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The Elder-Boomer Buzz, Issue #021 -- Best Ways To Enjoy Spring
March 30, 2010

Issue #21
Best Ways To Enjoy Spring

It’s almost time to be able to say the “April” word. And what a relief! Here are some of the best activity ideas for spring that our readers have shared, and also ideas from our web pages. Just in case you need a few…

  • Have a spring movie night – something with a seasonal feel, like Singing In The Rain, Easter Parade, Brigadoon, or one of the biblical epics. You could even serve special made-in-advance cookies frosted in spring colors for refreshments, along with a little lemonade or iced tea.
  • Join a garden club or start one – it is very likely that if you belong to a group or live or work in a communal setting, someone knows about gardening and is eager to share! Or if you are a gardener, think of ways you can share this special green-thumb gift with others, right where you live. There is nothing like gardening to cheer the spirit in spring.
  • Begin planting – start seeds sprouting in containers of water, or small pots. Check with your local nursery to see which are the best for sprouting this time of year, especially to begin indoors. They’re fun to watch grow!
  • Get a seed catalog and plan on what you can do and when. Cut out the pictures of the plants you like, and make a collage with them. Very fun to do with a group.
  • Choose plants that bloom for a good part of the season, and that are easy to care for.
  • You can create garden areas on window sills, in an indoor community area, or on a small patio or balcony. A plant that bears fruit, vegetables, or an herb is a great project.
  • Make a big, colorful calendar (with pictures) of your garden game plan – when to water, when to prune, when to pick or harvest. You can even have the calendar laminated at a copy shop. Then you can use erasable markers to write on it.
  • Do you know someone handy? Perhaps they would volunteer some time to help build a raised garden, on legs, easy to access from chair level or standing. It can be placed either outdoors, or inside for year-around enjoyment.
  • Arrange with your local florist to visit your group and give a demonstration on flower arranging. They may even donate older blooms they will not be using.
  • Visit a local arboretum, conservatory, or Japanese garden; see if they have guided tours.
  • Visiting garden shows is another easy excursion.
  • Visit the zoo, especially with a child or two.
  • Does your area have spectacular blossoming trees? Make sure to take a drive or a walk. And including a simple picnic with the view is perfect.
  • Try some new ways of coloring eggs, including draining the eggs (through holes) and painting them with stencils and bright acrylic paint. They’ll be keepers! This project can be done any time of year, not just Easter.
  • Make a springy, healthy dessert (check our healthy dessert pages at Delicious Healthy Dessert Recipes.
  • Especially anything having to do with strawberries – like chocolate covered strawberries or a strawberry bouquet (and yes, we did find them in the stores). See Fresh Strawberry Desserts.
  • Go to the local woodlands and look for morel mushrooms. You can’t miss their odd shape, and they’re delicious to eat. They grow in moist areas near dead trees.
  • Make greeting cards to send overseas to soldiers, or for those who are sick.
  • Go antiquing, garage saling, flea marketing, or thrift shopping with some friends, then out for a little lunch.
  • How daring are you? Late spring is a wonderful time to try a hot air balloon ride. Make reservations now.
  • Go fishing – Fishing season is upon us! Make it an outing, along with a fish party. If actual fishing is not possible, you can have a fish party anyway, right where you live. See our fish party page.
  • Visit the miniature golf course and even have a little contest, complete with prizes.
  • Attend an outdoor theater or concert production. If you live or work in a communal setting, invite some of the actors to visit, answer questions, and do a little acting.
  • Build a model airplane (kids love to do this too) and fly it outdoors. Or even indoors in a community room or long hallway.
  • Another popular activity is flying kites, including for those who are in wheelchairs. If you or those in your group are handy, there are fantastic kits for making kites yourself. Another fun project to do with kids.
  • Open the windows and paint a wall or small room a fun color. Artistic? Try a mural. At least a border. There are lots of templates out there in craft stores that can be used. A sketch can also be blown up very large at a copy shop and transferred onto the wall, ready to paint in. Or, if you have an overhead projector, project the image and then trace over the lines onto the wall.
  • Make sure to change out room décor and art for the season and spring colors.
  • Make some springy bookends – use acrylic paints to paint two large-sized terra cotta flower pots. A colorful base coat with an easy design on top (try stencils) will do. Add a couple coats of water-base shellac on top. Then fill them with pebbles for a little weight, and add a few artificial flowers. Or actually use them for real plants or flowers. These look great on either end of a small assortment of books.
  • Colorful waterproof rain boots can also be painted with fun designs and used as containers for planters. Make sure to also paint a water-base shellac coating over the painted area.
  • Want to try a new craft? Be sure to visit our Easy Craft Ideas page – perhaps a lavender pillow, decoupage a bar of soap, make a fancy picture frame, or learn how to paint on glass.
  • We also have a variety of floral and leaf templates to use in your designs. And if you’ve made some cool crafts yourself, be sure to share your idea in our Share Your Craft Forum!
Spring is just starting and these are just a few ideas! Have a great one…

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