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The Elder-Boomer Buzz, Issue #022 -- Traveling: Get The Tips You Need
April 16, 2010

Issue #22
Traveling: Get The Tips You Need

Any season can be a favorite time to travel, both near and far. But a really successful trip takes a lot of detail and planning – especially as we get older. And especially as travel policies and fees change.

But don’t let that stop you! There is fun to be had at any age and any time, no matter what your challenges may be. And although these challenges seem to come up when we’re in or approaching retirement, traveling is still the favorite retirement activity. And we have tons of ideas to help you plan and organize.

So first ask yourself what your travel goal is. Having an actual goal makes it ever-so-much more exciting. (You do have one, right?) Gourmet cooking perhaps? A winery experience – maybe abroad? A hobby? Historical info? Are you into high adventure? How about metal detecting? (That is really a fascinating experience).

Even if you’re a last-minute planner, you’ll want to be at least comfortable. And perhaps you may have special considerations to think about – do you know them? Particularly if you want to go overseas. Do you really know about the food, drink, sanitation, and…er…bathroom facilities? I mean…really? Do you know the areas and restaurants visitors are truly safe in? I can tell you first hand, it is not always what they say in the glossy brochures.

As you may know, it’s really tempting to over-pack. Some women just gotta have shoes and a purse for every outfit. But the way you pack will not only quickly get you through those lines, avoid checking in early, ensure cheaper tips, but will also help you immensely if you end up having to walk all over due to delays and connections. And what about the all-important “Thank-God-I-Brought-That” kit? Do you know important items to include?

To plan your trip well, you need to know your goal and what you want to do; who will plan the trip and how; and many very specific questions to ask your travel agent or travel partners.

If you’re considering a trip this season or coming up in the future, make sure to stop by our travel pages for some excellent tips -- and get ready for some fun!

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