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The Elder-Boomer Buzz, Issue #014 -- NEW - Find or Share YOUR Desserts!
December 03, 2009

Issue #14
NEW - Find or Share YOUR Desserts!

You may have seen our recent page called Delicious Healthy Dessert Recipes. Well, it has really been a hit. We’ve gotten lots of feedback already through our Contact Us. Seems just about everyone, particularly during holiday season, loves to get a new dessert recipe (especially a relatively healthy one), or show off their stuff and share!

So, we’ve just developed a new Forum where you can put in a request for a special type of dessert recipe, or share your favorite. (And yes, I put in this new web site feature all by myself. Actually, it was really easy because of the so-it-yourself program I use). And it’s really easy for you to participate too. You don’t have to register for anything at all or give out any info. Just jump right in.

The new dessert Forum is called Share Your Healthy Desserts. Just go to the Navigation Bar on the left and you’ll see the button for it at the top.

And don’t let the word Healthy put you off! We know that the term healthy is relative. Means different things to different people. Especially with desserts. But pretty much everybody knows how to do basic substitutions to fit their needs. What they really want is a yummy new recipe to try! So please do check it out – and share!

Share your question or request for something special that you want. Or share your favorite dessert recipes and show off a little. And get published on our web site. You’ll have your very own page dedicated to just you. So your family and friends can also check out your contribution. Next newsletter we’ll feature a favorite submission. It may be yours! And if you have a web site, we’ll provide a link to you in our Newsletter too.

We’re also going to be adding a Forum for Healthy Snack Recipes soon (this page is a big favorite on our site). And a Forum for more general recipes as well. Food, as you know, is really popular. Plus, Forums to find and share Activities and Crafts (also really in demand). Keep posted! They’re coming soon – and everyone wants new ideas. So let’s share…

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