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The Elder-Boomer Buzz, Issue #025 -- Have a Cool Winter in the Hot Summer
July 24, 2010

Issue #25
Have a Cool Winter in the Hot Summer

Looking for something cool to do this summer?
You may be familiar with the growing popularity of Christmas in July and Summer Santa (it’s especially popular with retailers and malls, of course). But whether or not Christmas and Santa are your traditions, you can do a take-off on the winter in summer theme and have a lot of fun.

This is especially entertaining to do with a group. And kids love it as well. You can stage a full-fledged party, or a lunch, or just some activities. Even do a little surprise gift giving (we have some great crafts for nice gifts you can make – another activity to do).

Here are some of the Winter in July (or August) ideas we’ve come up with or heard about:
  • Make snowflakes. Remember how you used to fold paper and cut them on the fold? Make a bunch and hang them up, and also put them out on tables.
  • Instead of plain paper, cut snowflakes out of large doilies. You can use them in table settings, including under the napkin or beverage glass.
  • An easy way to paint ornaments is with squirt 3D paint (aka puffy paint). You basically draw as you squirt. Try a snowflake design – it’s easy to find what a snowflake looks like on the Internet. Take an old plain ornament, any color, and squirt paint large and small snowflake designs all over it. Let it dry, and hang.
  • If you want to make a cute napkin ring, get a round mini ornament and squirt on one snowflake. Let it dry, Slip some ribbon through it and tie the ribbon around your folded napkin (which would have a winter theme color or pattern, of course).
  • Speaking of colors, all shades of blue work great, as well as silver, maybe a little gold, and of course red and green if you’re doing Christmas.
  • Make a Summer Santa – your art work can also be taken to your local copy shop and blown up really large, poster style. Find a Santa pattern online and simply add sunglasses. Perhaps holding a fishing pole. Make his suit in a bright summer color instead of red. If you’re an artist, make him with a Hawaiian shirt instead of the usual Santa costume.
  • Have someone dress up like a Summer Santa. Or elf. Or both.
  • Serve snow cones or home-made ice cream (we have a page on easy ice cream ideas).
  • You can also make white chocolate covered strawberries using white chocolate with sprinkles of coconut on top like snow. Or turn it into a Santa face. See Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries). Regular brown chocolate-dipped strawberries with “snow” are good too.
  • If you want super easy strawberries, just squirt on frosting or whipped cream on top, and top, sprinkled with coconut.
  • How about a snowman salad. This is a combo of a summer fruit salad with a dollop of whipped cream and coconut on top. And a snowman -- Attach 2 marshmallows together with a toothpick. Get some gel food coloring markers and draw on a simple smiley face. You can make button eyes and nose with small colored candies too. And buttons down his front. Stand him in the whipped cream snow on top of your salad.
  • Haul out your holiday décor and think of fun ways to use them in a summer setting. Even a few add to the festivities.
  • Perhaps make some holiday cookies or favorite dessert, egg nog, special punch, anything over ice, and even champagne.
  • Either have a typical winter holiday lunch or dinner menu, or do it pot luck style and let everyone know in advance what the theme is.
  • Go all out and have people come in costumes – as on New Year’s Eve. With a winter theme.
  • If you want to do gift giving, try making your own. They can be as simple or fancy as you’d like. Give them to other participants and/or invite family over.
And be sure to check out our new e-book (instant download for you) with loads of never-seen-before new crafts and gifts to make. And seasonal projects too, with tips on how to change them out for various holidays and occasions. Just go to: Easy Crafts and Gifts You Can Make.

So have fun and if you have something of particular interest to share, let us know via our Contact Us You can also submit photos in our Share Your Craft forum. We’d love to see them, and so would our readers!

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