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Besides the free things on this web site, we also link you to other resources too.

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There is artwork, photos, e-frames and reading material -- great for so many senior activity ideas. And all of the images are copyright-free. How do I know? I am also an artist, and created them all myself. And now I’m passing them along for you to enjoy and use as you wish.

If you need quotes and images, some of our free stuff for seniors and boomers are perfect for printing out on your own greeting cards (including retirement cards), adding to a flyer or poster, or emailing to friends and family with a message. Some already come in a frame. We also have empty decorative frames so you can add a message in yourself.

Use any of them with gifts for seniors, or when planning elderly activities. You can use them on your computer or print them out.

If you work with the elderly and need things for your senior activities ideas, feel free to use these.

The Categories

(Images on this Free For Seniors page are shown small. When you download the larger version, they are about 4 to 6 inches.)

Free photos – several photos that you can use for greeting cards, flyers, letters, photo crafts, many projects. The garden photo below is a miniature example of one. The actual images are about 4 to 6 inches big. Click here to view and download free photos.

Photo art
– several photos that have been digitally enhanced so that they look like art. The orchid picture below is a miniature example of one. The actual images are about 4 to 6 inches big. Click here to view and download photo art.

Small art prints
– These are small copies of original watercolor paintings. Many uses -- with gifts for seniors, and for elderly activities. Just click and download them onto your computer. The red floral watercolor below is a miniature example of one. The actual images are about 4 to 6 inches big. Click here to see samples of art and how to download.

Illustrated frames – with blank middle so you can put in your own message. Ready to use on the computer or print out. These can be used in a nice project for elderly activities as well. Click to get image, and easy instructions on how to download to your computer so you can add your message. The frames below are miniature samples. The actual images are larger, about 4 to 6 inches big. Click here to view and download illustrated frames.

Illustrated frames with message – each frame contains inspiring quote that can be used for many occasions. Ready to use on the computer or to print out. The frames with quotes below are miniature samples. The actual images are about 4 to 6 inches big.

Click here to view and download large leaf frame with Thoreau quote.

Click here to view and download large rose frame with Kahlil Gibran quote.

I Saved $3,600 On Drug Costs – download this special report from the Social Security Administration. Great tips for saving money! Click here to download pamphlet.

42 Great Love Songs – titles of classic songs for special occasions.

As a bonus, we have included the lyrics to 5 of the songs, with instructions on where you can get free lyrics for others. Click here to download love songs.

Fifteen great quotes – for many different occasions; on a variety of topics. Use them on cards, flyers, and for events.
Click here to download quotes.

A Grandparents’ Guide – this free for seniors item is a computer pamphlet for the nurturing and safety of grandchildren. Click to save to your computer -- then read, email to someone, or print out. Click here to download pamphlet.

Also free for seniors -- free design, collage and craft templates - to use for collage and scrapbooking layouts, plus much more! There are 12 templates. Easy to download. Stretch your imagination if you need layout templates for senior activity ideas. Click here to download art templates.

Free flower, and leaf templates and designs - flower and leaf templates and designs come in really handy if drawing is not your strength, or if you just need some new ideas for your arts and crafts projects. Part of our Free For Seniors page takes you to really great, artistic templates. Click here to go to flower templates page: Flower Templates and Designs. And click here to get leaf templates: Free Leaf Template and Pattern Ideas.

Also check out:
Easy Crafts and Gifts You Can Make, and see about our easy craft book, with FREE bonus book of templates and patterns. Loads of quality craft ideas for many seasons, reasons, ages and ability levels. (Many are fun to do with kids).

More Free For Senior Ideas

Be sure to check out possible free services in your local area. We discuss this further on our page all about elderly assistance and public benefits.

You can visit the following web sites that offer actual free items. (Advertisers offer these in hopes visitors will then become customers). See Just Free Stuff. Be sure to read their FAQ and About Us pages.

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