Gourd Craft Ideas
Gifts, Ghouls and Grannies

fall gourd craft lady

Gourd craft ideas are perfect for seniors and elderly!
They're fun all year round,
but particularly make great fall craft projects.

Crafts supplies for these are inexpensive and easy to find at any arts and crafts supplies store. Or even thrift shops and around the house. So see what you can find around, and stretch your imagination - the sample below are just ideas to get you started!

Gourds may seem seasonal, but some are also available throughout the year, so these gourd ideas can be used any time. I love the lumpy, bumpy kinds that suggest all sorts of funny and weird characters.

And these gourd craft ideas so easy! They make perfect crafts for seniors; elderly activities too. They can be adjusted to all activity levels. Just take a look at the size and scope of the gourds you can get, and let your imagination go wild. The gourd craft ideas here are very simple, but you can make them as complex as you’d like!

These particular gourd craft ideas have more of a fall theme, but also think in terms of gnomes or elves for winter, and summer centerpieces too.

Supplies -- Many of the items I used for these gourd craft ideas were things I found around the house. Candle holders turned upside down on glass plates to use as stands. Raffia, ribbon, and doilies. Even a stretchy rhinestone bracelet to use as a sparkly ringlet around the base of a stand. I always have lots of those wiggly googly eyes around as well, plus small pieces of candies to use as noses. And a glue gun or craft glue. Markers were used for faces. And because the faces on these are whimsical and irregular, it’s pretty hard to make a “mistake” with these gourd craft ideas!

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Girlie Gourd

fall gourd craft girl

This frivolous miss was made of a mini pumpkin, topped with curly ribbon for her hair. You can attach it with a thumb tack, or glue it. Use googly eyes, of course, and a candy or pom-pom nose.

I drew on the face with a fine point Sharpie marker pen. The head is set on several artificial fall leaves that serve as a collar of sorts.

The stand is an upside-down inexpensive candle holder from a thrift store, atop a doily. Around the bottom is a sparkly bracelet. (These gourd craft ideas take about 15 to 30 minutes to make).

The Gourd Ghoul

gourd craft halloween ghost

I loved this white gourd. It immediately made me think of a lumpy ghost floating on its side. First I sliced off the top of the thick part of the gourd to make an opening in which to insert a candle. (I use only those imitation battery-run candles).

Gourds can be tough to cut, so keep in mind who is doing this project – they may need assistance with the cutting. Scoop out the opening just as when carving a pumpkin. (If you remove enough of the insides so the walls are thin, the candlelight will glow through the sides in the dark). Then I put in a tea light (artificial) candle.

Next the face – really easy. Googly eyes as usual, then marker to make a big oval for the mouth. And a couple slanted eyebrows. That’s about it.

Again, it’s on top of a turned over candle holder on a dish, filled with fall candy colors. Makes a great centerpiece, and is especially fun when several are lined up across a table.

Gourd Goose

fall gourd craft goose

I used the same stand and candy dish for this one as I did for the Ghoul. But without the candle. Instead, I created a nest of dried moss on top of the candle stand. The natural curve of the gourd made a great goose neck, head and beak, with the googly eye added to the head.

The natural ridge of the body of the gourd protrude enough to suggest wings. For the tail I used a gumdrop (you can also use half a Styrofoam ball), with craft feathers inserted. Since the tail end of the gourd had a little protrusion, I just stuck the gumdrop onto it. Otherwise you can glue it on. See what I mean by simple?

Granny Gourd

This is one of my favorites, using a combination of two gourds. The bottom was a type of squash that had lumps suggestive of a "bosom." When I saw it in the store I just about died laughing.

I’d already had the gourd for the head at home, and now knew what to do with it. Curly ribbon was placed around the stem, and also as a bow on the “skirt.”

The face is yes, those googly eyes, plus a candy nose, and smiley face with eyebrows and lashes drawn on with the fine Sharpie marker. A doily was placed between the gourd head and body, like a lacy collar. These would also look cute with an apron (such as a doily cut in half, and ribbon).

Gourd Witch

gourd craft halloween witch

This granny is sitting on top of a small, black plastic dish with an artificial tea candle inside, creating an eerie glow. Her head is topped with a simple ribbon curl. The face is a study in fabulous lumps.

The eyes are glued onto lumps which cause them to protrude. The nose is another lump on which I drew large nostrils. The lopsided mouth wiggles around more bumps.

And then there is a wonderful natural chin. Her “feet” are a couple of artificial leaves. If I turned this gourd around, on the other side could have been a perfect  grandpa gourd face as well… maybe another day.

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