Mouse chocolate crafts made with Hershey Kisses are really popular. They’re a perfect project to enhance an heirloom or keepsake that you’d like to hand down to a loved one. Or to give as a special gift to friend (young or old). But there are many other ways to use them too! So use your…Continue reading

Our snowman crafts for seniors and elderly can be made simply or fancier – you know your group. So take a look at these whimsical characters, both snow men and ladies, including some made out of treats (and using whimsical craft candy eyeballs is really fun!). We have several hat ideas too. The snowman is…Continue reading

Welcome to our page on easy Halloween crafts! See our new projects here, plus get lots of Halloween and autumn craft ideas throughout our web site. And if you’re looking for fun additions to your activities calendar, consider some of these. We also have a separate page with foody crafts for Halloween. See Creative Halloween…Continue reading

Due to many requests, we’ve organized a page of crafts for men. They can be done as simple or more challenging – whether living at home and still very active, or on a care campus needing a bit of help. Many men have (or had) hobbies, that they may like to still participate in, even…Continue reading

This cute angel valentine will tickle you pink. (Or someone). Use her to hold a candy (truffles or candy hearts are perfect too), a small box, a piece of keepsake jewelry you’d like to give away, or a valentine. There are all sorts of ways to decorate her too. Feel free, of course, to use…Continue reading