Easy Healthy Recipes
For Seniors & Elderly

Our scrumptious collection of easy healthy recipes


These are perfect when you need something fast and simple, yet really healthy. Especially for senior and elderly nutrition. From salmon to sangria to pecan pie, our healthy recipes try to offer alternatives as to how to "healthify" your appetizers, dinners, desserts, salads, and more!

Maybe you don’t like to cook.
You may be too busy to cook a lot. And sometimes elderly can’t cook much anymore, or have a restricted diet. If so, what do you do? Snack a lot? Perhaps eat junk food?  It's imperative that we take care of our nutrition as we age. Our easy healthy recipes can help.

Elderly nutrition problems are becoming more and more common. You may know that malnutrition is one of the major elderly issues in the U.S. For many reasons, seniors may begin to eat less. It’s common, then, not to eat important foods from the primary food groups, or get necessary vitamins and minerals.And have a poorer quality of life.

So whether you cook for yourself or for a loved one, make sure what you make is packed with as much nutrition as possible.

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Our Easy Healthy Recipes

Fish and Seafood Recipes:

Easy Salmon Recipes -- Easy healthy recipes for salmon are in big demand now, because of increased awareness of the importance of “good” healthy Omega3 fats. They're important for proper functioning of the brain, especially in the elderly, and for minerals. These recipes are great for snack, lunches, even a simple dinner. But we have more…

Simple Grilled Salmon Recipes –- Easy healthy recipes that make a more complete and substantial dinner. Several recipes you can grill on a traditional outdoor grill, a tabletop grill, or a George Foreman type! Try these glazes and grilling ideas for a unique dinner at home or for a party. You won’t want to miss these easy healthy recipes.

Savory Fish Chowder Recipe -- This savory fish chowder recipe is so easy and brimming with nutrition, fresh ingredients, and special scrumptious seasonings. Excellent made with either fresh or frozen fish, any time of year. Includes loads of healthy vitamins and minerals needed for elderly nutrition.

Easy Salmon Patty Recipe -- This easy salmon patty is really flavorful and fabulous for either a snack; or a healthy dinner recipe for a complete meal! It’s crisp on the outside and moist in the middle. You can use either leftover fresh salmon, or canned. Lots of ideas to “dress it up” too. Very versatile and full of nutrition for those who have small appetites or just like to nibble. Eat it with or without a bun.

Fun Fish Taco Recipe – Fish is an excellent low-fat source of protein and many minerals, and easy to digest, which is an important factor when we age. Our nutritious fish taco recipe (with a few surprises) is a yummy alternative to the standard taco. And really easy! Goes great with a pot luck or fiesta party ideas.

Elderly Fish Party Activities -- Check out our gone-fishing party page, with food ideas, activities and crafts. Makes a fun theme-based party - all about fishing! Excellent if you’d like more elderly activities ideas. Bad weather? Take it indoors and have a Gone-Fishing party any time of year!

Mexican Recipes:

Chicken Chocolate Sauce -- Chicken chocolate sauce makes a fabulous new Mexican recipe for any dinner or fiesta! Have you ever tried (or even heard of) chicken with chocolate sauce? Chocolate, as you may know, is native to the Mexican and Central American areas, and is used in a variety of recipes, not just sweets. This sauce is both sweet and savory. And probably not at all what you think if you’ve never had it. Try this unique dish! (I actually first had it in Kuwait, made by some American friends -- recipes get around!) And chocolate is actually good for elderly nutrition.

Easy Taco Salad Recipes -- These easy healthy recipes use lots of fresh food. Including plenty from the primary food groups that contain loads of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Taco salads are always popular and perfect for picky or small eaters, since they can make their own and eat as much as they want, of what they want. And we have a few surprise ingredients that add a little out-of-the ordinary interest. Add in our easy sangria recipes, and you have some great fiesta party ideas!

Festive and Easy Sangria Recipe Ideas -- Our easy healthy recipes for sangria are sure to add sparkle to your festivities. Choose a recipe for either red or white wine. They’re different! Or sparkling grape juice is delicious too. Check these out!

Healthy Snack Recipes:

Healthy Snack Recipes -- Our "snack central" of complete recipes... Healthy snack recipes are becoming almost a rage these days. And healthy snacking is especially important for light eaters, which many elderlya are. So it's important to make sure that what is eaten is nutritious and full of needed vitamins and minerals. Under-eating is one of the most common elderly issues And we’ve got some super-delicious, super-easy ones that will boost nutrition. Try the nutritient-packed nacho recipe, or a home-made anti-oxidant trail mix. Or perhaps Nut Butter Nibbles or a shrimp skewer. You can even learn to make your own Muesili breakfast cereal – (makes a wonderful snack too). These are just a few of our many easy healthy recipes for snacking from this page.

Elderly Nutrition Snacks - Easy To Stock and Grab -- A handy idea list of nutritious "grab and go" items to have on hand. Perfect for nibblers, those with small appetites, and folks who don't do much cooking. Having the right stockpile of snacks in the fridge and cupboard can make all the difference in nutrition balance. And we have a great list.

Healthy Sweets & Fun Food:

Delicious Healthy Dessert Recipes – Our "dessert central"... The group of healthy dessert recipes on this page are delicious and fresh. Lots of ways to modify them for the elderly, including for low salt low-fat, or low-sugar ideas. Fun to make either for groups or individually. You just must try the spectacular pecan pie (old family recipe), natural gingerbread (makes great muffins too), an apple crisp with an amazing crusty topping. And there’s lots more…

How To Make Mulled Wine – With a little trial and error plus a great recipe from my friend, I learned how to make a great mulled wine. So here's a fool-proof way to do it for any occasion (great for various party theme ideas for seniors too).

Fresh Strawberry Desserts – Our fresh strawberry desserts are festive enough for special holidays and parties, and can be made any time of the year. From pie, to a hollowed apple bowl with berries, to a towering kabob, they’re delicious!

Maple Cranberry Relish Recipe – This homemade cranberry relish is sweetened with pure maple syrup, and takes less than a half hour. It’s a hit all year round and can be used in lots of other healthy dessert recipes.

Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries –- This is not just a recipe, it's also a great activity (we even give creative ways to decorate them!) Strawberries are high in nutrition. So if you combine that with high-antioxidant dark chocolate (and you can use low sugar chocolate as needed, since there is natural sugars in the fruit), you have outstanding easy healthy recipes for desserts or snacks! Perfect for senior activities and gifts too. (My son makes me a dozen every Mother’s Day and birthday, and I try not to eat them all in one day).

How To Make Ice Cream - The Easy Way –- Nowadays how to make ice cream is very simple, because there are excellent gadgets out there. Great ice cream starts with easy healthy recipes. And we have some excellent, natural ones here. But if you don't want to make it yourself, get ideas on how to enhance already-made, plain ice cream.

Bouquet Strawberry Desserts –- These strawberry desserts have a choice of topping and are fabulous bouquet gifts you can make. Do it the easy way or make chocolate covered strawberries. Make a candy vase bouquet or a parfait bouquet (which you eat right away).

Easy Dipping Chocolate -- Dipping chocolate makes a fun and yummy project you can eat!  See dipping chocolate activities for the elderly, and fun to do with kids too. Many great decorating tips like whimsical pretzel characters are included. Desserts with dipping chocolate also make really nice gifts, and we show some ideas.

Delicious Carob Recipes -- Quality carob recipes are becoming more popular and provide outstanding nutrition, as well as excellent flavor! Carob has been popular since ancient times and comes from the carob bean (also called locust and is mentioned in the bible). It’s high in vitamins and minerals, has a chocolaty consistency, and is naturally sweet. It’s often used, in fact, as a healthful substitute for chocolate.  Are you familiar with carob? Learn all about it here.

Creative and Simple Fruit Salad Characters -- Simple fruit salad is fun to make for all ages, and ours includes unique, whimsical ideas, plus great fruit salad dressing! Options for canned or frozen fruit as well. Use your imagination in decorating the fruit salad characters. Especially fun for parties, special projects, and to make with kids.

Pear Salad Mouse -- This cute pear salad mouse is both healthy and fun to create (and eat) for parties, family, friends. Fresh pears are available all year, or used canned.

Octopus String Cheese Salad -- This cute cheese salad is one of the characters of our party salads series. We have lots of other kinds too, plus yummy dressings. It’s easy to make and super nutritious.

Jumping Fish Banana Fruit Salad -- This fun banana fruit salad is a comical fish character, one of our popular party salads. (It especially goes will with our Gone-Fishing themed party). We use lots of fresh fruits and veggies and dress them up.

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