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The Elder-Boomer Buzz, Issue #016 -- No News Year’s Resolutions Needed Here!
January 08, 2010

Issue #16
No News Year’s Resolutions
Needed Here!

I got a real kick out of this article about New Year’s Resolutions vs. seniors (or baby boomers, for that matter!) Isn’t it the truth that every single January the media is full of resolution hype and how so many people make them – and then inevitably break them. So what’s the point. How about life being one big (successful) Resolution. The secret is in the way you think -- and finding things that fun, challenging, and make you happy. Here are some excerpts from a really good article from 2009 about seniors who do just that. No matter what our age, this is something to think about!

No Need for New Year Resolutions for These Senior Citizens

Retirees no longer content playing shuffleboard, these 80-somethings are re-inventing senior living altogether.
-- By Colleen Wilson, ACTS Retirement-Life Communities.

At 95, Lou Reymond is a giddy young man still in love with life where he can be found three days a week on the tennis court or dancing under the stars.

Never let it be said that Lou Reymond sits in a recliner at his CCRC (continuing care retirement community) in Boca Raton, FL and wastes the day away – he is a man bursting with exuberance and action. A man who truly loves living and has no need for New Years Resolutions. The former art director for 30 plus years for Sears & Roebuck, Reymond wants the world to know that retirement is a state of mind.

“Nowadays people work 40 years in business or a trade and live another 20 after retirement. What’s a guy to do with 20 years of sitting in a Lazy Boy watching the tube? Turn into mush, that’s what’ll happen. There’s a whole wide world of living out there – kids need to see the older generation having fun and enjoying life.”

Certified Female Tai Chi Instructor at 88

Instead of working up a good sweat, 88 year old Betty Rose swears by her secret fountain of youth – tai chi. She could easily pass for a 60 year old as she peacefully smiles and sweeps her arms in graceful and elegant movements.

Rose is the oldest certified female tai chi instructor in South Florida, and while she’s only been practicing this ancient Chinese art for the past 10 years, she has mastered the movements in an amazing way. After competing and teaching throughout Florida, Rose has now “retired” and only teaches on a volunteer basis twice a week to her fellow residents at Edgewater Pointe Estates.

At 100+ Takes up Wii Bowling

Betty Gibson who’s 102 years old at Tryon Estates in Columbus, NC, loves to bowl with Nintendo Wii. It’s perfect exercise for those who don’t have the stamina but still get a kick out of competition.

“This is the most realistic kind of game I have ever played in my life,” said Art Powell of Southampton Estates in Bucks County, PA, as he swung the Wii wand. “You have the same challenges you have in any bowling alley.” Southampton twins Barbara and Carol Preischl love to box on the Wii.

You’d be surprised what else they’re doing to stay in shape -- everything from water volleyball to water walking and weight training. They use personal trainers, love Mah Jongg, golden yoga, line dancing, water aerobics, take toning classes and go treadmill walking while listening to their Ipod. From moxie to muscles, brains to brawn, these super seniors have it all and definitely don’t need New Years Resolutions.

Provided by Senior Source Experts at ACTS Retirement-Life Communities.

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