Painting in my Senior Years

by Shrl
(Deland, Fl)

Waiting to be Served

Waiting to be Served

Waiting to be Served
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Enjoying the Outdoors with her Cat
Cutting Cane

I took up painting more than 25 years ago and little did I realize how important it would become in my senior years. The time sped by so fast and here I am in my 80's depending on my art to make my days worthwhile and happy ones.
My husband had a stroke 5 years ago that impaired him however still ambulatory but this made a big change in our lives. He is my biggest supporter of my art and loves to see me paint.

Over the years I have painted hundreds of paintings all different sizes, some in oils, and some in acrylics and a good many of them just studies. I'd like to share a few of them with you.

Editor's Note -- Shirley, how wonderful that you are painting in your senior years! These are very beautiful paintings. What talent you have! I am also an artist. It really does add a lot of fun and satisfaction to life. (And anyone should try it!)

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