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The Elder-Boomer Buzz, Issue #007 -- Do You Know What You Really Want? (Are You Sure?)
August 17, 2009

Issue #7
Do You Know What You Really Want?
(Are You Sure?)

I’ve been asked lately if I’m going to write anything with retirement advice. I had. A very outside-the-box sort of advice, actually. It’s more like a game. In fact, it’s not just for retirement. It’s something really fun for anyone. It’s more like a particular slant on getting what you want.

Of that is, of course, if you even know. So, do you know what you really want? And are you sure? (What you think you “should” want doesn’t count). Hint – it doesn’t have to make any sense at this point. You don’t need to explain it to anyone. You don’t even have to explain it to yourself. You just have to really want it. Whatever “it” is, if you even know.

I kinda thought I knew what I wanted. I kinda had some “goals.” Although I really did kinda hate all that goal-setting stuff. I don’t like to get too structured. Then I came across a fun little exercise. Almost a game. It was tons of fun. And boy, did I ever find out I hadn’t really known what I really wanted – at all. That changed the whole course of things. The whole angle of my future planning and stance on retirement. And especially my whole Now. In fact, I’m really getting into the whole “re-fire not retire” thing instead. Way more interesting.

I also realized this is do-able exercise no matter how old you are, or your circumstances. So the best “retirement advice” I can give is, you first have to be really, really sure about what you want. It can totally change the direction of things – and relatively quickly. So I’m including a link here to our page on how to do this exercise. Trust me. You may be really surprised at the outcome. And what starts to happen after that.

(And P.S. – This isn’t just for retirement advice. Kids love to do it too). So here’s the link… The Best Retirement Advice - How To Set Fun & Do-able Goals

Have fun!

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