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The Elder-Boomer Buzz, Issue #023 -- Picnic Ideas - The Other Way Of Eating Out
June 15, 2010

Issue #23
Picnic Ideas - The Other Way Of Eating Out

Picnics give a slightly different meaning to the phrase, Eating Out. And good weather is always the perfect time for an “alfresco” picnic. (But it’s almost as fun to have a picnic indoors in bad weather too). We’ve done a lot of connecting in the last month with our contacts to see what picnic activities they’d come up with. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

First, take a look at your group and their needs. For seniors (and many baby boomers) folks probably don’t want to get down and sit on the ground on a blanket. So plenty of chairs and, if possible, picnic tables are in order. Then find out how large your group will be.

You may need an actual committee with assignments if you’re planning a picnic for a large group. In any case, think in terms of the destination (the yard or patio nearby or an outing?) This will determine how complicated you want to get. Including equipment, décor, activities, food and beverages. And if you need to make advance reservations for a pavilion and tables.

Will there be a theme? Will it continue into the evening? Are you considering a bonfire? Songs and a guitar? Games? Fireworks? Is your picnic centered around a holiday such as the Fourth of July? Some type of entertainment is a must at a memorable picnic. Depending on your venue, you may want to include decorations and centerpieces. Making them can be a really fun group activity. We give a link below to our Crafts Central page for ideas. And remember, by changing out colors and details, many of the holiday ideas can be for any occasion.

For small or large parties, remember to pack what you’ll be using first, on top. Placing food in ziplock bags before putting them in the cooler on ice will prevent them from getting all wet later when ice starts to melt. Remember to store uncooked food, especially meat, away from cooked food.

Try picnicking a bit out of the box. Instead of the standard hot dogs and burgers, how about including lean meat or fish, wraps, tortillas, whole grain products, fresh fruit and veggies, and healthy desserts. Or an unusual salad (grapes and feta cheese are wonderful additions). Does anyone you know do any unique pickling? For drinks, consider cider or a flavorful chilled wine (even elderberry wine if you can get it). Otherwise, a Pinot Grigio or Riesling are delicious chilled. You can also try a home-made sangria (we have a link to our recipe below). Of course, there are many faux wines available for those who do not drink alcoholic beverages. And would anyone enjoy iced coffee?

We have a page of ideas for games and activities on our web site, many of which can be brought outdoors.

Here are some of our useful links that you may get further picnic ideas from. We're going to be writing a special page on more picnic ideas including for indoors, so check in with our What's New page.

Outdoor Elderly Activities.
Elderly Games. Some can be brought outdoors.
Easy Food Activities. This may provide ideas to do together, and then serve at a picnic.
Easy Craft Ideas. Our craft central page, with links to all sorts of things to do and make, including many centerpieces.
Festive and Easy Sangria Recipe.
Healthy Snack Recipes.
Delicious Healthy Dessert Recipes. (We especially love the raved-about pecan pie, and the fabulous fresh strawberry pie).
How To Make Ice Cream – The Easy Way. This also makes a great group activity. If you don’t yet have an ice cream maker, we believe it’s definitely worth it.

Make sure to visit our Share Forums for Healthy Snacks and Healthy Desserts -- ideas submitted by our readers. Some are great for picnics. There are buttons for them on the Menu Bar of our web site. Have a great upcoming month, and do let us know if you have any fun picnic ideas of your own!

Visit our web site for lots more great articles for baby boomers and seniors at

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