional, but I find it to be delicious!). Brandy gives it more depth of flavor.
  • 2 orange slices.
  • 2 to 3 whole cloves.
  • 2 cinnamon sticks.
  • 1/4 cup sugar or brown sugar, or sweetener (raw honey is also delicious, if you like natural).
  • Optional…
  • Nutmeg and mace – start with ¼ teaspoon.
  • A pinch of anise.

Mix all the ingredients together in the crock pot (or pan) and cook on Low for about 2 to 3 hours, stirring frequently. Taste it from time to time as the flavor deepens, to see if you want to add more of any of the ingredients.

Towards the end (in the last half hour or so) you can add in pitted cherries and lemon slices for effect. Ladle into mugs to serve. I like pre-warmed mugs, myself.

This is best when served fresh. But I never turn down a mug of mulled wine – I think it improves with age. But then, that’s probably my perspective on a lot of things at this stage of the game!

Be sure to also read:

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to Easy Healthy Recipes

Get ideas about so much more you can do for your November senior activities! November is especially known for Thanksgiving, of course. But how about something new or unusual?

(And it’s also a good idea to review the real Thanksgiving, which we know so much more about today. There are several documentaries available, and perhaps through the library).

Themes:  Corn, turkeys, Native American themes, cornucopias, pilgrim hats, teepees, bare tree branches, pine cones, fall leaves.

Crafts – Make an easy centerpiece or collage for November senior activities, using dried foliage, as seen at the top of our page. Add a peacock feather for fun! For more craft ideas, see our pages on fall crafts for the elderly, which will also point you to a variety of pages.

Another easy idea is to use a simple image from nature as inspiration for a painting or collage.  Silhouettes are especially simple. In November you can also add a bit of snow. Here are basic ideas to use as designs…

More November Senior Activities

Commemorations for November:

National Family Caregivers Month – It started in 1997 as a commemorative week during the week of Thanksgiving. But now this commemoration has evolved into a month-long acknowledgment. The National Family Caregiver Support Program was set up in the year 2000 to help caregivers who are age 70 and over. It is part of The Older Americans Act of 1965.

A good month to be mindful of those of any age who are caregivers for their family. So plan special November senior activities with them. Some towns, facilities and churches have special services, luncheons and events for caregivers.

American Indian Heritage Month – Learn about the Native American cultures and history in your area, so important to the overall history of the Americas and Thanksgiving. Consider having a tribal member visit and give a presentation. If you’d like to make a fun craft with colored “Indian corn,” see our page about fall crafts for the elderly.

Drum Month – Music is important to have with your November senior activities. Have a visiting musician, including from a school. (I’m sure you’ll find a teen who is a good drummer). Talk about different kinds of drums. This is also a good time to have an event in conjunction with American Indian heritage.

Stamp Collecting Month — Stamp collecting is intriguing for many people, and is also a valuable hobby. Discussions and displays can be enjoyed by those interested. Some in your group may have samples that they are willing to show and share.

Aviation Month – Aviation has been a topic in other months also, and any aviation events are perfect to work into your November senior activities. Another chance to celebrate its history. If there’s a museum near you, it may be fascinating to visit. Or find an expert in the field to come and give a presentation. You may even have an expert in your group, or associated with it.

National Model Railroad Month — This celebration is sponsored primarily by the National Model Railroad Association. For those who are real model train enthusiasts, celebrate it in your November senior activities. There is a great interest in model trains and railroads. Some of your community or members may have been a collector of model trains or memorabilia. Perhaps they even have some items that they can share, a bit like show and tell.

National Pomegranate Month – This exotic fruit even involves Greek mythology about the goddess Persephone and the underworld. The deep ruby jewel-like seeds and juice have many health benefits (but may also interfere with some medications). I love eating the fresh fruit! Also try it in jam and juices, or sprinkle the seeds on cereal, ice cream, or in yoghurt.

National Novel Writing Month – Has any of your group aspired to writing a novel (even a short one)? An excellent project for November senior activities! It’s especially fun if you create a writing group to motivate each other. Some may enjoy dictating into a recorder or into a computer program, with a little assistance at editing. A great legacy for family and friends. And it’s easy and inexpensive  to self-publish through Amazon’s Kindle, or CreateSpace (for an actual printed book).

Family Stories Month – If writing a novel seems too much, try family stories. One of our treasured keepsakes from Dad is his life stories digitally recorded. Other family members have also written and shared story snippets. Then we published them in booklet form, with cover and spiral binding done at a copy/print store. Or create a photo book from an online site, to include pictures.

Peanut Butter Lovers Month – The Harvard Medical School has designated peanuts has a very healthy food (including its fats). Especially low- or no-sodium all-natural types. So spread it on toast, sandwiches, celery, crackers, and desserts (yummy with chocolate). Baking cookies and bars is a great group activity.

Dates For November:

November 1 – National Authors Day – November is a month for writing, and this day celebrates authors well-known, or not. Perhaps you. Or your group. Who are your favorite authors? Have a few readings, put inspiration quotes on table cards, or use them as inspiration for art projects.

November 2 – The Sistine Chapel was completed, 1480 – Then the famous fresco on its ceiling was painted by Michelangelo in intervals, 1508 -1545. For those interested in art and history, talk about Michelangelo, how many years it took to paint (decades!) and how it was made. Also get an illustrated book from the library, and/or see a movie, such as the classic, “The Agony and the Ecstasy.”

…Project — Perhaps your group would like to paint a mural on a small wall as one of your November senior activities. (See easy inspirational photos at the top of this page for design ideas). 

November 3 – Sandwich Day – Plan a special or unique sandwich for lunch. Maybe offer a buffet so folks can build their own. And since it’s peanut butter month, they’re a good option this day too.

November 4 – Candy Day – Have a little party and serve special candies, including no-sugar. Learn the history of candy. Sugar was first known in ancient India, and sugar cane was called  “reeds that produce honey without bees.” The first candy was boiled from sugar, and chunks were known as khanda. The history of chocolate is also fascinating. Some of your group may have homemade recipes to share, or even make. A candy pot luck is also a big hit.

November 4 – The first wagon train arrived in California – In May 1841, it left Independence, Missouri. For a historical flare for your November senior activities, we have a few ideas (more below). Talk about the history of wagon trains, and maybe watch a favorite old-time Western movie.

November 6 – Abraham Lincoln was elected president, 1860 – He had quite a life! This is a good time to have a special commemoration about him. Have inspirational readings, or put quotes on table cards. There are also many documentaries about his life, including at the library.

November 8 – The x-ray was discovered  – By German Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895. How far we have come since then! There may be medical folks in your group that would like to learn more about the history of this.

November 9 – Pursuit of Happiness Day – What makes you really happy? Family, pets, hobbies, helping others? Celebrate it in your November senior activities. The perfect day to discuss them and plan (in advance) activities around people’s favorites.  (And if you need hobby ideas, see our page on finding a hobby).

November 10 – Forget Me Not Day – This day celebrates those who make a difference in your life. November senior activities are a nice time for special efforts to include anyone who may be shy, introverted, lonely.

…Crafts — Make greeting cards or place setting cards with the blue forget-me-not flower as the theme. Also include the flowers in crafts on this day; the shapes are easy to draw or paint. Seed packets can also be ordered online to give away.

November 11 – Veterans Day – It is very likely that you have veterans in your group. It is important to acknowledge their service to our country. Have a special celebration, lunch, etc. And if you want to make a special patriotic craft, get general ideas on our 4th of July crafts page.

November 13 – World Kindness Day – Do something particularly kind on this day, and perhaps participate in a charity, or make something for another as part of your November senior activities. Do you know someone in need?  Making fleece blankets is popular and is easy to do. Or make a gift basket. Both are satisfying November senior activities.

November 16 – Button Day – Some people love to collect buttons. I’m sure I have hundreds in my box. Make a button craft like on a picture frame or in a collage, and include one or two unusual ones as focal points. See who has the most unique buttons.

November 17 – Take A Hike Day – (At least take a walk). Depending on your climate, November senior activities may still happen outside in the brisk fresh air. Perhaps take a stroll at a park or nature area. Fun with a pet too. Or even around the premises, walking paths or halls. Then gather back for special fall treats.

…Project — If you have collected dried foliage, make a simple collage against art board or a piece of wood. Spray with craft varnish to preserve and protect.

November 18 – Mickey Mouse’s Birthday – He’s older than I am by far! A perfect excuse for some unique November senior activities. For those interested, talk about Walt Disney, the creation of Mickey Mouse and other characters.

…Projects — For an art project, learn to draw or even trace Mickey. Art work can be copied, laminated, and turned into placemats. Or make smaller bookmarks. Or laminate the characters and use them as part of a centerpiece. Watch an old and/or new cartoon too. Check your library.

November, Third Thursday – Great American Smoke Out Day – First promoted in 1977, this event is sponsored largely by the cancer society, and encourages people to quit smoking. At least for 24 hours. Many find it easier to do this as a group motivation, and it’s ideal to include in your November senior activities. A good time to re-acquaint ourselves with the dangers of smoking.

November 19 – The Gettysburg Address – This famous address was delivered by Pres. Lincoln on November 19, 1863. It is now considered one of the greatest speeches of all time. It was just over 2 minutes long. Read the Gettysburg Address, and about its history. A good reminder of our freedoms.

November 20 – Peanut Butter Fudge Day – A delicious way to continue Peanut Butter Lovers Month! Making fudge can be a group activity, or serve with dessert or as a snack. Get creative and decorate your fudge squares! You can also find sugar-free fudge recipes online.

November 24 – Parfait Day – A parfait is simply a layered dessert of ice cream or yoghurt, fruits, pudding, jello, whipped cream, etc., served in a tall glass, and then garnished on top. So there are plenty of options for sugar-free too. Find out your group’s favorite ingredients (and maybe something unique), and serve for dessert.

Thanksgiving – The third Thursday of the month – No doubt you already have many November senior activities revolving around Thanksgiving!

November 27 – Nobel Peace Prize established, 1901 – Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Prizes in the late 1880s. One Prize category was for peace, for those who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” He was a rich Swedish industrialist and inventor (of dynamite and other explosives), and an armaments manufacturer.  The Peace Prize may have been one way he tried to compensate. 

November 28 – The first American automobile race, 1895 – 54 miles from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois. The prize was $5000. Did or does anyone own a vintage car? Or ever participate in a long-distance race? Also fun to get out those miniature vintage model cars of all kinds and show them off. For those into old autos, you may find books at the library to display, or offer a digital slide from online images, during a meal or snack.

…Crafts — Photos or print-outs of vintage cars are perfect to use in collages and decoupage projects too; i.e., on boxes clocks, or backgrounds behind old family photos.

November 29 – National Square Dance Day – Just in time for some fun exercise to work off all those Thanksgiving calories! Plan a bit of dancing in November senior activities. With roots in traditional English, Irish and Scottish folk dancing, in the U.S. it became associated with cowboys. So use a Western theme on this day too. Consider having lessons, or get a live band to visit. You may have members who are already good at square dancing.

November 30 – Mark Twain was born, 1835 to 1910 – What a character! A fascinating life to study. (Oddly, he was born and died, which he predicted, during the passing of Halley’s Comet). He was a popular writer for the senior generation. Watch a Mark Twain bio movie — “Mark Twain” by Ken Burns. Or a movie about Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn. Also easy to read a short story.

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To Senior Activities – By The Month

Our February senior activities will help you fill your time with fun — even if it’s a shorter month. Things usually focuses around Valentine’s Day. But there is also so much more — themes for arts, crafts, recipes, parties, history, people, literature, movies, and more!

And to get lots of craft ideas, go to our general craft page at Easy Craft Ideas.

Our February Senior Activities

Commemorations for February

Black History Month – A great opportunity to become familiar with history not just on the national level, but also that of your particular region or town. Have a guest speaker come in to give a presentation as one of your February senior activities, or watch a special movie.

American Heart Month – Serve heart-healthy meals this month, and be sure to do a little exercise too. This is the month to encourage your group or your family members to tend to their medical appointments as needed. Medical staff could also give a refresher presentation about heart health.

And of course this is the month to include the heart shape into arts and crafts. Below is a free heart-butterfly design you might use for your projects.

International Friendship Month – This is an ideal time to stay in contact with friends from other countries, either by letter, e-mail, or phone. Do include celebrating friendships in your February senior activities, no matter where friends may be. It will make life richer and time pass.

Have everyone do something special for a friend, right where you are. You can draw names from a hat in advance, so no one is left out. Designate a week to have special surprises, messages treats, thank use, etc. for the person whose name you picked. Almost like a secret Santa.

National Cherry Month – Serve a cherry dessert, cherry beverage, cherry candy, or just plain cherries as many times this month as you can – at least once a week. Especially fun to do on February 22, George Washington’s Birthday, to commemorate the tale about young George cutting down the cherry tree.

National Bird Feeding Month – If you don’t yet have a bird feeder area, this is the month to set one up. This celebration was set up in 1994 by Congress to educate people about wild birds, their habitats, feeding and shelter, and to promote bird watching and identification. A relaxing and fascinating pastime!  And it makes a great hobby to try with your February senior activities. Learn about the types of bird feeders, seed, getting or making a bird feeder, and even a bird house.

National Snack Food Month – Snacking is a favorite past time, especially for seniors. In fact, many elderly almost prefer to snack rather than have large meals. And snacking can be super healthy, providing a great deal of nutrition. So see our healthy snack recipes page and get lots of ideas. Some of these can also become entertaining February senior activities to do with a group.

National Embroidery Month – Have a group embroidery day or special activity, for those who enjoy it or who want to learn. If some or all of your seniors are no longer able to embroidery, have a display area where people can “show off” what they have done in the past. And perhaps they have won a ribbon too. It would be a great time to pick up embroidery as a new hobby, or to teach younger people. You can also make items for charity or to use in gift baskets.

National Grapefruit Month – Serve grapefruit for breakfast or lunch, including grapefruit juice (mixed with a little honey, it is said to help with fatigue). We know that grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C and other vitamins, and has anti-cancer properties. It is also sometimes used in aromatherapy to energize.

Dates for February

February 1 – National Freedom Day –  Include a little patriotism into February senior activities too. This day is an observance of signing the resolution by President Lincoln that proposed the 13th Amendment of our Constitution in 1865 to outlaw slavery.  A good day to reflect on our freedoms and goodwill. Many groups have an annual breakfast or luncheon on this date.

February 2 – Groundhog Day – I find the annual tradition that takes place in Punxsutawney, PA,  to be very amusing. I also love to watch the movie, “Groundhog Day.”

February 4 – Charles Lindbergh’s birthday, 1902 – Another day that aviation buffs can celebrate. Your February senior activities may not bring you outside to aviation events, but there are plenty of movies and documentaries about the life of Charles Lindbergh, as well as books in the library. This would be a fun day to have an aviation theme in the dining room or party room.

February 6 – Babe Ruth’s birthday – For baseball fans, have a baseball themed meal with favorite foods that you would find at the ballpark, such as hot dogs, beer if possible, soda pop, popcorn, peanuts and crackerjacks, etc. And even some baseball decorations. Watch a Babe Ruth movie too. Get ready for the season!

February 6 – Monopoly Game first sold, 1935 – This is the date the famous Monopoly game first came out in stores as we know it, although an earlier version started in about 1903. Fun to play for a little while, or make it into an marathon for hours (even days). Set up a few Monopoly games and perhaps a placard telling a little bit about its history.  (It began as a statement about the economy and freedom to grow wealth; and now is played worldwide).

February 7 – Charles Dickens birthday, 1812 – Celebrate this well-known author. Watch a movie based on one of his books, such as the classic movie “Oliver,” based on “Oliver Twist;” “Great Expectations,” “A Tale of Two Cities,” or “David Copperfield.” You may be able to get these from the library. (If you feel like re-visiting the holidays, there’s always a version of “A Christmas Carol)! Or perhaps you have a favorite Dickens quote for the lunch/dinner table, or snack time.

February 7 – Laura Engels Wilder’s birthday, 1867 – No doubt you’re familiar with the “Little House on the Prairie” books and TV series. Add a little old-fashioned history and humor to your February senior activities. In many areas, the TV re-runs are shown on a regular basis. Books are also easily available, including from the library.

Party Idea: If you like the prairie type theme, you can create an entire party around it, including a little costuming, hat, vest, apron etc.

February 9 – Hershey chocolate founded, 1894 in Pennsylvania – Celebrate chocolate! Be sure to include chocolate or a dessert on this day.

…Craft Idea: And if you want to do a fun craft, make mouse chocolate crafts with Hershey’s Kisses. You can make one in red, with the ears cut like hearts for February.

…Party Idea: A chocolate and wine party is one of our favorite February senior activities. We know organizations that use this for a fund raiser and have fabulous attendance from the public.

February 11 – Thomas Edison’s birthday, 1847 – Without Edison, our lives would certainly be different! Think of the light bulb, the phonograph, the motion picture camera, his use of direct current, and the fluoroscope imaging technique, to name a few. You might consider “unplugging” for a few seconds in honor of Edison, and to appreciate what it would be like without these modern conveniences.

This date also celebrates National Inventor’s Day, in Edison’s honor. Do you know anyone who has made an invention?
February 12 – Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, 1809 – His birthday is commonly celebrated on Presidents’ Day, but it might be nice to have a special commemoration for him on his birth date.

February 12 – Charles Darwin’s birthday, 1809 – Darwin was an English naturalist and biologist, and of course developed the theory of natural selection and evolution, also writing the famous Origin of Species, among others.

He traveled all over the world, collecting unusual animals, and made the Galapagos Islands famous. Use some of these animal themes in your February senior activities and crafts.

He’s known as one of the top influential people in history, and his ideas are still debated today (do your members like a good debate?). Read about his life and discoveries, and use some of the animals in arts and crafts projects.  There was a movie made about him in 2009, “Creation.” 

February 14 – Valentine’s Day – Needless to say, we are all familiar with Valentine’s Day, one of our best-known February senior activities.

If you are looking for something new to do or want festive food ideas to add to your February senior activities, see our page on festive Valentines crafts and Valentine’s Day desserts.

And since I love making chocolate covered strawberries so much, I just had to sneak in a project for Valentine’s Day. See the general instructions at how to make chocolate covered strawberries. Some fun ones with a pink theme are below.

February 17 – World Human Spirit Day – Celebrates our achievements as well as acknowledging we don’t have all the answers, yet the human spirit persists in moving forward, expanding, and pondering the Unknown. Some also embrace this day as a spiritual break from the superficial world, and for contemplating a Higher Power. A good day to recognize the vastness of the Universe, of hope, and appreciation for what we have.

February 18 – Presidents’ Day – This day of course celebrates both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. A standard for February senior activities. Do a little something red white and blue on this day. Serve your dessert with miniature flags, red white and blue frosting, etc., or make a patriotic craft. We have several ideas for any patriotic event, on our page for 4th of July crafts.

February 19 – National Chocolate Mint Day – Need another day to celebrate sweets? We’ve already had a couple different celebrations for chocolate or cocoa over the weeks and months, but this time it’s chocolate mint! Well why not. Serve hot cocoa with a little mint flavor or mint stick. And any chocolate dessert with a dash of peppermint extract would be fun. Get some chocolate ideas that you can add mint into at our page on healthy dessert recipes.

February 22 – George Washington’s birthday, 1732 – You may remember the tale about George Washington cutting down the cherry tree. So serve a cherry dessert in commemoration. Even though he is also celebrated on Presidents’ Day, you might like to do something special on this day as well.

February 26 – William “Buffalo Bill” Cody’s birthday, 1846 – Have a wild west party and add a little summer pizzazz to your February senior activities. You may be able to even get some hay bales to add to the ambiance. Folks can dress up in western clothing, a cowboy hat, bandanna, plaid shirt, boots, etc.

Serve a menu of buffalo burgers, hamburgers, or good old chili, beef stew, pulled pork, anything barbecued, etc. Play lots of cowboy music, or have a live group or musician play. You could also include a little dancing. There are several movies about Buffalo Bill, one being a classic made in 1944, which your library may be able to get for you.

February 27 – International Polar Bear Day – This day brings our attention to the challenges polar bears face as the Arctic warms, and to global warming in general. Plus, they’re beautiful and fun! A good day for furry slippers and a white sweater. Have some hot coco too, or warm apple cider. Even a little mulled wine.

If you’re able, take a walk in the snow. Or perhaps you live near a zoo that hosts polar bears; they usually give special presentations. Polar bear movies include “The Journey Home,” and “Snow Babies/Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice.”

Want to use a polar bear in your arts and crafts? See the free template below.

February 27 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s birthday, 1807 – Favorite famous poems are “Paul Revere’s Ride,” “Evangeline,” and “The Song of Hiawatha.” (My dad used to read this to us when we were little, and it became one of our favorites). February senior activities can include literature too — Have someone do a poetry reading to your group as part of literature appreciation.

February 28 – Congress approved the Louis and Clark expedition, 1803 – After the Louisiana Territory was purchased, Pres. Jefferson approved the expedition. There is an excellent documentary about this exploration which started in 1804, beginning in St. Louis and traveling west through the Continental divide. The famous Native American woman Sacajawea assisted them. You may be able to get it from the library.

It’s also interesting to post a map and use pushpins to follow the route that this group took. Much of the route can still be traveled today. And also discuss the amazing things they discovered along the way about our country.

(I had a friend who took several weeks off and drove the route himself, just to see what it was all about).

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to Senior Activities – By the Month

A wine and chocolates party is very well attended – and quite versatile to fit your needs, including with non-alcoholic selections. It can be either casual yet elegant, or more elaborate.

Whatever way you choose, these parties are popular activities for seniors. And also make great events for the public, including as promotions for your group or campus, or with fund raising.

This party is simple to include within other themes too – such as different holidays like Valentine’s Day, winter holiday traditions, anniversaries and birthdays.

Or just for no particular reason at all! And of course with chocolates, one needn’t feel quite as guilty indulging, since there are actually health benefits of chocolate, as you may have heard. Great for family settings, clubs, or if you’re an activities director, for a group or campus.

Wine and Chocolates Party Ideas


Get out your best tablecloths and fancy napkins for a wine and chocolates party — or purchase nice paper goods at a party store.

Also get out your best wine glasses, dishes and platters. (However, if you’re not able to use glass wine glasses, nice plastic types will be fine).

Displaying the chocolates adds decorative ambiance. Perhaps you have special dishes. If you have a tiered serving platter, it’s a striking way to display and serve your chocolate desserts.

Candles always add ambiance – I prefer the flameless battery kind for safety. If you or one of your group have fancy table lamps or candelabras, they can be an added touch.

A fancy chocolate cake can also serve as a centerpiece.

The Wine

At your wine and chocolates party, be sure to offer at least a couple kinds of white and red wines, both dry and sweet, some light and some more heavy bodied. Here are some examples:

  • Light body wines – Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling
  • Medium body – Merlot, Zinfandel, some Chardonnays
  • Heavy body – Port, Cabernet Sauvignon, some Chardonnays
  • Champagne or sparkling wine – There are many to choose from and vary in price. Perfect for holidays too.

Other nice additions are a red port, sweet sherry, sweet Marsala, or framboise (French for raspberry), which is actually a raspberry flavored liqueur or brandy. (One of my favorites!)

Be sure to also offer non-alcoholic juices and sparkling beverages for guests who prefer them.

Consider asking a local liquor store (or winery!) to come out and give a presentation. They may require a guaranteed minimum attendance, and they may also want the option of selling wine at your event.

But it will be very instructional as well as fascinating, and many varieties of wine will be available to taste (and buy).

The Chocolate

You can, of course, buy a variety of candies, cookies, and cakes at the store or bakery to serve with your wine. Chocolate can come in a variety of colors – white, brown, pink. And specialty colors for holidays. Colors will make your tables look very festive.

Another easy option for a wine and chocolates party is to do it pot luck style — just have each guest bring a favorite chocolate concoction and share them.

Offer at least 5 or 6 chocolate desserts. Here are a few favorites: chocolate mousse, truffles, mints, brownies, fudge (including white chocolate), bundt cakes, German chocolate cake, and chocolate-cherry cake.

And chocolate dipped items like strawberries, nuts, and pretzels (see links below for making them). You could also have everyone bring a chocolate recipe along too, then swap!

Want fun food activities?

Learn to make chocolate covered strawberries, or dipping chocolate, (i.e. pretzels and fruits).

See some more delicious chocolate recipes on our web site submitted by our readers:
Brandy Chocolate Custard — An excellent somewhat indulgent dessert!
Rich Chocolate Cheesecake — Cheesecake lovers will certainly love this one; easy to make too.
Fabulous Fudge — This fudge recipe has all kinds of goodies in it.

Don’t forget some sugar-free items too. You can find sugar-free candies and chocolates in most grocery stores and chocolate shops. If you are baking from scratch, be sure to make some items with a substitute sweetener for those who have dietary restrictions. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

To really make a statement for any dessert type party…

Consider renting a chocolate fountain from a party rental service. They’re fabulous, come with full instructions and are easy to use. Or buy one – it will get a lot of use if you have parties. Prices range from about $30 up.

Just about everybody loves wine and chocolate – you might want to consider an RSVP for this party — it will be a popular one!

Our Kindle Books!

And do take a look at our Kindle books — especially “Fun Party Themes for Seniors”! (We even include lots more ideas and detail about a wine and chocolates party).

Be sure to also read:

Fiesta Party Ideas — See our fiesta party ideas and easy recipes, including for some delicious Sangrias and chocolate covered chicken (mole)! Fun projects for party decorations and centerpieces too.
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Elderly Activities — A wide range of activities for those who may need more assistance. Includes indoors, outdoors, games, food projects, crafts.

to Party Theme Ideas

balloon close up

Who doesn’t love a party?
Get great party theme ideas, party decorations, games, and more. Make your party especially easy and fun! Maybe add a costume? (At least a party hat of some sort)!

And most of these parties you can modify with no problem to fit the needs of your group, as well as for which season or holiday.  Planning creative party ideas can be an exciting senior activity.

For many of these parties you can simply make changes to colors and basic décor, and voila! You have another event! Plus we’ll point you to some easy craft ideas to go along with them. So take a look and see what you can do for your family, club, group or campus.

Keep in mind, just about any of these parties can be either a simple snack and beverage event; or a more involved dinner and entertainment occasion complete with appetizer, entrée, salad, and dessert. Make them as basic or elaborate as you’d like.

Our Party Theme Ideas

wine bottle and glass

Wine and Chocolates

Party theme ideas with chocolate are always well-attended. It’s perfect for any special occasion, and also for an open house, or anything the public may attend, including fund raisers. In fact, for many activities directors that I know, this has been one of the most popular occasions.

This type of party is ideal to incorporate into another party, such as birthday, anniversary, New Year’s, Christmas and winter holidays, etc. A party within a party, so to speak.

Get lots of wine and chocolate treat ideas including recipes, and more details on our page, Have a Wine and Chocolates Party!

English Tea Party

english tea set

And this is not just for women! During my travels in England (three times), Victoria, British Columbia, and on cruise ships (as well as local tea shops) I have experienced many a tea time. And I can say for a fact that party theme ideas with tea are definitely attended by men as well.

You generally do want to get out your best dishes, table linens, candle holders, vases of fresh flowers, etc. to set the ambiance. It’s always in order to have guests dress up a bit too. And don’t be too concerned if it is not totally “authentic” according to the manner in which the English serve tea. This is, after all, a party just for fun.

Serve small, delicate sandwiches, a variety of pastries, scones, jams, etc. If you have a tiered serving platter, it will look spectacular at a party like this. Plus lots of different types of teas, including herbal for those who prefer it. Also serve coffee, and consider hot apple cider too.

Gone Fishing Party

Party theme ideas with fishing can be held any time of year, even in winter (when you wish it was nice enough outside to go fishing). And even when guests can’t actually go fishing, for various reasons. Just bring it all indoors – it’s all in the ambiance you can create. Or in summer, bring it to the patio.

On our fishing party page we have some creative party ideas for decorating, even some craft projects too. And we point you to some fabulous fish recipes as well. This party is always a favorite, and one of the really fun ones to plan; there are so many options. One of the most creative party ideas I’ve seen was a bridal shower for my daughter. It was fishing themed – the groom’s family are really into fishing. So several of the concepts from that event are mentioned on our fishing party web page. It was very unusual and fun.

Patriotic Party

In the U.S., the main patriotic celebration during the year is the Fourth of July. But there is also Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Veterans Day. Plus a host of local and state celebrations for particular clubs and groups.

These patriotic party theme ideas use the traditional red, white and blue colors. But of course any colors can be used, depending on your state, country, or local event. The main thing is to create a colorful ambiance with your theme…

Food and the serving and eating tables are of prime importance in this type of party. Themed paper goods are always available at party stores, and you can get some really attractive ones. Or make your own! You can find all kinds of foods in red, white and blue, especially fruits. Punch, wine, koolaid and other beverages (with a few blueberries) are colorful too. Even ice cubes made out of punch. And, of course, do have some strawberries dipped in white chocolate (see our page on how to make chocolate covered strawberries.)

Painting clay pots (learn more at the link) with acrylic paints and stencils, and then adding foliage, red flowers and flags, is an easy way to dress up a patio or even use as a centerpiece on the table. See more 4th of July crafts at this link.

Be sure to have at least the host or hostess come in costume, but also encourage all guests to wear something to follow any party theme ideas. Entertainment is easy, (and it’s most ideal if you can get some live musicians) – Sousa marching music and patriotic songs. Also consider a dance, including a square dance. Other entertainment can include a pie baking contest or bake sale, and a raffle. And of course, when able – fireworks!

Fabulous Fiesta!

Fiestas make fabulous party theme ideas, whether for traditional celebrations or any time. All the bright colors really lift the spirits – and that is one of the secrets to a really great fiesta – vivid color. On our special fiesta activities page we have many ideas on how to do just that.

Plus some really great menu possibilities too (have you tried chocolate covered chicken?) Chocolate, after all, is originally from the Central and South American areas, and is included in many dishes.

You may have seen the amusing film, “Like Water For Chocolate” – it’s a good one to watch in conjunction with a fiesta, if you have time for a movie too. There also may be someone from a cultural center or a school who may be interested in doing some volunteer dancing or music for your festivities (in exchange for your fiesta feast, or course!)

We also have an excellent homemade sangria recipe, and dessert ideas. And don’t forget a little Latino music, an all-important feature of a fiesta. So if you’re looking for something lively to host, do go to this page.

Party Theme Ideas – From Our Readers

In the Share section of our Elderly Activities page, we have had several people write in with very interesting party theme ideas. So I’m going to share them below, with links to their pages…

Pickle Tasting Party

This one is one of the really unique party theme ideas, and was submitted by one of our readers. I am also familiar with a nearby campus that hosts a pickle tasting party from time to time. And not just the cucumber types either. There are all sorts of pickled foods you can use, as well as herring.

And what about a beverage? Beer is always good, but so is a more tame tea and coffee. It depends on your group. So see what our reader says about their Pickle Tasting Party experience, and how to do it.

Easy Karaoke Evening

Or afternoon. You would be amazed sometimes at just who ends up being the gutsiest when it comes to getting in the limelight at the microphone. And who has a really good voice. But the voice doesn’t really matter; music and singing party theme ideas are very popular even without a great voice.

See what one of our reader shares about planning their easy karaoke event. And remember, it can be as causal as you’d like, with either basic CD music or a pianist, or more “authentic” with renting a karaoke machine from a party rental store.

Happy Hour Activities

Happy hours can become so popular that some folks I know would have some version of these party theme ideas every week if they could. Again, one of our readers shares what they did for their Happy Hours.

You can do a series of Happy Hours as well – from margaritas, to martinis, to beer, to wine, to colored drinks, to drinks from around the world. The food can be from around the world as well, and either simple snacks or a more formal appetizer presentation. Be sure to always include something non-alcoholic. And you may also want to have a limit on how many drinks per person! Drinks can also be served in small glasses, if you sampling several things at a given party.


Luau party theme ideas are also really reviving for spirits during winter or in nasty weather. But they’re equally as exciting in the summer, especially out on a patio. Needless to say, there are loads of paper goods for your table and décor available in party stores.

And you can make some crafts too – such as fun napkin holders, even wine charms with colorful beads or mini leis. See what little trinkets are available at craft stores for this. Stickers and stencils are always to be had, and can come in handy for decorating just about anything.

One of our readers has a lot of great ideas for a luau on her page at this link, so be sure to read it. It’s sure to inspire you with possibilities for your decorating, activities and menu.

More Party Theme Ideas:

Have you taken a look at our ? We have a special book just for party themes and party planning. It’s all-encompassing! With loads of new ideas and tons of details, pictures, and instructions. Several of the parties on this web site are in it, and lots of new ones too.

Plus, the Kindle book is very much enhanced with much more info, and fun. And there are recipes to go with the themes (many are my Dad’s own specialties — he was a gourmet cook).

So if you need creative party ideas, this will be a life saver. Especially if you don’t have time to find ideas or even recipes. You can get more specific info about this book at

folk dancers

You may already have your own basic ideas for ambiance and food, and how to host such an event. So here are a few more theme ideas:

  • Folk Dance Demonstration – You may have a cultural center or two near your city or town. Or a dance studio or performing arts school. They may be willing to come to your event and give a dance demonstration, as well as speak a little bit about the traditions of what they are performing. Serve refreshments to follow the theme if possible.
  • Italian Night – Almost everyone loves Italian food. There are great appetizers available too, if you want to keep it simple. Then uncork a bottle of wine, put on a little Italian music (even light opera – think Anrea Bocelli, Il Divo; perhaps Josh Groban).
  • Fabulous French – How about an evening in Paris? Or afternoon on the patio, sidewalk café style? All you need is a little French wine or cafe au lait, plus some pastries…and voila!
  • A Cultural Dinner Series – Serve and study foods from other lands or areas of the country. Simple table decorations to fit the party theme ideas will complete the ambiance. You could have one different theme per month for 4 to 6 months. Play music from the area and display traditional crafts or handiwork, if available. People in your group who have traveled may be interested in sharing items for these parties.
  • Pirate Party – Again, make this as simple or fancy as you’d like. Making tri-cornered hats and eye patches out of black paper is easy. Add some silver, gold and black decor, pirate flags, skull and crossbones, and candy gold coins with some kind of treasure box. You can also find accessories at a party supply store. And don’t forget the swords. Get more ideas with an old-fashioned pirate movie. Perhaps “Treasure Island.”
  • Host a Prom – Remember prom days? Well you can have them again, maybe with a little different style. Have guests get dressed up, even semi-formal or formal, depending on your group. If you can get live musicians that is ideal, but classic dance music on CDs will work fine. Someone may also be available to give a few easy dance lessons. Food can be elegant but easy appetizers, and perhaps a bit of bubbly in your beverage area too.
  • Oktoberfest – Traditionally held in late September or October, this festival is all about lively German music and dance (anyone know how to polka?), beer, brats, German potato salad, and singing.
  • Cookie Tasting – See how many different cookie recipes you can get from different countries, and share pot luck style.
  • Spa Afternoon – You’ll need some volunteers for this one, ideally people who have worked in a salon. Relax with hand and foot massage, scalp massage, a foot soak, aromatherapy, heated lavender pillow (in the microwave), quiet music and candles (flameless suggested), etc. Men will enjoy this too.
  • Glamour Manicure Party – Ladies love a little pampering for their hands. Provide lots of scented lotion, nail polishes in both subtle and vibrant colors, and even some tiny rhinestones to press into the nail polish (then a clear coat or two over it). Someone artistic could also paint tiny designs on a nail or two.

Winter holiday parties are always popular, and if you’d like some special treats, see our page about holiday treats for seniors.

Whatever parties you decide to have, be mindful of your guests and any dietary or physical limitations they may have. Be sure to serve non-alcoholic beverages too if you’re serving alcohol, and some no- or low-salt snacks, as well as sugar-free sweets. It will be so much appreciated.

Party Games !

Are you looking for some great party games? Well do we a great Kindle book for you! See it at:

It’s got over 71 games, and is neatly categorized for ability levels and occasions. Plus, there are special sections for Party Games and Holiday Games (although many other games can certainly be adapted for these as well). Lots of games to go along with party theme ideas. So do check it out!

More help for party theme ideas:

Easy Craft Ideas — Don’t miss our “craft central” area that will point you to various crafts on our web site for your party theme ideas. Some great ones for centerpieces too!
Easy Healthy Recipes — If you’re looking for some recipes for your parties, be sure to check out our “recipe central” page that will refer you to various categories of interest.
How To Make Mulled Wine – This is a perfect party recipe for favorite occasions, especially in chilly weather (including in spring, summer and fall on those dreary days). Lots of helpful hints, and my friend’s (an excellent cook) favorite recipe.

Home Page

Get ready for some great May senior activities, including outdoor activities, fun food and recipes, arts and crafts, fitness, parties, and more! There’s something for everyone…

Our May Senior Activities

Commemorations for May

Many May senior activities involve various remembrances, as you will see in some of the commemorations below. And it’s a perfect time to get outdoors!

Mother’s Day Month – The Second Sunday in May – Many groups do already have projects for Mother’s Day. But if you’re looking for a craft, be sure to check into our easy craft ideas page. Many can be modified for various seasons also.

Memorial Day Month – The Last Monday of May – This day is the designated to remember loved ones who are no longer with us. It may be a good time to make a lovely hand-made card, or see how to make a gift basket, when appropriate. A flower theme is always in order in May.

National Armed Forces Celebration – Third Saturday in May – No doubt there will be someone in your group who has been or knows another who has served in the armed forces at some time. Take this day to use a patriotic theme in your May senior activities – whether in the dining room, serving a special red white and blue themed dessert, or making a patriotic craft. You can get ideas on our 4th of July crafts page.

International Jazz Day – Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend –  Who are the favorite jazz musicians, or what is the favorite jazz music, of your group? If you don’t know, I’m sure folks will be happy to give their ideas. Special music will make your May senior activities more memorable. Have a little jazz fest, complete with live music. If you can get a small band to come in and visit, that would be ideal. Or even someone who can some little jazz on the piano. Even a bit of soft jazz background music during meal time. Or have a party! Need some fun party ideas? Visit our page for perfect party theme ideas.

Barbecue Month  – This is the season to really get into barbecuing, so include it in your May senior activities. What are your favorites – hamburgers, hot dogs, maybe fish, and perhaps corn if you can get it. If your climate is still a little too chilly to eat outdoors, food can always be brought inside after it’s done. Set up the tables like a picnic, perhaps special napkins or cups. And be sure to serve favorite picnic food and beverages, besides your barbecue specialties.

Blood Pressure Month – Some seniors do have blood pressure taken on a regular basis. But this is a good month for blood pressure awareness. You can help make sure no one slips through the cracks with this important health issue by including it in your May senior activities. Reminders and posters can be hung at least. Ideally, arrangements can be made for on-site blood pressure testing, if possible.

Family Month – Who is family? Many seniors, of course, may have family nearby to celebrate with. But what about those who don’t? Your group may be their family. You can take this month to celebrate the togetherness of your group, for those who want to participate. Designate a special day during Family Month to have a special tea, snack time, music time, or perhaps even a dinner.

Grapefruit Month – This flavorful fruit has many health benefits. It’s high in vitamin C and antioxidants so may help fight cancer, helps lower cholesterol, and prevents kidney stones. You may be able to find special recipes like tarts or cake, that include grapefruit. Serve grapefruit several times this month, whether in sections, sherbet, candied grapefruit, marmalade, a smoothie, in fruit cocktail, in punch, in salads, made with chicken, or simply grapefruit juice. You might provide a little tent card at the table telling about the benefits of grapefruit. Turn grapefruit into a food craft for your May senior activities — like the idea below, which can be made from a grapefruit or orange.

Hamburger Month – And this can go along with Barbecue Month, complete with other picnic food. (There are many opportunities for food this month to enhance your May senior activities).

Dress up your hamburgers a bit besides the usual ketchup and mustard, by serving some unique add-ons – sautéed onions, sautéed or grilled zucchini, mushrooms, sauerkraut, sliced red or green peppers, a variety of greens, sliced tomatoes, avocado, sliced olives, sprouts, grilled pineapple rings, jalapenos for those who can eat them, bacon, prosciutto, different cheeses (my dad loved bleu cheese), barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salsa, steak sauce, various dressings, toasted breadcrumbs, even sliced beets! Some folks also add a fried egg or scrambled eggs. You can serve these items in a buffet, or provide a few small dishes of various items at the tables.

Healthy Vision Month – Vision is a big health issue during our senior years, and striving for optimal eye health is the goal, in order to avoid or lessen such problems as cataracts or macular degeneration (which my father seriously had). In taking care of dad, I’ve learned a lot about dealing with vision loss, and created a page which you may find helpful. It has lots of tips and activities for every day life, especially macular degeneration help.

Military Appreciation Month – Another opportunity to celebrate a patriotic theme in your May senior activities. We discussed quite a bit about this previously, under our National Armed Forces Celebration topic.

Older Americans Month – Of course your May senior activities must involve seniors themselves! This celebration was established in 1963 by Pres. John F. Kennedy. It especially honors the contributions, past and present, of older people — particularly those who defended our country. Many communities have special ceremonies, events, even fairs. See what’s going on in yours, and consider a field trip for those who can participate. Themes you may consider for your group are healthy aging, independence, contributions of your group whether past or present, positive attitude, and living life to the fullest now.

Potato Month – Oh boy! Another food celebration for your May senior activities! Needless to say, you can include a variety of potatoes with your meals and snacks, from the humble (or jazzed up) potato chip, to fries, waffle fries, sweet potato fries (let’s not forget the sweet potato which is very high in nutrition), sweet potato chips, good old mashed potatoes and gravy, au gratin potatoes, hash browns, shepherds pie, etc.

Physical Fitness Month – Exercise of any kind is really important as we age. My dad is a real example of this. The photo shows him lifting his weights at 96. At age 94 my dad could still get down on the floor and do floor exercises, and get up with no problem! He was better at it than I am! His motto was simply, “just move something every day.” Meaning, some part of the body. He moved his joints every day and had no joint problems at all until he was about 97 and then got a little stiff.

At any rate, most people can do some kind of exercise or basic movement. Be sure to check out our page about easy exercise for seniors, and exercises for the elderly. This month emphasize exercise and physical fitness, and see how many more people you can get to participate.
Salad Month – You may already have your favorites, but be sure to serve a variety of salads this month. And if you want to make some fun salad crafts as an activity for your May senior activities, take a look at our page on creative fruit salad characters. Very cute and easy.

Meditation Month – There are many ways to meditate, as you know. It has been medically found to be very good for our health, to calm stress, help with the heart, and create a positive attitude. See if you can have a guest come in to teach simple meditation that anyone can then do on their own. Even 15 minutes a day is enough. I meditate every day and find it has made an enormous difference. You can also get a variety of CDs with a led meditation to play. This would be a good month to start an ongoing group for anyone interested.

Dates for April Senior Activities

May 1 – May Day – May Day is actually an ancient spring festival. Now it is often combined with other cultural activities and religious events. You are probably familiar with the May pole, children dancing around the pole, sometimes crowning a May queen, and also giving May baskets.

But this is a great day to incorporate anything floral into your May senior activities. Certainly, placing little flower arrangements at the table, or setting up a type of May pole with streamers as a décor focal point, or simple crepe paper streamers in a main area. Even a trellis or arch with artificial flowers and foliage can be fun. This is a festive way to bring in the month of May.

May 3 – National Truffles Day – Party time! Chocolates, particularly truffles, are both fun and elegant. Whether you want to serve a different type of dessert or treat, or have an excuse for a special party for your May senior activities, consider truffles as your focal point. They’re fabulous with wine. Take a look at our party ideas, including for wine and chocolates, on our perfect party theme ideas page.

May 4 – Bird Day – Well birds are certainly out in full force in May, and it’s an excellent time for a little bird watching. One of my grandpa’s favorite past times. He loved to sit in his wheelchair in the yard, watch the birds, and try to identify their calls and songs. Use a bird theme in crafts or art projects is well. You can find inexpensive stickers at a craft store and attach them to paper cups or napkins at the table. Below is a template that you can use for art projects. There are a couple more on our April Senior Activities page as well.

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo – This festival, meaning 5th of May, is ever increasing in popularity. A Mexican tradition, it celebrates a great Mexican victory in the battle of Puebla over the French in 1862. Many communities have yearly festivities that would be fun to participate in if your group is able. Otherwise, your May senior activities just must include a little fiesta of your own! See our ideas on our fiesta activities page, and also get some great recipes (like chicken in chocolate sauce — delicious!).

May 6 – Beverage Day – What is the most delicious and unusual beverage you can think of? Or that your group would especially love? You can always take a poll. Whether hot or cold, serve up a special beverage on this day. Try a fresh smoothie, a special iced tea, perhaps hot cocoa with a little flavoring like caramel or mint or raspberry, punch, something sparkling, or wine and beer if appropriate for your group. Have you ever made ice cubes with edible flowers? We tell how on our edible flower recipes page. It can make a really fun activity too.

May 8 – VE Day – Also known as Victory in Europe Day, it was first celebrated in 1945 when Nazi Germany formerly surrendered to the Allies. It marked the end of World War II. This is a very meaningful commemoration to many seniors, and an excellent time to incorporate another patriotic type celebration into your May senior activities.

May 8 – World Red Cross Day – This date is actually the birth date of the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant, born in 1828 in Switzerland. He later won the Nobel peace prize in 1901. After witnessing the horrors of the battlefield and all the wounded who were not receiving help, he felt something needed to be done. So he organized the local population, especially women and children, to help out. It took off from there and is now a global effort. It is now estimated there are almost 100 million volunteers, members and staff. It is very possible that someone in your group has either been helped by the Red Cross or worked with them, especially during any type of natural disaster.

May 11 – Eat What You Want Day – If your group could have anything they wanted to eat today, do you know what it would be? Just ask! And if that is not practical, you can always plan a special meal where people can have a variety of choices, perhaps buffet style. Mix it up! A bit of breakfast food for lunch or dinner, or lunch food for breakfast? Be sure everyone knows what’s going on ahead of time to avoid any confusion! You can make this into a really fun day.

May 13 – Tulip Day – Put a few tulips on the table today. Whether fresh or artificial, tulips come in an amazing array of colors and add a little zest to any location. They are truly a symbol of spring. If you’re looking for a craft project for your May senior activities, consider making greeting cards with a tulip theme. They can be used either on this day or any time throughout the year really.

Instead of cutting them out of plain colored paper, I also like to trace a basic tulip shape onto colorful pieces of wrapping paper or even fabric. It adds a little interest to a project. Even simple coloring pages with tulips are relaxing. Tulip themed pictures or artwork can also be enlarged to a place mat size, laminated, and used at your place settings. I’m including a tulip template below that you could use in one of your projects if you’d like.

May 15 – National Chocolate Chip Day – Wow! There are dozens and dozens of things to use chocolate chips in, including cookies. Any kind of baking with chocolate chips would make a great activity for today as well.

May 15 – International Day of Families – This particular day was instituted by the UN General Assembly in 1993. Its purpose was not only to celebrate the importance of family, but also create awareness of issues that families face today. You can create what ever meaning for this day that would be appropriate for your group. As we discussed before, one’s community has sometimes become one’s family. So this concept can be emphasized as well.

May 16 – Wear Purple for Peace Day – Yes, this is a real day. Its purpose, of course, is to promote peace around the world, and this could create a meaningful event for your May senior activities. Make this as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.

Besides wearing a little something purple, do other purple things too –  serve foods with purple in them, such as grapes or colored frosting and candies. Put out purple flowers and even balloons. If able, use purple at your table settings. The purple theme can also provide a host of craft and activity ideas. There are many shades of purple, and an easy coloring or painting project could involve using only shades of purples and lavenders.

The watercolor project shown to the right involved first just painting a swash of water shaped somewhat like a flower, not too runny, on a piece of watercolor paper. Then load the paint brush with purple watercolor paint and dab it into the puddle, allowing the paint to spread as it will. I used another shade, magenta, as well. As the two colors ran together in the puddle and blended, they created an interesting effect. I also did the same to the background, diluting the paint so it was lighter.

And of course encourage everyone to wear purple too, even if it’s a simple piece of jewelry, or a flower pinned to the lapel.

May 20 – Pick Strawberries Day – If possible, go outdoors and have a little outing today. And if you’re not able to pick a few strawberries, at least eat them! In many areas, strawberries are already coming into season. If you want an easy and fabulous strawberry pie recipe, my mom had one that everybody raved about. See it and many other delicious recipes on our page all about fresh strawberry desserts.

May 20 – Neighbor Day – A perfect time to encourage everyone to be especially neighborly. Discuss what that may mean for your group. Perhaps do a little something out of the ordinary for each other. You can also put names in a box ahead of time, draw a name, and decide what your group will then do. Perhaps plan a little surprise or gift for the person whose name you picked. Anything simple would work fine.

May 25 – National Tap Dance Day – When my dad lived in a senior retirement community in Arizona, they had a fantastic tap dancing group. Complete with costumes. In fact, they even won competitions and went to Europe to perform! Do you have anyone in your group who used to tap dance or perhaps still does? This is a good day to also have a local kids’ dance group visit and perform a little tap dancing for you. Or you may locate a 50+ seniors tap dance group to come out and perform. With plenty of treats of course.

May 29 – John F. Kennedy’s Birthday, 1917 – Despite individual political inclinations, the 35th president of the United States tends to be remembered by most. This date may be meaningful to your group. For those interested in history, this is a good time to have a presentation about the life and times of Pres. Kennedy.

May 31 – National Macaroon Day – Macaroons are one of the favorite cookies in my family. Especially the chocolate kind. You can even find natural sorts in the health food store. Serve up some macaroons for dessert today, or include them in specialty recipes. You can also learn how to make them from scratch if you want a fun food idea for your May senior activities – there are many recipes online, and in many shapes, styles, and colors. A delicious project that you can eat too.

Also see:

Fun Elderly Activities — You can modify these in many ways, for those who may need more help.
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Finding A Hobby — Lots of ideas to add on to your May senior activities, and any other time of year too.
Spring Senior Activities — Lots of General activities that can be used throughout the spring season, to add even more possibilities for you.

To Senior Activities – By The Month

No matter what your interests, there are lots of unique October senior activities this month! Much more besides crafts, art ideas, games, parties and decor; and in addition to Halloween and fall! Especially because there are so many designated special days and Month commemorations. And lots of fantastic food themes too!

Themes:  Colored leaves, pods, foliage (great for collages), pinecones, pumpkins and gourds, apples, corn and corn stalks, colored corn, candy corn, scarecrows, crows and ravens, bats, all Halloween themes.

Our October Senior Activities

Commemorations for October

National Apple Months (continued from September) – Many more chances to enjoy apples! Use them in desserts and snacks all month, and crafts. Caramel apples are popular, and easy to eat with sliced apples and dipping caramel or chocolate. You can even decorate them! Be sure to serve apple cider, including sparkling. Don’t miss our apple craft page.

National Stamp Collecting Month – Does someone in your group or family enjoy collection stamps? Have them share their experiences!

National Pizza Month – You gotta have pizza at least once this month. Perhaps offer choices of traditional red sauce, or also a white sauce. And how about a few unusual toppings. Some of my friends love Canadian bacon and pineapple. Others enjoy a taco type. You might offer a hot buffet-style choice with basic pizza slices, i.e. with meat and cheese, and then a variety of toppings that can also be added onto the top. And this is also a great excuse for a party!

National Family History Month – A great time to do memoirs or even an ancestry chart. Researching and sharing are pastimes that are perfect for October senior activities. Someone in our family did the research and made a little booklet for everyone. Dad loves to have me read it to him.

National Drum Month – From traditional Native American tribal drums, to drums from other cultures, to bongos, to timpani. Whether played by hand or sticks, drumming can be an energizing experience.  And can be worked into many party theme ideas. Some are used as “talking” drums to communicate across long distances, and include a type of language in code.

Others are used as an art form, with traditional dance. Then there are military drums and marching band drums. Plus those in a variety of popular bands. The history of drumming is equally intriguing.

Maybe someone in your group has been a drummer in the past (or still is) and can share stories or do a demonstration. Or have a visitor come in, including from schools. Those with hearing loss may also be able to enjoy the beat of the drum, as with Dad.

National Seafood Month – Splurge, and have a special lunch or dinner. Or have a luau or beach-themed party. See our page with lots of ideas for hosting a fishing themed party, and change it out to suit you. 

National Dessert Month – Another splurgeful time of the year. And we have some delicious natural ideas for you on our healthy dessert page, as well as our healthy desserts Forum where readers have shared their favorites!

National Computer Learning Month – Seniors are increasingly interested in computers and updating skills. October senior activities could include a group computer class, updating any community computers on site, and also encouraging family members to participate in passing on the latest info (kids are great at this).

National Cookie Month – See our ideas below. There is an actual Cookie Day too. This month try some different types of cookies, perhaps from other cultures.

National Popcorn Month -  Who’da thunk? Spruce up your popcorn and go gourmet by adding a bit of cheese, or chocolate, or caramel.

Do It Yourself Month – Is there anything in particular your group would like to learn to do themselves? Ask around, and then find volunteers (some of whom may be other members of your community) and offer as many learning experiences as possible. 

National Chili Month – It may begin getting chilly out, so this is a great chili month. Easy to include in a theme lunch or dinner. Perhaps with a western theme. There are different types of chili recipes to try, although your group may just prefer traditional with beef. Otherwise, consider chili with hot dogs, vegetarian, turkey, nacho flavored, or chili with cheese. And this may be another chance to have a little party. (You can’t have too many!)

World Chocolate Month -  Yaaay! And who doesn’t just adore chocolate. All over the world! You may have folks from different cultural backgrounds that can share recipes from their families or homeland. There are endless ways to incorporate chocolate into your October senior activities.

Dates for October

October 1 – Homemade Cookie Day –  Do a cookie (or bar) making activity, especially no-bake. Then eat right away (perhaps while doing another activity), or serve later for a meal or snack with others.

October 2 – Charlie Brown’s Birthday – Peanuts made its debut in 1950 – so watch a Peanuts movie! (Ask your library). A fun craft: make original cartoon placemats by collaging several Peanuts characters on to a master sheet of paper, making lots of colored copies, and then laminating them. Placemats are easy October senior activities that you can make for lots of occasions.

October 3 – Emily Post’s Birthday, 1873 – Do you ever feel that proper etiquette has become a thing of the past? Well celebrate it now – have a proper luncheon, complete with proper garb. An Emily Post book (the library will have one) will give you tips on the etiquette traditions from the past. You may have a few laughs!

October 4 – National Golf Day – You could use a portable putting green, or go to a miniature golf course, or play golf, or even a Wii golf game. If you want to make a craft, glue a variety of colored golf tees around a picture frame (with a photo of your favorite golfer, of course). These are just a few October senior activities with a golf theme.

October 6 – Thomas Edison shows the first motion picture, 1889 – The original invention was called the Kinetophonograph or Kinetophone, said to be developed by his assistant. It was also the talking picture and became a new art form. There is an old movie with Spencer Tracy called “Edison, The Man,” if you can get hold of it. On this day consider showing an old silent movie. But at least a motion picture of some kind, whatever is most popular with your group.

October 10 – National Cake Decorating Day – Have a fun foody activity with either cake or cupcakes. Go all out with icing in tubes, fruit, candies, even an easy marzipan recipe if you want an actual food craft. Or how about using edible flowers?

October 12 – Farmers Day, and World Egg Day – Any meal or dessert rich in eggs will be perfect for this day (and healthy!). And another reason for an outing to visit a farm.

Second Monday of October – Canadian Thanksgiving  – We have lots of readers from Canada too, so we hope some of our October senior activities, crafts, and recipes will be for you too!

October 15 – National Poetry Day – Take a survey ahead of time of favorite poets and poems, make copies, have a poetry reading. Or study about a poet and their life. Longfellow and Robert Frost are always popular. And since it is the month of Halloween and spookiness, so is Edgar Allen Poe.

October 13 – The Navy’s Birthday – Celebrate anyone in your group who served in the Navy, and be sure to play or sing their theme song, “Anchors Away.” Use plenty of blue and white when you decorate. And no doubt many interesting stories will be shared. (Congress passed the Naval Act of 1794; 3 years later in October 1797, the first 3 ships were ready).

October 16 – World Food Day – Participate in a food drive, or help a local food bank or church.

October 16 – Dictionary Day – Play the Dictionary Game, or Scrabble. Indoor games are a cozy “must” to include in your October senior activities.

October 17 – Black Poetry Day – Phillis Wheatley, the first female African American to get published in the U.S., in the 1700s, and whose biography is very moving;  famous Pulitzer Prize winner and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou; award-winning Langston Hughes, also well-known during the “Harlem Renaissance,” Sterling Brown; Lorna Dee Cervantes; W E B Du Bois (one of the founders of the NAACP), and many more.

October 18 – Little Orphan Annie’s Birthday, 1922 – For the nostalgic among you, and fans of old cartoons and comic strips. Plus there is a movie about her as well; “Annie.”

October 19 – “The Star-Spangled Banner” was first sung – So sing the song on this day, and learn its history.

October 20 – Mickey Mantle’s Birthday, 1931 – One of the best known baseball players of the New York Yankees. He is thought to be the greatest switch hitter ever, and won many awards. Go to a game this month, or watch a movie about baseball, such as “61,” produced by Billy Crystal, on the life of Mickey Mantle. Before baseball winds down, include it in your October senior activities.

October 22 – National Nut Day– Celebrate with any kind of nuts! We have a excellent and raved-about easy pecan pie recipe for you. One of mom’s best desserts.

October 23 – National Make A Difference Day – There are a variety of ways seniors can make a difference, from participating in a food drive, or make a gift basket  for a specific occasion. Perhaps draw names in advance and then participants can do something special for that person. Staff always make a difference too, and this is a nice time to acknowledge them. Also acknowledge seniors in your group who have contributed.

October 25 – National Denim Day — Put on those jeans and denim vests and/or jackets. And hats. Denim is also fun to use in crafts, in a collage or to decoupage on an object.  Handy at sewing? Make a rag doll, hand bag or easy book cover in denim. Or do fabric painting on a piece of denim clothing or accessory. (See templates to use at flower templates page, or leaf template ideas).

We found these simple bottle crafts with denim. Flowers would be easy using 2 colors, making  large and small flowers, then attaching together in the center with a button. Decorate vases and flower pots the same way.

October 25 – Pablo Picasso’s Birthday, 1881-1973 – For those interested in modern art, celebrate Picasso. Add art to your October senior activities. Find images of his work online and give a digital slide show. Maybe during a snack. Someone may also enjoy giving a presentation on his life and art. And try to create paintings or collages with a modern art flair, ala Picasso. Although he began with a more classical style, he’s most widely known for his cubist style. And his quote, “Art is a lie that tells the truth.”

October 27 – Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthday, 1858 – For anyone interested in history, or who may be particularly interested in the presidents, see one of the documentaries about his life. He was especially known for nature and conservation.

October 28 – National Chocolate Day – What a fun celebration to incorporate into your October senior activities. Have a chocolate and wine party, or make a special treat, like learning how to make chocolate covered strawberries, or dipping chocolate!

October 28 – Statue of Liberty’s Birthday – A gift from the people of France to the U.S., it was commemorated in 1886; an icon to freedom and a welcome to immigrants. Perhaps some of your group were immigrants or have family members or friends who were. So share stories. Also display a small statue or photo today.

October 30 – National Candy Corn Day – Have a game or two with your October senior activities. Count the candy corn in the bowl, and offer a special prize for the winner (with a candy corn treat included, of course). The candy corn shape and design are also really popular as a craft motif.

It’s always a fun addition to centerpieces too, such as filling a tall glass with the candies, and then inserting dried foliage, pods, milkweed, cattails, etc. Tie a few strands of raffia around the glass, and you’ve got an instant and easy centerpiece.

Decorate cupcakes and cookies with candy corn for a special treat. Include in trail mix or party mix. Some ladies have even painted a fingernail or two like candy corn too! Just in time for Halloween.

October 31 – Halloween! – Almost everyone has plans in place for October senior activities for Halloween. See our page with easy Halloween crafts, which also has some treats.

We also have a special page on Halloween Treats for Seniors! Both whimsical and delicious!

Our Craft Books

Easy Crafts and Gifts

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Many ideas for October senior activities.

PLUS a FREE booklet of templates to use for many activities. 2 books for one!

Want something wicked or whimsical? Our Kindle book has it all, including October senior activities and crafts. Dozens of projects, easy instructions, and spooky food fun too! You don’t need a Kindle. Also read it from a computer or device.

Also see:
Fun Elderly Activities — For those who may need more help.
Senior Activity Ideas — General ideas to use throughout the year.

To Fall Senior Activities

to Senior Activities – By the Month

August senior activities include a nice variety of themes and calendar dates. Something for just about any interest. And lots of fun food ideas too. Do as many outdoors as possible, or bring them inside if it’s hot. Just scroll down and see what’s happening!

If you’re also looking for things to do outdoors, be sure to see our page all about outdoor elderly activities.

Our August Senior Activities

Commemorations for August

Golf Month – We had a special golf month for women in June, but this time it’s open to everyone. Again, visit a golf course, hold your own tournament, go to a miniature golf course, or set up a little course or putting area on your own grounds. And of course serve treats and beverages.

Berry Month – Choose your berry, whether blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries (ever had gooseberry jam, or a pie?), loganberries, or lingonberries (or all of above). If your group is able, have a field trip and do a little berry picking. Use them with food activities — making (or eating with another activity) desserts, at breakfast, in smoothies, over ice cream, in jams, pies, pastries, etc.

Even choose a berry-of-the-week theme, and really capitalize on it that week. Your August senior activities are perfect for a couple pot lucks too, including with berries and desserts; and group members can also share favorite recipes.

American Artist Appreciation Month – For those interested in American arts and culture, take your choice! Try Grandma Moses, Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keefe, Ansel Adams, Norman Rockwell, Elizabeth Jane Gardner, Jackson Pollack, Augusta Savage, Andrew Wyeth, Clara Weaver Parrish, Frederic Remington, Thomas Cole, Angel De Cora, Louis Comfort Tiffany, John Vanderpoel, Cordelia Wilson, Edward Hopper, Maxfield Parrish, Thomas Kinkade, even Andy Warhol! To name a few.

August senior activities can involve creating a piece of art inspired by one of your favorites; whether the folk art style of Grandma Moses, the cottages and churches of Thomas Kinkade, a stain glass window design based on Tiffany (including coloring sheets), or free-style contemporary art on a small canvas a la Jackson Pollack (artist’s painting below).

An art appreciation talk can be presented first, or as a stand-alone. Another option is to present a digital slide show of images of various artists (found online), as visual interest during a snack or meal time.

National Peach Month – Summer is so about fruit. And peaches are a favorite.  Be sure to indulge in at least one peach specialty, perhaps even an extravaganza. Peaches with ice cream, or in ice cream. See some of Dad’s favorite homemade ice cream recipes (sweetened with honey), which you can easily add peaches to — how to make ice cream, the easy way. Or substitute in peaches instead of apricots, in our apricot bread recipe.

Inventor’s Month – So many new inventions were developed during the childhood years of our seniors, as well as mid-century. Things we take for granted today, but were they ever amazing at the time. I remember the dishwasher, Polaroid camera, and copy machine.

…Did you know…
Shredded wheat and the smoke detector were invented in 1890, the zipper in 1891, the bottle cap in 1892, candy corn in 1898, the thumbtack in 1900, the fly swatter in 1900, the hearing aid in 1902, the tea bag in 1903, the paper towel in 1907, the gin rummy game in 1909, the fortune cookie in 1914, the tow truck in 1916, the toaster in 1919, water skiing in 1922, the cheeseburger in 1924, masking tape in 1925, Kool-Aid in 1927, the corn dog in 1927, the electric razor in 1928, sunglasses in 1929, chocolate chip cookie in 1930, golf cart in 1932, shopping cart in 1937, nylon in 1938, deodorant in 1941, microwave oven in 1945, hairspray in 1948, the portable cooler in 1951, marker pen in 1953, TV dinners in 1954, the laser in 1957, cordless phone in 1965, the CD in 1965, the personal computer in 1971, the popcorn bag in 1978, and it gets more technical from there…. You can look up your favorites online.

….So why not play The Invention Game.  Fill a table full of objects or photos of them, and ask the participants to guess what year it was invented. If you guess correctly, you get 10 points, if you’re within 5 years, you get 5 points, and if you’re within the right decade, you get 1 point (or work out your own system). See more games on Elderly Games for Fun and Function.

Foot Health Month – Foot issues are very common for seniors and can affect many of their activities. This month you can promote foot health, and in your August senior activities, perhaps even learn about very simple foot reflexology (there is science behind this, and we find it really helps!) There may be someone in your community that can come and explain this interesting concept of foot massage.

Happiness Happens Month – Positive thinking is so important as we age, and finding ways to become and stay happy. As a caregiver, I always found it helpful to have a go-to list on hand of quick little things I could do throughout the day to perk me up, and Dad made one as well. Making such a list is a good activity for your group to do too. And also talk together about what works for them. The simple act of smiling, for instance, releases endorphins, lowers stress, and even can help the immune system and blood pressure. Happiness seems to be contagious. This month think of how to incorporate deliberate happiness into your August senior activities. Ask your members what really makes them happy, and then follow through with as many ideas as possible. Also see our page regarding health, music and mood.

Sandwich Month – Wow, you can really get creative with this one. There are so many types of breads, even for those who can’t eat gluten. Having a sandwich buffet is one possibility. Be sure to include a few unusual additions too. A fun sandwich activity (with kids too) is to cut the bread into interesting shapes with cookie cutters. If they’re open faced, decorate them with raisins, nuts, fruit slices and pieces, etc.

National Napping Month – Who doesn’t love a nap from time to time. Many countries also know the health value of resting during the middle of the day, thus the siesta. Celebrate napping this month. It’s healthy for us too! And something so many seniors can relate to. Even taking a 20 to 30 minute “power nap” during that slump in the middle of the day helps us re-charge (and we may not need as much coffee). It can also reduce accidents and possibility of falls.

National Parks Months – You may or may not live near a national park that you can go and visit. If not, consider August senior activities such as a virtual tour via a digital slide show. There are loads of park images online to use. Viewing large images of natural beauty is soothing and inspiring. Most likely many of your group have visited one or more of the places. You may also get books from the library to have on hand to look at, set out a puzzle with a national parks theme, have a coffee and dessert time in which folks share experiences, and even photos. Or have a speaker come in and give a presentation.

National Apple Week – Although this became National Apple Month in 1996, many still do celebrate the original Week, established in 1904. It typically falls in the first week of August, although some say the second week. A perfect theme for August senior activities!

We have lots of simple apple craft ideas to choose from, plus delicious and easy apple recipes (one of our favorites is for outstanding apple muffins). And of course they’re healthy! Did you know there are over 2,500 types of apples in the U.S., and 7,500 world wide?

International Clown Week – This is during the week of August 1-7. Do you have anyone in your group who had been a clown? Maybe it’s time to have a party and invite a clown to come. Or have participants wear some part of a clown outfit – a funny hat, a red nose, cheeks, painted mouth, whatever works.

Of course, along with games, prizes, and food. Have colorful drinks, a clown-themed cake or cupcakes, funny jello, and plenty of clown décor. This would also be a good time to do a clown craft. Kids would love to get involved in this one.

Dates for August

August 2 – Signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. A perfect chance for another red-white-blue celebration. For patriotic craft ideas to include in your décor, see our 4th of July Crafts page. And also re-reading our Declaration, and perhaps its history. This is an important event to keep in the forefront of our memories.

August 2 — National Ice Cream Soda Day. (Other August senior activities can also include making the ice cream for this!) This is sometimes known as an ice cream float, was invented in 1874, and it really has a lot of nostalgia. Doubtless many of your group will remember the traditional soda fountain. It’s simply a combo of ice cream with and a soft drink, or flavored syrup and carbonated water. What are the favorite flavors in your group? Take a poll and serve a few.

August 3 – Watermelon Day. Did you have watermelon seed spitting contests when you were young? Not that we’re suggesting it. But watermelon seems to bring back all kinds of fond memories, and you can use it in some August senior activities too. Like a watermelon-themed party. You could always, of course, have a big watermelon to cut up and serve. But also try watermelon flavored candy. And a fruit salad in a watermelon bowl. And watermelon jello. You can even get watermelon-flavored syrup and make your own fizzy drinks (or add vodka). Or combine fruit, watermelon, ice, and sweetener or sugar in a blender, and make a fresh, frozen drink. This can all be served on watermelon-themed table ware.

…Watermelon crafts — You can make you own placemats: find a photo of a watermelon slice, blow it up to the size you want, cut it out, make as many copies as you need placemats, then laminate them and trim the edges. If you’re artistic, draw and paint or color you own watermelon design and do the same process. Add the watermelon to your themes for August senior activities. For those handy with wood, make a cute birdhouse.

August 4 – National Chocolate Chip Day. Besides traditional cookies, what else can you use them for? Over ice cream, of course. Or in cakes, croissants, and other pastries. Or if you want to melt them and use them in fun foody projects, do check out our page on how to make chocolate covered strawberries, made from chocolate chips. And we show how to decorate them in whimsical ways.

August 5 – U.S. Coast Guard Day. Was anyone in your group in the Coast Guard? Or do you know someone who was, or is?  A great day to have someone over to talk about it and what exactly they did, or do. The Coast Guard is all about boats, a great August senior activities theme.

August 6 – Root Beer Float Day. Similar to the ice cream soda, but specifically with root beer. I try not to each much sugar, so have found root beer sweetened with natural stevia in the health food aisle, and use honey ice cream (especially when I make my own). So it’s a great solution. Root beer floats are also nostalgic and perfect to include in August senior activities.

August 7 – Friendship Day. This is an ideal theme to celebrate for seniors, especially those who live in senior communities. Do something special together, and encourage including  new people. Many communities have those who find it difficult to make new friends, and this is an excellent day to plan a special event to help everyone get to know each other better.

August 8 – The Day to Create. What does your group like to do? Most likely a myriad of things, whether music, art, baking, cooking, collecting, acting, dancing, singing, etc. This is the day to encourage everyone to pursue a creative activity. Even try something entirely new in August senior activities; something they may not otherwise have done. If you’d like some easy craft ideas, just follow the link.

August 9 – Dance the Polka Day. August senior activities just must include a party or two, and why not have a polka. Whether inviting a live band (do you know someone?) or simply using a CD or music from online, a polka dance is hard to beat. Upbeat and cheerful, there is certain to be someone in your community who can teach the simple polka steps for those who don’t know them. Then roll out the barrel and have some fun.

August 9 – Book Lover’s Day. A designated reading time with treats, beverages, and chance for good conversation can be planned for this day. It’s also a perfect time to launch a book club, if you don’t already have one. We also have a page with ideas for senior reading activities.

August 10 – National S’mores Day. Yep, that’s right. A special day for s’mores. That means sitting around a campfire or grill with your favorite ingredients. But why not get exotic and try something a bit fancy? We have lots of ideas on our page on how to make s’mores the gourmet way.

August 11 – Baseball Fans Day. Baseball is a great theme for August senior activities. Get out the baseball paraphernalia (or use a baseball theme for a craft), decorate tables, make some ballpark food, and have a baseball party. For those who can, attend a local game, or have a game of wiffle ball in your yard. And hopefully there will be a game on TV to watch too.

August 13 –  Annie Oakley’s Birthday (1860). The wild, wild West is a big part of American history, and your August senior activities simply must include a wild west party! Annie Oakley was one of the few well-known women of this era. So put out a few hay bales, a few toy pistols, get some country music (or a band), pull out that barbeque, and go for it! Annie Oakley was a sharp-shooter and great with a target. So any target type games will work well.

Be sure to wear a cowgirl/boy hat or kerchief, or go all out in jeans and western shirt. Boots too, if you have ‘em. By the way, did you happen to do any straw bale gardening? (Follow the link to our page). If so, this is when you show them off!

August 15 – National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. Lemon is a luscious flavor for summer, and a lemon pie is a favorite of many. So do consider including it in your dessert or snack time on this day.

August 16 – International Tell A Joke Day. Joke books are easy to find, including at the library. So pass it around and let your group read a few for laughs. And you may have someone in your group who is a natural jokester. Turn all kinds of things into a joke.

For some of these, you’ll want to make sure you let everyone know in advance there will be a few surprises.  Have participants wear crazy outfits, hats and/or makeup. Put a few things on the table topsy-turvy, or upside down, like the silverware. Make a few odd centerpieces. Use a toothy grin as one of the themes. They say laughing every day is good for the health and immune system. So include lots of laughs in your August senior activities.

August 17 – Davy Crockett’s Birthday (1786).  To celebrate this American folk hero, “King of the Wild Frontier,” have a western themed party or special western type meal, and don’t forget your coon skin cap. Or at least have a fake one turned upside down with a bowl in the middle for snacks. Plus a few toy rifles and a bow (probably without arrows) to add to the ambiance. There are lots of old shows available about Davy Crockett (remember Fess Parker?) And maybe a little history lesson about the Alamo, where Davy was killed in the famous battle.

August 18 – National Ice Cream Pie Day. You can also make your own. I used to make these all the time by softening the ice cream, smoothening it into a pre-baked pie shell, then enhancing it with fruit, toppings, sprinkles, even cake icing in a tube. For those who know how to do basic decorating with icing, they can become quite fancy. Then re-freeze to set it, and serve when ready.  Perfect to use at parties and to serve during other activities.

August 19 – National Aviation Day.  And Orville Wright’s birthday (1871). Some folks are real aviation fans. So if you have a chance to go to an air show in August, work it into your aviation celebration. Of course there are documentaries and movies about the Wright Brothers, and the history of aviation as well.

Kids love airplanes too. August senior activities can include having fun with kids. Make some paper airplanes and the simple balsa wood hobby planes (you can find the kits in stores) to fly. Try to land them in the middle of a hula hoop, or see who flies them the farthest, or who can get them over a line.

August 21 — National Senior Citizen’s Day. Well for sure you want to celebrate this one with some special August senior activities. See our party page at Perfect Party Theme Ideas, to get some inspiration. And since this is also the day Hawaii became a state, you might consider having a luau. One of our readers shares party ideas at the above link.

August 23 – Buttered Corn Day. In the Midwest, August is the month for corn on the cob (or taken off the cob). Buttered to the hilt, of course. If this day will work for you to have a picnic, corn will be the highlight. And shucking corn also can be a rather social activity that many find enjoyable. And no one says this day can’t be for buttered popcorn too!

August 24 – National Peach Pie Day. I make peach pie just like I make fresh strawberry pie, and it’s all natural. (See our page for the recipe). I also add in a little cinnamon too. You may have your own way, or just get them from the bakery. This is wonderful to serve at any special activity you might have planned today, or for dessert or at snack time.

August 26 – National Dog Day. So many seniors have or had pets (and may miss them). Include pets in your August senior activities, especially dogs. Invite others with pets to bring them on over for your group to enjoy. Petting, holding, and playing with dogs is very therapeutic for seniors. You can also use a dog theme in your crafts as well. If you want an image to use, see the one below.

August 26 – Women’s Equality Day. On this date the 19th Amendment of Women’s Right To Vote was certified as law. In 1971 Congress designated this day for women’s equality. There is a short film about this issue called, “Equality, I Am Woman.” Celebrate any kind of women’s contributions, whether in the arts, education, sports, science, medicine, politics, volunteering, etc. You may also have someone in your group who did something outstanding. Or who fought for women’s rights. Many may have memories of how things have changed for women over the decades. 

August 27 – Banana Lovers’ Day. If you like food projects, there are plenty of options. Banana splits, frozen bananas, bananas dipped in chocolate (see our dipping chocolate page for a really easy activity), banana cream pie, simple banana cake (like our all-natural one), banana bread, or just bananas on cereal. If you want an all-natural yet simple banana cake recipe check out the link. Or a fun food activity is making a whimsical jumping banana fruit salad fish.

August 28 – Martin Luther King’s speech. Dr. King delivered his famous “I Have A Dream” speech (1963).  To over 250,000 civil rights supporters. It was and still is considered a masterpiece. You can get a copy of the speech from your local library. Print out meaningful quotations onto small tent cards for the middle of your tables. You can also print out a small picture of Martin Luther King to add to the tent card, if you’d like. And perhaps read special passages from the speech to your group.

August 30 – National Toasted Marshmallow Day. Toasting marshmallows over a grill or fire is a tradition, and perfect for August senior activities. Combine it with a picnic or outdoor games (see our outdoor elderly activities for some ideas). You can also use them in s’mores with graham crackers and squares of chocolate.

August 31 – Eat Outside Day. If having an outdoor picnic is on your agenda for August senior activities, this is the “official” day! Combine it with a party theme. A good old fashioned picnic is always  a good choice. Or try something new. Maybe a western party theme. Or a fish fry as in our Gone Fishing type party. On that page we also give lots of ideas for food, beverages, decorating, and crafts to go with it. Making decorations and affordable centerpieces for the tables provides fun activities to prepare for the party too.

If your group has special interests like music, literature, art, the military, aviation, a hobby, sports, or a particular culture, hopefully some of these commemorations and dates will help to include in your August senior activities.

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