No Sew Fleece Blankets

by Jan

Our no sew fleece blanket project turned out surprising well and was surprisingly easy, as it's described. This one was for a person who had become ill, and was it ever appreciated.

I'd read your page about making them so gave it a try. We had someone in our senior group become very ill, so we decided to make a fleece blanket following your instructions. (Editor's Note: You can find the directions at this link - Making Fleece Blankets - Easy No-Sew Tips.)

We knew her favorite colors were yellow, so we got fleece that was plain for one side and another printed with flowers for the other. It was a real hit because she knew all the love (and a few laughs) that we put into it as we made it.

Now we're in the process of making a couple more. They'll be really easy to send through the mail in a large padded envelope. This time we're adding a decorative applique to the blanket and stitching it on. Someone else had an idea to do a type of quilting technique to one of them too. That could either be done by hand or by machine. And the fabric is really soft and nice to work with.

These blankets can be made quite quickly in one session, so we can really "crank them out." We plan on making several for Christmas, and also Valentine's Day next year. And several of us will be making them for the grandkids. We hope to get something going so we can ask a local business to donate some of the fabric. Great project!

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Great Project
by: Beth

I am an Activity Coordinator in Tacoma, WA and my group of crafters, are making the no sew quilts for an emergency family lodge. These are for the children who come to the lodge just to give them some sense of security. My crafters are loving the quilts and how simple they are to make.

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