by Erin

This fairy ornament decoration could also be an angel. It’s easy and made with a non-breakable ornament, so very good for elderly activities too. Hang it on the wall or door, or as part of a decorative wreath. If you mount it on a skewer or dowel, you can even stand it up in a centerpiece. Lots of possibilities.

Materials To Use
First decide on your colors. I used gold.
4 tall curly reeds (I used gold sparkly ones) for wings
Gold ornament
Fine-line Sharpie marker to draw face
Gold thread or cord
Gold curly ribbon
Glue, like a glue gun or strong craft glue

First I took 4 curly reeds, the gold glittery type, and crisscrossed them, forming the wings. I tied them together with strong thread, wrapping the thread around the 4 reeds in a Figure-8 type weave. When tied, I put a glob of glue to hold it all in place, and let it dry.

Next I strung a thread through the hanger of the bulb, which was turned so that the hanger was in the back of the “head.” Then it was tied onto the center area of the 4 reeds. After tying on the head, I then drew on a simple face. I did not draw it on first. I wanted to see just how the head would hang first, and so then I could get an idea of just where to draw on the face.

The rest was very easy. Just wrap a lot of glitzy gold ribbon around the neck area and let it hang down. Also put a bit on top of the head. You can glue it in place here and there if you need to.

A strong thread or cord can be tied in the back of the project to hang it up. I used a thin gold cord (although you can’t see it in the photo).

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by s.k

Editor’s Note Here is another wonderful submission of origami flower pots from our reader in India, who is very talented in this specialized art of paper folding. They are so colorful too!

I have to say that I have not ever seen such fine examples! These projects would be really great for those who would like a challenge – men too. The results would truly be a keepsake for years to come. So I hope some of you do try this out! Check out the web sites below. (Sorry, I was not able to make the links go “live” – yet. I’ll keep working on it!)

Be sure to also see Easy Craft Ideas.


similarly we can make the pot also…

visit my blog to see more videos,

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by Marissa

Almost everyone has some old CDs around. They’re fun to use in all kinds of crafts, being so shiny and catching light. This personalized door hanger with a person’s name is inexpensive and easy to make.

This project would make a fun hanger for a front door or bedroom too. Or for parties. You just need a few things, and some of them you might already have around. You can do this with either the elderly or with children.

Large doily
Small doily
long curling ribbon
Fancy bow (or make one)
Pompom or large bead (nose)
Googly eyes — or make them with the markers
Permanent black and red markers
Either acrylic paint or that 3D puffy paint
Craft glue

First tie a long thread through the hole of the CD to make the hanger. Then glue or attach on whatever bow you are using for the hat. You’ll be able to see how far down it comes and where to start the face. You can take some 3D paint and straw on a few wiggly lines on the sides of the head for more hair. You could also glue on some ribbon, yarn, doll hair, etc.

Then either draw on the eyes with markers and a dab of paint, or glue on googly eyes. Also make lashes and eyebrows. For the rouge, rub on a little red marker or paint with your finger. Glue on the pompom for the nose. A bead would work too. I like to make the mouth out of the 3D paint because it shows up better and goes on easily. Let everything dry very well.

Cut a triangle out of the large doily and glue it onto the back of the CD for the skirt. Make the wings out of triangles of a smaller doily, and also glue them on. The last couple things I did was print the name on the bottom of the CD with the 3D paint. Then I attached the curled ribbon at the chin.

When all the glue and paint is dry, it’s ready to hang up. You can make these in any color that you like.

If you don’t have any old CDs right now, you probably will in the future because they say CDs will soon be a thing of the past. And they might be hard to get hold of then. So don’t throw them away! They can be used for all kinds of creative ideas. This is just one of them. I use them for many different things.

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by Anne

People get a kick out of this little bead-craft bookmark that looks like a worm – a bookworm, that is! It is about the simplest craft you can make, and is really fun to give away with a book. You can make these crafts with seniors or with kids too, they’re so easy. Kids also like to get them as gifts.

These are really basic, large beads. But you can also use the “decorator” fancy beads like you find in a good craft store or bead shop. Putting two or three of those in the book worm makes a big difference – and especially if you are giving it to someone else.

Here’s what you will need to make this
(You can get most of this from a craft store if you don’t have it around).
About 8 large sized beads – they can be different sizes.
A 12 inch or longer cord (leather, or a corded shoestring works, or a nice metallic looking cord)
2 wiggly eyes (at a craft store)
A strong craft glue or glue gun
A small pom-pom for the nose
Sharpie marker to draw the face with (be sure the marker you use is waterproof.)

Knot the piece of cord on one end, then string on the beads. It’s fun to let them slide around. But if you want the head to stay put and in place, then tie a knot to keep it from sliding. Keep enough cord coming out of the top of the head so you can loop it back into the bead hole.

Put a little craft glue like Tacky Glue in the hole to keep it in place. Glue gun on the wiggly eyes and the nose (or use another strong glue), then draw on the smiley face.

That’s it! It’s very simple to make. You can also try making funny faces with wiggly or cockeyed smiles, or lopsided eyes, if you are any good at drawing cartoon type faces.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to also see Mouse Bookmark Craft.

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by s.k

This is a painting of Lord Unnikrishna. It is a fabric painting done on a cloth using fabric colours (which you can get at the craft store).

I first drew the outline and then painted on it, using fabric colours with a brush. And then ironed it on the back of the cloth to get the paint to stick on it after the paint on the cloth dried. Then I took the photo and did some editing (on the computer) in MS-PAINT to get the picture to appear more beautiful.

Here fabric colours are used to paint on a thick paper board, (cardboard – which is mainly used to keep inside of shirts to fold the cloth wrinkle free.) This picture is the end result of my creative imagination of my mind.

Here fabric colours are used to paint in a thick wooden board (which was left over in my house for the electric works). This is a symbolic representation of the Bhagavad Geetha, which is an episode in the great epic, MAHABHARATHA.

I wished to transcribe it somewhere after getting inspired on seeing this picture in a nailcutter.. so I painted on a wooden board using the fabric colours. Within 5-10 mins the picture was ready..

About myself,
I did all these works as a timepass, or to get engaged, myself, in a creative work. Then I thought to make a blog with the works I did. Visit my blog to see more –

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by Jessica

These funny little food crafts are always a big hit, and you can give them away at the holidays. Since they have an egg theme, they’re cute at Easter too, maybe with a fluffy chick nearby. I have made them both with the really large sized pretzels and the regular sized.

These are really good crafts for seniors and elderly to make. I know the seniors where my dad lives really like to make anything with food! And then they like to eat them!

As you can see, you will need –
2 pretzels each for the bacon strips
A yellow M&M for each egg yolk
The white part of the egg is made of Marzipan,
or you can use white sculpey too (although you can’t eat that!) Or you can use frosting in a can or the kind that squirts from a tube.

I saw that you have a Marzipan recipe on your web site, and it’s very easy to make it. It works like clay. It tastes really good and is edible. I recommend using Marzipan for the egg white. But that will depend on your group’s skill level too. It is easier to just use frosting. Making marzipan though, can be another project to go along with this one.

To make marzipan…
You just get some almond paste from the store. You mix about 1/4 of a cup of corn syrup in with it and stir it well. Then you add in powdered (confectioners) sugar, starting with 1 1/2 cups and adding in more till it gets to be the consistency of play dough. This is white, so you don’t need food coloring. You have to knead it like dough to get it to the right consistency. Refrigerate it, wrapped up, for a couple of hours, then you can use it. It’s really fun to make marzipan, and you can use it for all kinds of things, not just these.!

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by Janelle

A hanging candy ball like this one is also an edible ornament. They make a special hand-crafted gift, or a party decoration. All it takes is a few simple materials, and you may have a lot of them around already.

Because you’d be working with unwrapped candies (unless you want to use wrapped), you should wear latex examination gloves. You can get a box of them at drug stores or hair supply stores. The candies are mounted on toothpicks, so then when people take them off to eat them, they are using the toothpick.

This happens to be a Valentine decoration because of the time of year, but you can change the kind and color of candy for a different holiday.

Also, I know a lot of elderly people are on low sugar diets, so you might want to make these out of sugar free candies, or at include some.

Materials you will need:

Large styrofoam ball
Bag of candy. I used jelly valentine candy
Box of colored toothpicks
About 10 straight pins
About 12 small artificial flowers
Larger artificial flower to hang at the bottom
A length of florist wire, about 18 inches
A small bead, about the size of a small gumdrop
Needle nose pliers
White thread, and a needle
Narrow curling ribbon
Wider ribbon for top, or a bow

First take the wire and with the pliers, bend a small hoop on one end, then string the small bead onto it. The hoop you just made will keep it from pulling off. This will be the bottom of the wire, at the bottom of the styrofoam ball. You need the bead at the bottom of the ball, because it keeps the wire from pulling through the styro when the project is finished, since it will be a little heavy.

Next, poke the wire through the middle of the ball. Form a wire circle at the top end, about the size of a nickel. Twist the end of the hook around the rest of the wire so it will stay in place. You can cut the length of wire shorter first if you find that it is too long. The wire should cut easily with a scissors. You will tie your ribbons around this wire circle at the end, and use it to hang the ball also.

Now take your toothpicks and attach the candies, closely together, all over the ball to cover it. Let a little end of the toothpick stick out of the center of each candy. There will be some small gaps between the candies. To fill the gaps, I took a straight pin and stuck it through a small flower, then pushed it into the styro ball. I hung a larger flower from the wire hook on the bottom of the ball.

Then you just put ribbon through the wire circle on top, whatever kind of bow you would like. You can also use a finished, store-bought bow instead.

Finally, tie a thread or another ribbon through the hook on the top, and hang it up! If you don’t want to hang it, you can put it on a stand in the middle of a centerpiece.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to also see Easy Craft Ideas.

by Marjorie

This seashell frame craft uses just a few simple materials, and is made with craft sticks. It’s a good project to do with kids too. Then just add a photo or your art.

Things you will need
Craft glue or a glue gun
4 craft sticks
Acrylic paint (if you want to paint the sticks)…
otherwise leave them the natural color
A variety of small seashells
Beads or sequins – (optional, not shown)
Photo or picture to put in the frame

This will make a square shaped frame, so keep it in mind when you choose your photo or art. You will probably have to cut it to size a little.

First, assemble the 4 craft sticks (like popsicle sticks) together so they form the frame, then glue them in place. If you’re going to paint it, do it next. But I think having the natural look is nicer, since the shells have a natural look.

Then just glue the shells on in whatever way you’d like. If you have little areas that are empty, you could glue in small beads or sequins. You could also squirt on dots of that 3-dimensional craft paint. Let everything dry.

Then trace the outer edge of the frame onto your picture, so it fits correctly. Sometimes I have a nice greeting card that I want to keep, and I put it in a small frame. Or you may have something from an old calendar. Anything with a water theme goes well with a seashell frame.

Cut out out your picture and glue it onto the back of the frame. You can also glue on a picture hanger or pop top from a can. This is a very simple project for elderly to do. Although if using very small pieces like beads, some people may need a little help.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to also see Picture Frame Crafts.

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by Terri
(Calgary, Canada)

This cute fairy craft is made out of a plastic Easter egg, so you can open it up and have a few surprise treats inside. You may have some extras of these types of eggs around. I had about a dozen of extras from over the years. And you can use them any time for any holiday, not just at Easter.

Here is what you do to make these…

Materials you will need
Plastic Easter eggs, any colors
2 craft eyes
Fuzzy craft pompom for nose
Red & black markers to draw face
Hair – I used shredded paper. You could also use ribbon or a fancy bow.
Wings – I used fancy wired ribbon
Lid from an old bottle for a stand
Ribbon to wrap around stand
Strong craft glue or a glue gun (I think is better)
Treats for inside the egg

I like to have a color scheme going when I make crafts, so for this fairy I decided to make it in greens.

First put a thick area of glue on top of the egg head, then attach in lots of paper shreds (or other hair like ribbon). Add a little more glue to really hold it on. Glue the craft eyes and the pompom nose on to the egg. Then draw in the rest of the face with your markers..

Next cut 2 oval shapes from wide ribbon (or other material like net or lace) for the wings. Gather a wing at one end and secure by wrapping thread around it and tying the thread. When both wings are gathered and tied, then glue them onto the back of the egg. Make sure you use plenty of glue. It will dry clear.

Wrap a decorative ribbon around the bottle cap for the stand. Then just place the fairy onto its stand (after you’ve filled it with treats, of course!) As usual, if you want to make one of these for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, then just change the colors and the type of wings and ribbons. The wings could be heart shaped. You can even set the fairy on top of a (flat) chocolate candy heart.

I’m trying to figure out a good way to hang these, like for a Christmas tree ornament. So if anyone has an idea on how to get a cord or thread on it so it stays and hangs well, please make a post to this submission!

Editor’s Note: Be sure to also see Easy Craft Ideas.

by Monica

We just love making these little Halloween marshmallow ghost crafts. (You can also decorate them for other holidays, besides ghosts for Halloween). And they’re totally edible.

Our senior group likes to make things with food! (But then of course it’s tempting to want to eat them all right after you make them). So somebody brought in this idea for little ghosts. Here is what you need for these.

What you will need
Large white marshmallows
Black food coloring marker
Frosting in a can, squirt frosting, or squirt whip cream
Candy sprinkles (orange, black, any Haloween combination of candy sprinkles, etc.)
Also, Halloween candies for on top are cute
Kabob stick

Take the food coloring marker and color on two long tall ovals on to the marshmallow for the eyes and the mouth. You can make them cockeyed, or make any kind or funny or crooked or scary face.

Then put the marshmallow onto its stick. Add on the “hair” by putting on a pile of frosting on top, either from a can with a spoon, or the squirt kind. Or you could use whipped cream if you are going to serve them right away. Then add on a lot of sprinkles and candies. You could also tie a bow with colored ribbon around the stick. You can put them in the fridge before serving if you need to, especially if you are using whipped cream.

We have made these with children too. You can put a bunch of them in a glass or small vase, especially if you have one with a Halloween theme.

Sometimes you can find marshmallows in pastel colors. I’ve seen them in pink at Valentine’s Day. So you could use the same idea and make them into something for that holiday by using different candies, etc. And not a scary face. Likewise, you can use these for Christmas or any winter holiday. If you put two or three together on a sort of stack, they will look like snowmen. Try attaching a candy corn for the nose. Attach it with a blob of frosting.

Again, I’ve seen marshmallows in a light green color, both at Christmas and at St. Patrick’s Day. Usually you find these in a bag of assorted colors, and they’re handy to have on hand. So you could use a green one and make it into a leprechaun or a Christmas elf. Tying a ribbon under its “chin” is another way to decorate it for a holiday. have fun!

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