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The Elder-Boomer Buzz, Issue #004 -- Fun Fiesta Food and Activities
July 06, 2009

Issue #4
The Buzz on Fiesta Party Fun!


Summer is a great time for food and parties especially outside. So were sharing some of our favorite easy party recipes and ideas in this newsletter and on our web site. You can modify them for a special family dinner, or for small or large groups. Let your imagination go wild with decorations too even make centerpieces yourself. Or hand-made invitations. See our decoration ideas at the end.


Fruited Ice Cubes -- Make your own ice cubes and drop in a blueberry or pitted cherry or strawberry into each one. When you serve your iced beverage, youll have floating frozen fruit.

See our special Sangria recipes (wine and fruit over ice) on our web site at the link below. Sangria can also be made with non-alcoholic juice.

Fish Tacos -- Have you ever had these? Im a picky eater and I loved them! Let your guests build their own. Either bake or pan fry a white fish such as Tilapia with a little lemon juice and olive oil. Flake it into your serving bowl. Also have bowls of shredded cabbage slaw (plain, or with vinegar and olive oil), sliced jalapeno peppers, cilantro, shredded white Mexican style cheese, and of course taco shells. An excellent added touch is chopped mango, or a pre-made peach salsa from the store. And you may have other ideas of your own!

If a traditional taco shell is too awkward to eat, just put the above ingredients on top of tortilla chips, taco salad style. Then it can be eaten with a fork.

We also have a great version of a Build Your Own Taco Salad, plus two wonderful Sangria recipes on our web site visit our Elderly Fiesta Activities page.


Here are some fiesta decorating ideas fun for projects.

Bright colors are the theme here choose a scheme of three or four different fiesta colors to mix and match. Go to a dollar store and get a brightly colored paper table cloth, at least for the main serving table. If your budget allows, get a table cloth for each table, and contrasting paper napkins. If you have a yellow table cloth, try orange or green napkins. Various sticker decals can be adhered to the napkins for an added touch.

Napkin rings -- These can be made by simply tying raffia or bright ribbon around the napkin and inserting an artificial or real flower.

Centerpieces -- Collect empty plastic water bottles in advance. Remove the labels and fill the bottoms with natural stones or marbles to weigh them down. Fill the bottles about two-thirds with water. You can even add a little food coloring to brighten up the water. Then insert just one colorful flower and one tall reed or slender leaf into the bottle. If you dont want to bother with water, artificial flowers work fine. Tie raffia or a ribbon that matches your color scheme around the top. If you have any fabric puffy paint on hand, you can add decorative squiggle stripes around the bottom or middle of the bottles.

Visit our web site at and click on the Activities button for many more activity ideas.

And were going to be starting a recipe section soon, in response to many requests. If you have a recipe to share, just click on the Contact us button and let us know!

The Elder-Boomer Buzz comes out every first and third Monday of the month. Let us know if you'd like us to include something in particular.

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