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If you're caring for or helping someone, or want information for yourself, your campus or group, you'll find this "What's New" page very valuable.

We're constantly updating our web site and adding exciting new ideas and activities. Don't miss out! Come back often and share this page (or any page) with your friends too.

Simple Christmas Crafts

Thinking ahead? Smart idea! So be sure to check in on our easy crafts for Christmas. See our burlap cardinal collage, cookie cutter ornament stuffed with nature items, Santa and snowman crafts (including with golf balls!), candy wreath, various ornaments, and festive treats too! Among many others. We also like to give FREE templates. And a link to our holiday treats!

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Easy Halloween Crafts

Never too early to get ready for Halloween! We've got plenty of unique crafts, centerpiece ideas, painting on pumpkins (so you don't have to carve), pinecone crafts, the traditional cornhusk doll and apple doll, whimsical gourd characters, and lots more. Plus, a link to a special page for easy Halloween treats!

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Easy Apple Craft Ideas

Autumn is a perfect time for apples (but they are of course available all year). So don't forget the Fall fun for using them in crafts! See our aromatic dried apple wreaths, cute apple frog, "painted" apples (great in centerpieces), apple candle holders, and much more! (Plus links to delicious natural apple desserts).

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Fall Senior Activities

Summer has flown by, and Fall is just around the corner - so get ready with some great activities in advance. We discuss particular themes for Fall, give craft and food ideas (with FREE templates), using fabulous Fall items from nature, and ideas to enhance your other autumn holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. We also have links to each separate month for September, October, and November.

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Sizzling Summer Senior Activities

We're very much into summer, so we wanted to make sure you saw our page with sizzling things to do throughout the season (and into September too). We've got party and food possibilities, outings, crafts (with FREE templates), and will direct you to lots of outdoor activities and games as well! And also link you to specialized pages for each of the months of June, July, and August.

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4th of July/Patriotic Crafts

The 4th of July is almost here, so do take a look at all the red, white and blue themed crafts we have. Some foody items too! Of course, these are also suitable for ANY kind of PATRIOTIC occasion throughout the year. And if you have special events involving other colors, just swap them out! (Such as schools or clubs, and our readers from other countries).

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Bird Crafts!

Birds are a really popular theme for arts and crafts no matter what the season, so we made a special page. Ideas suitable for both men and women. Try collages, using burlap, making a money gift, easy watercolors, painting clay pots, a golf ball owl, things for fall, and of course I had to include chocolate covered strawberry birds. Plus much more. And Free templates too. We've got a variety, so be sure to check them out!

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Best June Senior Activities

Summer is on its way, and so is National Iced Tea Month. June is also National Candy Month, National Accordion Awareness Month (!), and Women's Golf Month, for starters. One of my favorites, June 1 is Say Something Nice Day; plus June 15 is Smile Day. Then we have Baseball Day on June 19. If you're curious to see what else there is (and our activities to go with it), visit this page!

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Must-Do May Activities

Spring is in full swing! What do you have planned for May? Of course there's Mother's Day and Memorial Day. But so much more for the rest of the month! It's National Barbecue Month and Family Month (including family as community). Let's not forget it's Hamburger Month too. If you want healthy, it's also Salad Month. May 11 is Eat What You Want Day, and May 20 is Neighbor Day. See what activity ideas we have for you, and LOTS more...

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Awesome Senior Gardening Activities

We had so many gardening activity ideas all over our web site that we consolidated them into one page. And it includes things to do indoors as well as out. Some quite simple yet uplifting. And many for any kind of weather. You can even enjoy plants and little planting projects in winter. Gardening activities are great for the mood. Plus we've added in a few related arts and crafts ideas.

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Fresh April Senior Activities

Aside from our general Spring page, we have separate pages for each month. Did you know April is formally National Garden Month? And we have lots of activities for that. Plus, April is Humor Month. Not to mention there's National Library Week. Let's not forget special calendar days, like Crossword Puzzle Day, Home Run Day, and National Pretzel Day. Be sure to see our fun suggestions for these and loads more...

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Spring Senior Activities

It's almost time for Spring, and aren't we ready! You may have favorite Spring senior activities, but perhaps want some extra possibilities? Our main Spring page will give ideas to use throughout the whole season. Plus direct you to special dedicated pages for each of the months of March, April, and May. And lead into June too. So get activities for outings, projects, gardening, parties, food, crafts! Many can be done either indoors or out...

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Top March Senior Activities

March is on its way and it could bring anything, weather-wise. Are you able to get outdoors where you live? No matter. We have tons of fun for March. Of course, St. Patrick's Day. But also Natl. Craft Month, Women's History Month, Natl. Reading Month. Plus special calendar dates: like Natl. Chocolate Cheesecake Day, Farmer's Day, and lots of unusual birthday commemorations, all to plan fun activities around. And naturally, we've got ideas!

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Crafts For Men!

We've had several inquiries about crafts to do with men. Some folks may be living at home, with family, or at senior living and care campuses. Some may need more assistance and some may be independent. And abilities and dexterity may differ too. So we've created a page with lots of ideas that we hope can appeal to many, and that could also be modified according to needs of participants. They may give you more ideas of your own too. And as always, do let us know if you've had a successful project!

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More Winter Senior Activities

Get lots more to do during the winter now that the holidays are over - by the month! You'll see ideas for any time during winter, and also for each of the months of December, January and February. And there are lots of cross-over possibilities too. So never a dull moment needed when serious winter hits and the holiday busyness is done.

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Holiday Treats For Seniors

Ready for a new idea with your holiday treats? For seniors, that means fun, simple or fancy flexibility, with possibilities for parties and visiting, or as gifts. So be sure to check out our page. Keeping in mind your participants and purpose, you can take the general activity and modify it accordingly, having a little help as needed.

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Field Trip Activities - for Elderly and Seniors

Have you seen our new page all about field trips yet? We timed launching it for the onset of spring. But since there are outings for both indoors and outdoors, this is a page to visit any time of year. We have dozens and dozens and dozens of things to do - we've found some really unique ideas out there! No matter what your interests, capability or mobility, there is sure to be something for you or your group.

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New - Fresh Strawberry Desserts

We've added and updated our Fresh Strawberry Desserts page, since it's the season! Lots of new photos too. Plus desserty type "crafts" you can do to add to the fun. Use these as activities, and make for special dinners and lunches, for parties, etc. Many are easy to modify and change out for holidays.

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BY THE MONTH - Senior Activities

We have so many seasonal and monthly activities, that we've re-organized! Now there's this Master Page to link you to each of the 12 individual months. Each month has its specific monthly commemorations AND actual calendar dates, unique ones besides the traditionals. And we give activity ideas to do for all of it! (In case you don't want to have to think of something). PLUS special pages for each of the 4 seasons, with General activities to do throughout that season. See what we mean, and check it out! (And we're still working on it further).

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NEW - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I've been on a real roll, almost a frenzy, making lots of new chocolate covered strawberries and decorating them. In all kinds of colors (not just brown chocolate or white). Like a frog, bunny, chick, bluebird, flowers, and mice of all colors. With new and easy instructions. They make great senior activities. Use them for desserts, party favors, gifts, give-aways and prizes, and on salads too.

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Festive Valentines Crafts

You may already be planning Valentines Day activities, but how about adding in some fun and simple crafts. Many of these can be made from inexpensive and/or recycled items (like pieces of wrapping paper). And be sure to follow the link to a few delicious desserts too. Take a look! And also keep in mind that many of our other craft ideas can easily be modified for other holidays (like Valentine's Day) just by changing out the colors and some detailing.

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Perfect Party Theme Ideas

Now that winter is in full swing, at least in the northern climates, it's time to distract ourselves with a few fun parties. You may have some favorites. But why not try new ideas! Take a peek at our party page - you can modify many of them for just about any purpose, with a few changes to color, decorations, treats and other food. Such as for Valentine's Day, even St. Patrick's Day or Mardi Gras.

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Pinecone Ideas

Did you see our page all about pinecones yet? They're perfect for fall and winter activities alike, and certainly in abundance. And they come in all shapes and sizes, so we've got lots of possibilities. And if you don't live in a pinecone area, try visiting a craft store. They're usually inexpensive and tons of fun to use.

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New Apple Craft Ideas!

We've got a really fun and funky apple frog on our apple craft page now, and have gotten great feedback! And we include an easy template you can print out for the legs and face if you'd like one. Don't miss him - his funny smile (inspired by one of my son's cartoon drawings) is sure to put a smile on your face!

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Cute Marshmallow Crafts

Marshmallows are always "in season" any time of year. And now we have a really cute collection of marshmallow crafts that will be lots of fun for seniors (and kids), submitted by one of our readers in our Share Crafts forum. And these go way beyond the basic marshmallow snowman (which you probably have seen before). So if you want some new ideas, be sure to see these!

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Straw Bale Gardening For Seniors

Have you heard of straw bale gardening? It's almost like magic. We contacted the now-famous (and local) professional who developed this amazing method. He personally gave us tips on what to do for seniors. The straw bale is both the container, and makes its own soil! So it can be done even if your area has lousy soil. Or an extreme climate (whether arctic or desert). Plus, no bending, digging, weeding, bugs, chemicals. It's easy gardening with an old-fashioned country flair!

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Activities For Elderly With Vision Loss

As you probably know, vision loss, including from macular degeneration like with my Dad, is very common in our elderly. Along with it comes challenges to find activities for fun and also that are useful. In the years of caring for my Dad and working with others, I've developed a lot of ideas that may work for you too. The severity and type of vision loss differs with everyone, but many of these activities can be modified to suit your needs. So have a look!

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More Elderly Activities - with Kids

Many of the activities and craft ideas on our web site can be done with kids. But we've had several questions about specific things to do, whether at home with a loved one, or when visiting older family members or friends. Sometimes children might not know the person all that well. Maybe concerns about what to do or say. And they especially may have trepidation about visiting a nursing home. So we've assembled a page with some easy ideas to do with kids, and will point you to other specific pages around our site.

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Share YOUR Extra Income Ideas!

We've had some great feedback for our page on work after retirement, so we've started a new SHARE Forum. Be sure to see the ideas our readers are sharing so far. And we'd all LOVE to hear from you too! So if you have an idea for earning extra income, either that you've done or know someone else who has, be sure to post. People are also interested in ways of getting started and getting the word out. So be sure to share what you know...

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Work After Retirement - Creative Options

There are various reasons people are interested in work after retirement. And many folks are interested in working from home but hardly know where to start or how to get ideas. This page gives all kinds of (real life) creative options based on skills and knowledge that you already have. We also refer to a resource with specific steps to take to bring in extra cash in 30 days. Plus considerations about online work from home.

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Make Fun, Affordable Centerpieces!

There are so many times throughout the year that call for a festive setting, whether it be a party, fund raiser, silent auction, or holiday occasion. Making easy yet attractive centerpieces (many which can become give-away items, and many which are edible) provides a great project for seniors -- and all the various activities the centerpiece(s) can be used for. On this page we organize the many projects that we have all over our web site, into a sort of "centerpiece central," if you will. So check it out!

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Free Animal Template Ideas

Check out our new page with some fun animal templates that you can use for your projects. And if you couple these with our flower or leaf templates too (those links provided on the animal page), you can come up with some very creative ideas! You will see how they can be used for various seasons or holidays.

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Elderly Assistance and Public Benefits

Are you aware of free elderly assistance and public benefits available? We can help. Check out these valuable tips.

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Creative Elderly Stress Activities

Although Dad had incredible patience with his issues of being almost blind and deaf and hardly able to socialize, he did have his times of stress and worry. So I had to make it a top priority to find him activities to relax. Here are some of our favorites, plus those of my associates, friends, family, and community resources. Since most seniors and elderly (baby-boomers too) have all kinds of concerns and stresses, these may be of interest to you too.

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When Senior Women Travel Alone

You may be one of the thousands of women who are considering traveling alone. Or maybe you already have. Or perhaps you know someone who plans to. This mode of travel has become increasingly popular. But as you are probably aware, there are some special considerations involved. Read what our guest travel expert from London advises.

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